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More people are relying on the internet to find what they need. If you own a physical store, office, or restaurant, it makes sense to ensure that your potential customers can easily find your premises on Google Map so they come visit you.

Proper Google pin placement can help put your business on the map— literally. It allows you to reach millions of users for free and quickly. With accurate Google pin placement, you should be able to verify your listing and ensure that details about your business are accurate and updated.

Why do you need Google Places?

Claiming your Google Places can help boost your search engine optimization campaign. Your business may already be showing up in search results pages, but it could certainly use a boost—and Google Places can do that. It can cause improvements in terms of traffic, conversion rates, and ROI. It provides an easier way to increase visibility online, even if you do not have a website. To further enhance your SEO, you can add videos, photos, parking, coupons, and the brands you carry to encourage customers to make their first purchase or buy again.

Understanding Snack Pack and How It Impacts Your Local SEO

Snack Pack is a Google Places update that is designed to provide a mobile-friendly layout. Whereas the old layout showed the top even local results, Snack Pack now only shows three. If you are not in the top three, then you are essentially dropped out of the race and are therefore losing traffic to your competitors. It’s time to consult with an SEO specialist specializing in local optimization to find out how you can regain exposure.

Once you are back in the top three, you also need to optimize the information appearing on your listing. Remember that each Snack Pack listing includes only the essentials—your business name, your street, your Google star rating, and a very short text about what you offer. Customers needing more details (like your complete address) have to click on an individual listing to learn more. Be sure that the information is correct and optimized because any inaccuracy can cause you to lose a sale.

SnackPack has no doubt shaken up the local SEO world by reducing the listings from seven to three. Search engine optimization is necessary now more than ever to ensure that your business shows up. One of the ways to effectively handle the update is by using geo-targeted content. To do this, you should integrate your location into the content, so Google can match what you have to offer to the location.

In Snack Pack, users must click your listing to learn more about your business. But remember—there are two other listings competing for their attention. To stand out, you must show engaging information about your business—including Google pin reviews that help encourage potential customers to buy your product or sign up for your service. Good reviews will also entice people to click your listing and find out where your store is located.

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