Why Hire Website Resellers Canada?

The internet, though vast and unfettered, can be likened to a jungle where predators eat prey and the small gets swallowed whole. It’s a virtual jungle where people clamour for attention, exposure and, more often than not, fame. Because of the internet’s limitless reach (anyone can have access to it these days), it is a ripe place for marketing. That said, it is a smart step for business owners to establish an online presence, to create a web space for people to connect to for the sole purpose of furthering company goals and bringing home more bacon.

Business owners must have an online presence or they will die a slow death, what with the many companies bringing their business online in this day and age. Despite the absolute importance of owning a website whether you’re in a smaller town like Kelowna or a larger city like Toronto or Vancouver, there is still a notable percentage of businesses bereft of an online presence, most likely by choice, could be because they do not believe in the power of the internet and have managed to shackle themselves with the old and archaic methods of advertising. But a lot haven’t managed to put their name on the virtual world yet because they have no inkling where to start.

You see, while a website has become imperative in marketing, not many business owners are internet or online-savvy. Learning how to design a website is challenging enough already without business owners dealing with ways on how to make their site Search Engine Optimization friendly.

This is where we come in. We here at SEO Resellers Canada offer our expertise in website designing. Now, you are probably wondering what makes our services different from the hundreds of other website developers out there.

We create innovative website designs

Image plays a big role in pretty much everything. We’re sure you do not go out of the house looking unkept and dishevelled. You would want to look great all the time because first impressions last.

In the same way, we make sure that our website designs are sharp, business-worthy and impressive so potential clients landing on your site will see you as a credible source of products and services. It’s the basic requirement in building a good reputation.

Our website designs are hard-wired for SEO

Here’s the thing a lot of web developers tell business owners: the websites they make are SEO-friendly. Yes, they might be SEO-friendly but are they SEO-driven?

It takes more than a few codes to optimize a website. Search Engines operate on algorithms that will check all the content of your website, every meta tag, every keyword to ensure that you are offering relevant and valuable information. Having SEO-friendly coding in your site is not enough.

You need a team of developers that also function as marketers to drive SEO from the time of your website’s inception to the full-fledged marketing. SEO Resellers Canada website designs will ensure that every page is ripe for SEO picking so you can make it to the top of search engine lists effectively and efficiently.

We also make sure that your website is highly optimized for mobile usage. A large percentage of internet users use mobile and other hand-held devices for browsing. Your website has to fit that screen size for better browsing experience.

Our websites are backed by high quality content

The one thing that keeps websites tethered to the top spot in search engines is good content. Without high quality content, it’s hard to be indexed by search engine giants like Google.

You outsource to SEO Resellers Canada and get the best content writers experienced in various niches to provide the freshest and the most valuable unique content to your new website. We also create rich content to provide external SEO, beneficial for building positive links to your site and reinforcing website ranking.

Our websites are tailor-fitted to your business’ unique needs

One way to tell if a website is well-built is if it doesn’t look like every other business websites out there. There should be no “one size fits all” because every business has unique needs. We find what your business needs are and work on them to provide a unique design that will be perfect for the image and brand you are delivering.

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, this is the best time to outsource. Start with a website for your first step in establishing online presence.

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