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Just as fashion trends come and go, website design goes in and out of style, too. If your last redesign was more than 5 years ago, then then it’s safe to say that your website is now outdated—and you need a website makeover. A good redesign essentially gives your site a new nice suit and a snappy haircut. It helps make your business in Kelowna more credible so that potential customers can take you seriously.

Keep Pace with Evolving Online Consumer Behaviors

The internet has certainly changed, and consumer behavior has changed with it. Did you know that 8 out of 10 consumers now go online to do some product research before they make a purchase decision? You definitely need a solid online presence if you want them to see you. And once they visit your website, you need to earn their trust with good design. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 users do not trust websites with outdated and unprofessional designs, as well as those that load slowly and are difficult to navigate.

And then there’s the matter of what device people are using to look at your website. Around 25% of people who land on your website got there using a mobile phone, not a desktop or laptop computer. This isn’t a surprise, seeing as how over 30% of internet users globally now use their smartphones to find out more about products or services they are thinking about purchasing, and an estimated 5 billion consumers will own smartphones by the year end. Does your website work properly and look good on smaller screens? If not, then you need a design update—and you need it now.

The Many Benefits of Website Redesign

Giving your site a face lift can improve how people connect with your company and you’re your brand a fresher vibe. With a good website redesign service, you can enjoy advantages such as the following:

More sales: When your website looks professional and credible, your potential customers will feel safer about transacting with you. They are more likely to click that BUY button, visit your location, or call your office. Great design ultimately increases sales and even customer loyalty. Your web developer can remove all the visual clutter or obstacles that are distracting your visitors from doing what you want them to do. By improving the flow of your site, you can guide your visitors on what to click, how to place an order, or how to contact you. They see exactly what they are looking for right away—so they never have to click out and go to somewhere else.

Better rankings: Did you know that search engine optimization or SEO rules have changed (a lot) since 5 years ago? Your website may no longer be compliant with the latest best practices. This is why regular redesigning is important. Your web developer can audit your site and make the necessary changes to ensure that your design maximizes your ranking potential.

Mobile readiness: You need a responsive website if you want to sell to the increasing number of online shoppers who are using their mobile phones to buy products and look for businesses online. A mobile-ready website ‘responds’ to any device and screen size by automatically adjusting to it. It doesn’t matter if a customer is browsing from a desktop computer with a large screen or a teeny tiny phone—your website will automatically adapt. By making it super easy for people to use your website on all kinds of platform, you can keep their attention and reduce bounce rates.

Capacity for growth: A website redesign usually involves a server upgrade, too. If you are serious about growing your company, then this is necessary. Upgrading your server allows your site to serve more visitors without crashing. It also helps make loading time faster so that potential customers are not kept waiting. With more capacity and faster speed, you can improve user experience while boosting credibility.

Working with the Best Website Redesign Provider in Kelowna

As one of the leading web development companies in Kelowna, SEO Resellers Canada can redesign your site to bring it up to speed with the future. We can build you a website that does not only attract more visitors but also turns them into actual customers. Call our office at 1 877 292 7467 to know more.

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