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Like any business owner in Kelowna, you’re always on the lookout for ways to cut costs while ensuring the profitability of your company. But it’s never a good idea to skimp on your website. When it comes to building an online presence, a professionally designed custom website goes a long way. Just like your office and your marketing materials, your website needs to look credible in order to gain the trust of your potential online customers. A professionally built custom website helps you establish a scalable, secure, and reliable online presence that and actually saves you money in the long run. There are many advantages to having a custom website that you simply can’t get with a free or generic template:

Built with Your Brand in Mind

Do you want a website that represents your brand perfectly? Then custom is the way to go. Professional web development services allow you to personalize everything about your site—from its color scheme, fonts, layout, navigation, and features—to appeal to your target customers and truly show the personality of your brand. Your website can be designed for consistency with your existing marketing materials (such as your brand colors and logo). This way, you can use it as an online marketing and brand building tool.With a fully branded website, you can make your brand stand out similar businesses in Kelowna and in British Columbia.

Evolves with Your Growing Business

Your current operations might be small and your website needs uncomplicated, but can you really say the same after a few months? If you are serious about growing your Kelowna business, then you will require more complex features sooner than later. For example, you might need transnational and secure payment features. You might need a more efficient ecommerce management system once the sales come pouring in. In short, you need a scalable website that can grow with your business—and you can only get that when you choose the custom route.

A custom website gives you unparalleled scalability that a generic website template cannot.Even better, a custom web develop solution allows you to sell to the growing number of consumers who use their mobile phones (not their desktops) to shop online. Your customized website can be built on a responsive platform to ensure compatibility with all screen sizes and browsers.

Superior Security + Control

There are far too many security loopholes in free website templates. For one, the rights to the copyrighted images used in the design might not extend to you, so you could be slapped with penalties for even using them. Secondly, there may be hidden codes in the template—which can be a huge risk that is simply not worth taking. This would never be a problem with a custom website that gives you 100% control and independence.

Every element in a custom website is easy to tweak and manage. You can rely on a robust content management software to do whatever you want. Because you are not shackled to the limits that the template provider has set, you can make revisions to your website whenever you need to.

Rank Better on Search Engines

Did you know that a custom website can help improve your Google rankings? Unlike a generic free template, a custom website can be built based on the best practices in SEO. It can be coded for optimized ranking to give you better chances of dominating your niche.

Continuing Support

A free template doesn’t entitle you to dedicated assistance and ongoing support from the developer. If something goes wrong, you’ll have to fix it yourself—which could take days (even weeks). You will risk losing thousands of sales and potential leads. This is why hiring a custom web development firm to create a website for your business is always the more prudent choice. You can count on their experts to fix any issues efficiently so your website remains running 24/7.

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