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The term ‘10x content’ was coined by Rand Fishkin, the founder and CEO of Moz, and refers to content that is 10 times better than the best possible result currently found in the search results for a particular topic or keyword phrase. Rand mentioned it in his discussion, ‘Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die,’ which brought to light many issues in online publishing—such as how viral content affects search engine ranking. Since then, 10x has become the buzzword in social media and forum discussions as the experiential and qualitative measure of content that stands out within a certain domain or industry.

What is 10x content?

Consider the things you think about when searching for answers to questions on the internet. Now, imagine the kinds of answers you are likely to find, especially when you use search engines like Google or social networks. More often than not, you will see multiple results that are very similar to one another. Less often will you find something that is actually unique—something that answers your question so perfectly that you deem it worthy to be shared or bookmarked. That rare gem is 10x content.

What sets 10x content apart from the rest?

Several characteristics make 10x content content superior:

It offers a user experience that is uniquely positive through the visuals, patterns, fonts, layout, user interface, etc.

  • Its detail and scope are different from other content on similar topics.
  • It is interesting, useful, trustworthy, and high-quality.
  • It loads fast and it can easily be viewed on any browser or device.
  • It is able to make users respond or react naturally in joy, surprise, awe, admiration, and/or anticipation.
  • It has been shared countless times.
  • It is able to solve a problem or answer questions by offering accurate, complete, and exceptional resources or information.

It can be difficult to tick all these boxes when creating 10x content. In fact, even the best examples of 10x content do not meet all of these criteria. The key is to ensure that most of these traits are present. The piece should be one-of-a-kind enough to the point that your reader has seen nothing like it before.

Can 10x content improve search rankings?

Yes! Having content that is 10 times better than the current top-ranked page for your search term can dramatically improve your website’s SEO because of the following reasons:

  • It improves user experience.

    Google is continuing to transform its algorithms to monitor user experience. If your content is engaging and useful, people will stay longer on your site—and this improves your trust rating. 10x content also loads fast in any device or browser, so visitors are never frustrated.

  • It earns links naturally.

    The Hummingbird, Panda, and Penguin updates have certainly changed the world of link building. Google now frowns upon shady guest posts and paid links, and has began focusing on link quality over quantity. The best way to get high quality inbound links is to produce high-quality and compelling 10x content. By establishing reader engagement and encouraging shares, other websites will want to link to your page organically.

  • It supports interactive technologies. Newer interactive web technologies (including richer frameworks like Knockout and Angular) as well as the basics like CSS, Javascript, CSS, and HTML5 are quickly pushing Flash out of the picture. Google is getting much better at indexing interactive content, too.

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