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If you own a web design or online marketing company, then you know that content is still king—and that this is not likely to change. Great quality continues to be one of the most vital components of any website. It can add a lot of value to your clients’ digital presence and help them convert visitors into paying customers. But how can you offer professional content writing services if you are not a writer and don’t have the resources to hire someone full time? The answer: You can resell content writing services provided us, SEO Resellers Canada.

What do I have to do when reselling content writing services?

As a content reseller, you simply organize the leads and resell our work to your own customers. There are many benefits to this arrangement:

  • Reselling content gives your service catalog added value. By offering a complete range of services for your customers, you are increasing their loyalty and encouraging them to stay with you over the longer term.
  • Offering copywriting, SEO content, and article marketing services is an excellent way to add a new revenue stream to your business.
  • You are free to mark up the price and charge whatever you like. The profit potential is limitless. We can provide wholesale pricing while delivering content with substance, so you can charge so much more for our work.
  • Ongoing content orders (such as blogging projects) will tie your client in over a long period of time. This provides you a reliable ongoing income stream.


Reselling content writing allows you to offer top quality, hand-edited content to fuel your clients’ businesses. It gives you access to our team of expert content writers for a low price—certainly thousands of dollars lower than what you would spend on maintaining your own team of writers, with a lot less hassle.

Why is the ‘right’ content writing important?

Our content writers specialize in building content the right way so that it becomes a shareable and linkable asset with a wide audience reach. This kind of compelling content is crucial to establishing online authority and driving sales—and this is why you need to get your clients to invest in content creation. Here are just some of the many reasons why good website content is necessary:

  1. Good content is a backbone of search engine optimization.
    It’s no secret that Google loves unique content that is not only appealing to human readers but to their spiders as well. Good content and a perfect balance of SEO and sharp writing is the crucial combination. Keywords are expertly woven into the text without affecting style and comprehensibility. Creating good quality content also assists in link building and leading people into a website, and that’s what we do.
  2. Good content can convert visitors into customers.
    Quality content engages potential consumers, ultimately converting them into paying customers. It can compel them to make a purchase, bookmark the site, sign up for the newsletter,or even tell their friends about the business.
  3. Good content builds a brand.
    It is important for any business to maintain consistency and some level of uniformity in all its communications across different types of media. This lets potential consumers identify and remember the brand. Great content helps build a holistic communications and marketing approach that gives a brand a distinct and memorable personality.
  4. Good content is shared across social networks.
    Well-written blog posts and articles can bait a decent amount of referral traffic from social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Combined with Open Graph tags that allow social sites to crawl and generate accurate previews, great content can boost CTR and generate more traffic without additional efforts.


How does content help build domain authority?

Behind every successful authoritative website is high quality content. When it comes to user appreciation and attracting natural links, nothing works as well as well-written content. So if you’re looking to build domain authority for your clients, our team of expert content writers can provide you with great content, and this should be a key focus point.

Partner up with SEO Resellers Canada because we can deliver ‘content assets’ designed to make promotion, link building, and branding easier. Content assets continuously get visits, new links, and shares—something that generic SEO fodder won’t be able to do. This is why our company consistently delivers hard-working content.

How do I start reselling web content writing services?

If you are ready to start selling professional content writing services to your clients, contact us and let’s talk about our white label reselling programs. By engaging us to be your white label provider, you can offer your clients expertly-written content that not only boosts their Google rankings, but also builds their authority in their niche.

What should I look for when outsourcing your content writing?

Not all web content writing companies are created equal. Reselling content from the wrong agency can be catastrophic. If they give you copied content and you post that on your client’s website, for example, you may permanently ruin the site’s reputation in Google’s eyes and cause it to plummet down the search rankings.

There are no two ways about it: Choosing the right content writing agency to partner with such as SEOresellersCanada.ca is absolutely critical. Here is why we are the content reselling provider you should go with:

  1. We are good researchers. After all, quality content starts with quality research. Whether you need 500 words on human hair extensions or 1,000 words on the Florida rental property market,our team of writers does enough exploration of your subject in order to deliver unique, actionable, expert-level articles.
    Remember: Extensive research is an essential part a professional content writer’s job. An expert will never write and distribute inaccurate, ambiguous, or outdated content. Readers tend to flag such low-quality materials and go elsewhere for trustworthy sources, which is why our content writers double-check their information before sending out.
  2. Our writers work full time. Practice really does make perfect. Our content writers spend their day writing informative, entertaining, and educational materials for several clients with varying needs and requests.They always produce better quality content than novice freelancers who only write when they feel like it or when their other job permits.
  3. Our style is always engaging and audience-friendly. We believe the best web content has an ‘accessible’ writing style to promote a brand, a service, or a product effectively. The internet is not about big words—it is about clarity. Our writers can deliver your message in a snappy and memorable manner.
  4. And then there’s our editors. Even the best writers make the occasional typo. This is why our web content department employs proofreaders and editors to check for errors and to ensure that deliverables are up to our quality standards.
  5. We pride ourselves on being able to meet your deadlines. Freelancers are notorious for turning in their work late, making you look bad in front of your clients.The great thing about our team of writers is that they are more professional when it comes to delivering on time. They have systems in place to ensure that your projects continue along as they should.

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