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Portland Local SEO

Visibility in online maps and organic search results is vital if you are a local business. After all, your potential customers are looking for you online—not on the yellow pages. In fact, the popularity of Google Maps has skyrocketed astonishingly since its launch in late 2004.This is why you need local search engine optimization (SEO) services if you want to get found by your target customers in your neighborhood, city, or state. With proper Local SEO, you can make your business more visible to customers who live or work near you.

Local SEO: You Need It, And You Need It Now

Proximity-based searches are becoming extremely popular now that more and more people use their tablets and smartphones to search for restaurants, services, offices, and shops near them—and search engines are becoming increasingly capable of providing results based on where the user is located. Google in particular is very good at this; it considers a user’s geographic location, search history, and other data to return the most relevantsearch results.

If you don’t rank high when your target users search for your products and services, they won’t see you! And guess what—they will see your competitors.

The importance of local SEO grows as local search technology becomes smarter.If you still don’t have a local SEO campaign in place, you are quickly becoming invisible. Act quickly and talk to SEO Resellers Canada today to boost your rankings and grab your fair share of the local market.

Snack Pack and Local SEO

Snack Pack—the mobile-friendly Google Places update—has made local search competition even fiercer by trimming the number of results displayed.The older layout showed seven top local results, butbecause of Snack Pack, there are nowonly three—and if you’re not one of them, then you are out of the race. ConsultSEO Resellers Canada to discuss how your business can claim one of those 3 top spots and gain maximum exposure.

Aside from boosting your rank by providing you geo-targeted content, we can also optimize your Snack Pack listing for accuracy and optimum conversion so that you never lose a potential customer. We can likewise help you stand out by highlighting engaging information about your business, such as Google pin reviews that encourage people to click your listing and visit your location. Call us today to learn about our strategies.


Why It’s Important to Deal with Online Marketing Experts for Local SEO

Local SEO is not as simple as submitting your website to Google Listings. It’s a complicated process that involves strategic steps if you want longer-lasting rankings that convert. It means submitting and regularly updating your business and geographic information to all major search engines such as including Google and Bing, plus other relevant online directories. A local search optimization plan also involves continuously resubmitting your information to attain optimum map results position. But it doesn’t end there. Local SEO also needs to be implemented for mobile and tablet search.

Doing your own SEO can easily take up all of your time—and you might even make expensive and irreversible mistakes. This is why it’s essential that you hire online marketing experts for the job. Professionals can drive moretraffic, qualified leads, and optimum exposure in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Why worry about optimizing your website when you have a dozen other things on your plate? Leave your local SEO campaign in the hands of SEO Resellers.For many years, we have been delivering high quality, high conversion local SEO services to hundreds of businesses in Portland, Oregon and across the United States and Canada.


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