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If you are still under the impression that website design is an isolated part of your online marketing efforts, you are holding your business back from truly becoming a success. Web design—although it is mainly an aesthetic function— should go beyond satisfying the human eyes. It should also be integrated with SEO, conversion, and branding for it to bring in the sales.

Important Web Design Statistics

Like most entrepreneurs and business owners, you probably know that web design is important—but do you know why? The numbers below will explain. All these web design statistics indicate that for your website to have an advantage, it must be mobile, responsive, fast, and efficient.

Studies show that when it comes to establishing trust and credibility, design elements are more powerful than content. A whopping 94% of customers cited ‘bad design’ when asked why they mistrusted certain websites. Respondents specifically cited the following elements as being particularly suspicious:

  • Complex or busy layouts
  • Pop-up advertisements
  • Flamboyant ads
  • Hard to read prints
  • Slow load times and long introductions

Good web design can significantly shorten loading time, which is essential if you don’t want to lose customers. After all, 47% of users expect a page to load within two seconds, and 40% of them will leave your website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Speed is even more important in countries where average download speeds are slower. Compression, plugins, and other such methods for increasing page speed are mandatory for lowering bounce rates and improving conversions.

Responsive web design is also increasingly becoming ever more important, as 4 out of 5 consumers now shop on smartphones according to Comscore. Some 40% of users say that they will go to a different website if the one they are looking at is not mobile friendly. Can you really risk losing potential buyers to your competitors because your website doesn’t load properly on mobile devices?

Studies likewise show that first impressions count—and they count big time. Your potential customer will only give you 10 seconds to show them what they want, and if they don’t get it within this time frame, they’ll leave. Once your web page loads, most people form an opinion within .05 seconds. Good website design will ensure that your landing pages contain exactly what your target market is looking for, and that your entire website is easy to navigate.

The Far Reaching Impact of Web Design

The full impact of web design does not stop at aesthetics. From SEO to conversion rates and more, design plays a crucial role in how your company or brand is perceived by online consumers. A well designed website also has the power to generate high quality customer traffic and increase sales by generating new business at astounding rates. It can help you attract your ideal customers and ultimately inspire a purchase. How does web design do this? Read on to find out how something as ‘superficial’ as design can impact your bottom line.

Gain More Customers with Good Design

Did you know that web design directly affects conversion rates? That’s right—great design can turn passive visitors into engaged, interested and active customers who are ready to pay for your products and services. It’s important to focus on three key elements in order to ensure this:

  • Navigation – Navigation and accessibility both impact conversion rates because users typically lose interest in websites that are hard to use. An intuitive design structure can encourage users to stay on your site and continue browsing.
  • Wording – Studies show that the words you use in your calls-to-action directly affect your conversion rates. The use of the word ‘free’ is particularly interesting. People are likelier to download or sign up for something when they see this magic word, which is estimated to increase conversions by more than 4%.
  • Color – Web design trends come and go, but some color elements stay the same. Research continues to suggest that suggests big, bold red fonts are good for headlines, while blue (specifically navy) is best for the call-to-action button because it is the color of truth, and therefore helps users develop trust.


Boost SEO Using Web Design

Web design can complement your optimization efforts. A good web design company can structure your HTML and adjust design features to ensure maximum search ranking potential.

For example, following natural reading patterns can make your website look good while making it more optimized for search engines. Most people read a web page in the same way they would read a book—that is, from left to right, top to bottom. Good website design will take this into account. The most important information is placed on the upper left hand of the page so that your visitors can get your main message faster and more effectively. This positioning also improves SEO because when important keywords are mentioned right away, search engines like Google are able to efficiently crawl the site and understand what it is all about. This increases your search engine ranking and gives your site more overall visibility.

The future of ecommerce is mobile, so having responsive web design is important for boosting your search engine rankings. Google rewards sites that load properly on mobile browsers and screens. Responsive design can also lower bounce rates because it makes the mobile surfing experience much better for your potential customers.

Solidify Your Brandwith Web Design

Your website is your hardest working marketing tool and it has to reflect your brand. If you are already using a logo on most of your print materials—such as your business cards, brochures, letterheads, etc.—then it’s important that you carry over that logo as well as your brand colors and imagery over into your website design. This makes it much easier for customers to recognize your brand across all communication media and associate your promise and position with your business. Make sure to work with a web design company that can ensure brand consistency.

Choosing a Web Design Company

A great website design company like SEO Resellers Canada can help you intercept new consumers and turn them into paying customers. We have worked with companies of all sizes—from smaller individual businesses to national franchises as well as marketing agencies, offering complete web design and development solutions that truly impact the bottom line. Our web designers are not just graphic artists—they are also professional marketers who have a deep understanding of what colours, words, layouts, and other design elements can prompt a casual visitor to become an active customer. We build websites that not only look good but also serve the consumer behaviour pattern, motivating your potential to call your office, buy your products, or drop by your store.

As SEO specialists, our designers will ensure that your web design complements your search engine optimization efforts. We are very skilled in delivering mobile friendly and responsive sites that work properly on all kinds of browsers—from desktops to smart phones. This is because we recognise that having a mobile friendly and responsive website is important to Google—and more importantly, to consumers.

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