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Laguna Beach Local SEO

Do you own a local business and would like potential customers in Laguna Beach to see you online? Then it’s time you found a local SEO firm that specializes in California. With a correctly executed local SEO campaign, your small business can gain the online visibility it needs to attract customers living or working in your area.

Why You Need Local SEO

In the world of local business marketing, the war is no longer in the yellow pages—it is now online. The most successful small restaurants, dental clinics, car washes, shops, and other small businesses in Laguna Beachdominate the local search results. Their websites rank at the top whenever someone in their geographic market searches for the products and services that they offer. This gives them maximum exposure and relevant leads—and ultimately translates to higher sales.

Do you want the same for your business? Then it’s time to talk to a local SEO specialist in Laguna Beach, California. Call SEO Resellers Canada.

Understanding Local Ranking: Why You Need to Be in the Top 3

Google’s proximity-based search technology is changing the game for local businesses across the country. It looks at a user’s geographic location and returns the most relevantsearch results based on that data. So, when a user in Laguna Beach uses Google to search for an ‘Italian restaurant,’ Google presents that user with choices nearby. The Italian restaurants with the best local optimization will appear on top of the search results and are likelier to get more customers.

The local search competition has become much more competitive because Google now displays ONLY THE TOP 3 RESULTS. It used to display 7, but has since trimmed the page down to just 3 via Google Snack Pack to ensure mobile-friendliness. If you are not one of the 3, then you are essentially INVISIBLE. Your potential customers can’t see you—all they see are your competitors!


Talk to us a SEO Resellerso we can analyze your current local rankings and devise ways to push you to those 3 top spots.

Our goal is to give your small business maximumonline exposure in your locality of Laguna Beach. We do this by providing you with geo-targeted content, optimizing your Google Snack Pack listing, ensuring that your information is always accurate, and emphasizing positive information about you (such as favorable Google pin reviews). This encourages your potential customers to click on your listing and call or visit your store.

Premium Local Online Marketing Services at Affordable Small-Business Prices

Are you afraid that local SEO services might be out of your budget? Don’t be. SEO Resellers Canada offers comprehensive local SEO at affordable prices. Don’t waste your time and money trying to learn SEO and making expensive errors along the way. It’s more prudent to leave your campaign in the hands of our experts.


Local SEO is not as easy as it seems. The work doesn’t end at submitting your site to Google Listings and hoping for the best. Getting to the TOP 3 involves complicated processes and deliberate, strategic steps. And once you’re on top, you need to manage and sustain your positon by regularly updating yourgeographic information and business details in Google and Bing, continuously finding relevant online directories to list with, and ensuring that your information remains accurate and optimized. You also need to optimize for tablet and mobile search. With everything else that you also need to do to run and grow your small business, do you really have time to devote to local SEO?

SEO Resellers Canadacan take the burden off your shoulders. Let us take care of the design, implementation, and management of your local SEO campaign. We have successfully helped hundreds of businesses across the United States and Canada dominate the local searches—and we can do the same for you. Call us today to know more about our high conversion SEO services.


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