Custom Built Website Benefits For SEO

Should you hire a web design company for a custom website, or simply download a theme and customize that? For many small business owners, the temptation to download a pre-built theme is huge; after all, it’s the more affordable option. But while the template is cheap in terms of cost, it can also make your company look cheap. Any business that is serious about setting itself apart from the competition can benefit from hiring a firm to build a custom website that is also search engine optimized.

Customization and SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the science of making a website more visible in the unpaid results of search engines, most notably Google. It is essential to ensuring that your potential customers can see you whenever they search for products and services that you offer. A huge part of creating a presence for your company or brand on the internet is aiming for high rankings in search engine results.

The great thing about custom web development is that it gives you the freedom to build your website with specific SEO techniques that facilitate high search engine rankings to serve your specific goals. The result is a lean website that takes the latest SEO standards into account—including one h1 tag per page, canonical URLs, editable slug pages and Meta tags, among many others.

Custom web development supplements your web marketing efforts by building a scalable website with a solid, optimized foundation. Compared to a generic website, an SEO-friendly custom website that is as unique as your brand will give you much more opportunities in terms of control, optimization, adjustability, and growth.

Other Benefits

Custom web development also offers other advantages that templates or pre-built sites cannot. Here are some of them:

  • Custom-fit – Both the look and the functionality of your website can be tailored to your specific requirements and target audience. When you have a website built from the ground up, careful consideration can be given to its navigation, visual graphics, color and layout, user experience, and overall personality.
  • Scalability – Custom web design gives you the leeway to build an informational architecture, which allows your website to easily grow as your business grows. Further customizations as well as integration with other platforms (including social networking tools or ecommerce) can be done down the road as needed.
  • Unique design – A custom designed website represents your brand’s individuality and can make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Ownership – When you go the custom route, you own the code and design, so you always have full control.
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