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Good Website Design: The Face of Your Company

What is a good website design? Creating good website designs takes a complicated recipe with a very subjective list of ingredients. A ground-breaking website design for one company will, in a lot of cases, prove to be a disaster for another. Your own personal website design is the first foot forward in the promotion of your company and its relay to potential customers. In essence it acts as the face of your company, the go to place for customer information and the direct image of what your company stands to represent.

Maintaining an exceptional experience for an audience and a manageable content variety for the website owner is sometimes a hard task but, through good website design, it is possible. Whether the website is solely for company service promotion, designed to be supported from ad revenue or to create product sales, getting that perfect user experience will improve its effectiveness to no end. A good website design will impress an audience, communicate with them, engage them and encourage them to return.

Impress Your Audience

Good website design begins with the initial impression it creates for an audience and their reaction to the overall layout of the homepage. With very few people spending time scanning through the pages of a website, creating that first, breath-taking reaction will rack up the minutes they spend on your website in total. While it is important to maintain consistent quality throughout a website and its design, giving potential customers that first ‘wow’ moment when they enter your site will make up their mind as to whether they want to stay or not.

The work that goes into coding and designing an outstanding website is, in most circumstances, exceptional. All the while, for that initial perfect impression, a number of factors have to be considered. The most advanced, modern and customer friendly website design will be doomed to fail if the loading times are significantly above average and this will also reflect back on how well the website owner may be capable of managing the site. Having good quality, fast and efficient software will, without many even noticing, begin to impress visitors.

Communicate With Your Audience

A good design for your website will do much of the talking for you and act as the primary communication between your company and your audience. The design of your website will be the first image of your company that your visitors lay eyes on, with most website visitors making up their mind about a site in the first few seconds, a brand has to be put across clearly.

The Importance of having a good website design

The business vendors, service providers and CEOs do not actually dress like they are homeless or have their tasting of wines at a local liquor shop. It has been a very popular saying – “People do not judge the book by its cover” but the reality is that the very first thing that is done by the people is- to start by judging the covers. The same fact implies to the website design. People are going to visit the website and start taking decisions for placing the order or call for consultation. Well, if they do not find the web design to be appropriate, it is quite inevitable that your website is going to be lumped into the sea of thousands of others. Indeed, this has already given you an idea as to how much important the website’s design is.

Benefits of having a good website design are many, but here are a few major reasons as to why you should invest properly in the cost as well as put more time for the web site design:

Unprecedented exposure

One of the best benefits that you are given when you opt for a decent web design for your site is that you can submit your web site to the world wide galleries in order to get it showcased to a greater audience. Such an exposure can easily add to the daily traffic, increase the number of leads or potential customers.

First impression is the last impression

This is indeed one of the most popular sayings and in fact this is very much true. The first impression is through the website design. It has been seen in surveys as well as studies that when the visiting customers or new customers check for the services on the web site design, they go through the website and check the credibility of content along with the ease of navigation. Thus, all the designing factors are included in this. After the customer is satisfied, only then do they think of contacting for consultation or placing order.

Highlight the best in you

Professionalism in its best form is brought to show to millions of users only through the proper web site design. Thus, the website is going to highlight the areas of your expertise. The proper design if made by a web designer forhimself,is going to showcase his excellent work. Another example would include a writer showcasing his work with the help of decent simple design and brilliant content. Unarguably, it is the best way to show your best to the world with a proper direction.

Increase in Sales

There is no doubt that when the website design is ultimate and the potential customers have increased, the services are going to be employed more, leading to the increase in sales. Well, if the customers are so impressed by the design and ease offered by your website, how much time do you think they are going to spend staring at the webpage? Finally, the urge will give way and they would be forced to pull out their credit/debit card or phone to either buy or make the placing call.

Less number of bugs

The proper website design is going to serve you in various ways. Security is one of those ways. When you have a good website design that is well protected by all firewalls and does not just look good, the stability increases. The chances of your website having bugs decrease to a great extent. Thus, you have secured and stable web pages with all gateways fortified with the help of intelligent designing.

Increased compatibility

A good website design is the one that is going to work for all the major web browsers. Not only IE, but Firefox, Opera and Chrome too should work out well. Thus if you do have a good website design, more and more people can have access to your web page and look for your services on the web page to finally contact you.

Increased search engine visibility

A good and smart website design is going to bring your maintenance cost and time too. One of the ways this happens is by the increased visibility on the search engine results. A good and secure web site design is going to receive more hits as well as visits from new people. This would help boosting the web site rank and generating even more leads.

There are many ways in which a good website design can benefit one’s business. Hence, the power of a decent web page design just can’t be underestimated.

By the end of 2014, the number of customers using mobile devices to search the Web is projected to reach over 1 billion.

Customers are looking for your business on their mobile phones, it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your online presence with a mobile website.

How can a mobile website benefit your business?

When customers are looking for a business on their mobile devices, it’s because they’re searching for a particular product or service and have a pressing need to locate that product or service. When you have a mobile website that appears during a user’s search-and-buy mission, you let your customers know that you’re open and ready for business . . . when they need what it is you do.

We offer you mobile websites that makes it easy for mobile users (which includes all smart phones, ipad’s and tablets used by professionals alongside family shoppers) to find your business online.

With an investment of $450.00 you can launch a mobile website through us in less than 14 days.

Also included is a QR code (quick response code) to better serve your clients. (This is a $100.00 value)

Our process detects when customers are using a mobile device and then presents your mobile website to them using the same domain address. That way, there’s no need to choose a new website address for your business.

Mobile users will now be able to quickly navigate to the information they need and click to call you!!




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