What Makes The Best SEO Companies?

Finding the best SEO companies can be difficult and challenging. If you do a simple Google search, you will no doubt find hundreds who are willing to take your project. Their pitches and promises all sound the same, though, making it difficult to determine which SEO company can actually deliver the results that you want. So how do you find the best SEO companies? The factors enumerated below will help you separate mediocre agencies from the greats:

1. People talk about them in a good way.

The best SEO companies have garnered hundreds of positive feedback and reviews about their services and what they do. You can find testimonials on their respective websites, but don’t rely on those. Be sure to look up reviews in third party sources so you can see unbiased feedback. Reputable SEO companies can offer references, too, so you can double-check their credentials and accomplishments.

2. They offer a comprehensive SEO program.

Seasoned SEO companies can cover everything from your website’s navigation and design to its content, incoming links, and coding. Just be sure that they are transparent about how they conduct optimization, and make sure that their SEO methods are acceptable and will not put your website at risk of getting blacklisted from the search engines.

3. They do their research.

Keyword research is an important part of SEO, so make sure that it is one of the steps that they do to before they start optimizing your website. Apart from this, seasoned SEO companies look up your competitors and analyze their websites to see how they are doing and how they compare to you. The goal of a good SEO firm is to understand the difference between you and your competition so that they can come up with better ways to target your audience.

4. They offer suggestions.

An SEO company does not merely take your to-do list and perform exactly what you want them to do. They are unafraid to offer suggestions that could improve your website’s optimization, structure, and other elements. You can be sure that they know exactly what they are doing.

5. All services are done in-house.

The best SEO companies have their own team of experienced professionals. They have people for every task—including link building and content writing—so they can deliver uniform and consistent results.