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When you picture your online customers, do you imagine them sitting in front of their laptops or desktop computers while browsing your website? Well, that’s not exactly the case. A majority of the people who visit your website are actually using their smartphones—and they demand intuitive navigation and easy visibility on their small screens. Without mobile website design, you will drive them away and lose sales.

The Rise of Mobile Shopping

When it comes to online activities—mainly shopping—more consumers are now using their mobile phones instead of their PCs and laptops. Ecommerce statistics in 2013 show that smartphones have officially outdone desktops,accounting for 55% of shopping time online, compared to 45% combined for laptops and desktops. The trend has persisted. By the last quarter of 2014, mobile devices account for 60% of time spent on digital media.

It’s easy to see why the numbers are rising. After all, two out of three consumers in the US now have smartphones with Internet access, and they use these mobile devices to conduct online activities including shopping and research. Mobile searches done on Google have officially surpassed the volume of desktop searches in several countries including the United States. Google also found that:

  • Mobile friendly websites convert more visitors into customers
  • A whopping percentage of users—around 61%–immediately exit websites that are not mobile friendly
  • Mobile websites encourage customer loyalty, with 74% of users returning

Did you know that mobile web design also helps you rank better on Google?This search engine giant gives preference to websites that use navigation structures, images, and content that work well on mobile phone screens. It is likelier to point smartphone users to your website when it recognizes that you are using mobile design. This ultimately gives you hundreds (even thousands) of relevant leads and potential customers!

What Does This Mean for Your Small Business in Laguna Beach?

Mobile is the future—and you need to keep up if you don’t want to lose customers. Smartphones have become the preferred online browsing device. To cater to thrive in this evolving digital landscape and cater to the smartphone demographic, you need mobile website design.

Industry analysts foresee the continuing importance of switching to responsive HTML5 design especially for businesses that want to ensure smart multiscreen delivery. Making the switch is not only imperative for ecommerce websites, but for all kinds of sites. Even if your Laguna Beach business doesn’t sell online and uses a website only for information purposes (such as explaining your services or giving your customers direction to your physical location), it can still benefit a lot from responsive web design. You see, consumers don’t just use their smartphones for shopping—they also use it to do quick comparisons and research, whether they’re looking for an accountant or deciding where to eat dinner.

It’s Time for Responsive Web Design

If you are serious about taking your website to the future, then you need to give customers what they demand: a mobile friendly site that is intuitive, easy to navigate, and quickly show them the information they seek. Mobile web design can enable you to cater to the rising breed of consumers who rely on their smartphones for online browsing.It can also improve your Google rankings and make you more visible in the search results.

But does this mean you should ignore your desktop-version website and switch to a completely mobile layout? No—not at all. Desktop customers still make up a huge chunk of your market and will likely continue to be relevant. You cannot leave them behind.

The key is to cater to both mobile and desktop consumers with Responsive Website Design.

By making your website responsive, you are enabling it to recognize the type of device and screen size your customer is using so that it can adapt accordingly. This smart method of design automatically resizes your website for the best browsing experience. It keeps both desktop and smartphone users happy, so you always close the sale!

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