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Have you tried loading your website using a smartphone? How easy is it to navigate? How many clicks does it take to find your contact details or see directions to your location? If you sell products online, how easy is it to place an order?

If you encountered some difficulties using your website on a mobile device, then your customers are probably frustrated, too—which means you are losing sales. Don’t let this happen! Work with a Kelowna web developer that can build you a responsive website designed for quick information and instant access.

Do You Really Need Mobile Web Design?

Online user behaviors are changing, and so should your website. There number of people using their mobile phones to shop is now bigger than PC and laptop shoppers. The trend started in 2013, when smartphones accounted for 55% of total shopping time online,overtaking desktop and laptop computers.

The numbers show no signs of abating. By the last months of 2014, mobile device shave grabbed 60% of digital media usage. And with 2 out of three Northern American consumers now using smartphones with Internet access to perform most of their online activities, these figures have nowhere to go but up.Even Google has declared that mobile web searches have outstripped the number of desktop searches in several countries including Canada.

The search engine giant also found that a majority of users (61%) immediately exit websites that are not mobile friendly. Impressively, almost 70% of them are more likely to actually buy something on a site that is mobile friendly, and 74%of them become repeat visitors.

What These Numbers Mean

Here’s the bottom line: A majority of your potential customers now browse your website using mobile devices with smaller screens, whether their smartphones or laptops. They are no longer sitting in front of the in desktop computer and starting at a large screen.They are on the move and accessing the internet during their morning commute via their trusty smartphones. And if you fail to give them the intuitive navigation they expect from your website, they will click out within seconds and you lose their business.

And that’s not all. Did you know that you could also disappear from Google’s search results if you don’t apply mobile design? By insisting on using navigation structures, images and content that are meant for desktop screens, you are essentially telling Google that you don’t care about user experience. This makes you lose credibility in the eyes of search engines, and eventually leads to the removal of your link from the mobile search results. Just imagine all the leads and sales you will lose if this happens!

Switching to Responsive Web Design

With mobile design, you can give your customer the gift of easy navigation and instant information. You can cater to this lucrative demographic of online shoppers who use their mobile devices to go online.But you can’t neglect your desktop customers—after all, they still make up almost half of your customer base. So how do you serve them both?

The key is Responsive Website Design. A ‘responsive’ site recognizes what device your customer share using to access your website, and will automatically adapt itself to load properly on any screen size. Whether a customer uses a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone, your responsive site automatically adjusts to ensure optimal viewing. It keeps both PC and mobile users engaged—and keeps the sales coming in.

The new reality is here and it’s mobile. SEO Resellers Canada can bring your website up to speed and make it compliant with the latest best practices in the world of digital marketing. With mobile website design, you can ensure responsive multi screen delivery that improves user experience and ultimately boosts sales.

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