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Did you know that you can set up and sell search engine optimization services to your clients even if you don’t have the manpower or the skills to do so? By becoming a white label reseller, you can expend your range of services to include SEO without having to do any of the actual optimization work yourself. Web designers, coders, and internet marketing specialists from all over the world are jumping on the white label bandwagon, and it might be time you did, too. If you are interested in dipping your toes into the reseller space but are not sure of how it works, read on.

What exactly is white label SEO?

When a company provides a product or service and sells it to you at a lower price so that you can brand it as your own and turn a profit, that is called ‘white labeling.’ This practice is actually more common than you think, and it certainly spans well beyond SEO.

For instance, when you shop at your neighborhood grocery store, you might notice items in grocery-store packaging. Those are white label goods—products made by another company which were then bought by the grocery at a discount, and then rebranded as their own. Go to a CVS or any drug store, and you might see aspirin with store’s brand name on it instead of the drug company’s seal. That aspirin is white labeled. CVS puts its name on it and distributes it, marking up the price and therefore making a profit.

So at their core, white label or private label solutions are essentially partnerships where the company that manufactures the product surrenders the brand to the company or people who sell those products. When applied to the SEO industry, white labeling means that you—the seller—get to buy professional SEO services from an expert company at a steep discount, brand it as your own, and offer it to your clients for a profit.

You might be wondering—why would any company be willing to sell their SEO services to me at a cheaperprice? The answer is simple: They don’t want to market the service themselves. They would rather focus on doing what they do best and leave the marketing to resellers such as yourself. The result is a win-win situation. They don’t have to invest in promotion, and you don’t have to invest serious time and money developing an SEO service that works.

What do I have to do as a while label SEO reseller?

The first step you need to take if you are interested in becoming a white label SEO reseller is to find an expert SEO company to partner with. You want a team with industry expertise in designing, implementing, and managing SEO programs as well as paid search programs and related online marketing strategies. It’s important that you find a trustworthy and reliable company; after all, you will be selling their services as your own, and if they fail to deliver, you will look bad to your clients.

You then sign their white label agreement and start to sell their SEO services under your own brand. If you already have captive customers—such as your web design clients—then this should be a little easier. This is why white label SEO reselling is very popular with individuals and companies that are already providing some form of web service.

Your SEO partner gives you a heavily discounted price for their services because you are essentially taking on the sales part of the business. As a reseller, you also take on the first line of account management responsibilities, acting as the liaison between your clients and your SEO provider.

What are the benefits of selling white label SEO?

From the provider’s point of view, a white label SEO arrangement enables them to reach wider markets than they would if they tried to sell their services by themselves.They no longer have to spend on marketing and sales—all they need to focus on is providing excellent optimization results.

For resellers such as yourself, white-labelling provides even more benefits. Here are just some of them:

1. White labeling allows you to add a revenue stream without making a substantial investment.

If you are a web designer relying on one-off jobs, then it’s always a good idea to add other sources of income. Why stick to just web design when you can also provide SEO services?Clients typically pay recurring SEO management fees—which translate to steady revenue. By signing up several SEO clients, you can count on monthly retainer fees to give some stabilityto your cash flow. There is no limit to how much you can earn. In white label SEO, the profit potential is virtually endless.

Thanks to white label programs, you can add SEO to your list of services without having to hire people, buy new equipment, or spend on research and development. There is virtually no investment on your part. In fact, you can start offering SEO packages to your clients almost instantly.

2. White labeling allows you to win bigger projects.

Larger clients in particular tend to look for full-service agencies. If you are unable to offer all the services they require under one roof, they will probably go to another company that can.White labeling allows you to add SEO to your portfolio so that you can position yourself for growth.You never have to scramble to find providers when you finally get the attention of a blue chip corporate. When you have a white label SEO partner, you can guarantee great service and deliver real results.

3. White labeling makes your clients loyal.

When you start sending your clients organic traffic and their sales skyrocket, they will become your customer for life. They never have to look elsewhere for SEO services and may even refer you to other business owners who are looking for optimization assistance.

Do I get regular SEO performance reports for my clients?

Yes—of course! A good SEO provider will give you access to tools and reports that show the progress of your client’s SEO campaigns. Reporting is vital in satisfying and retaining high-paying clients, after all. Be sure to partner up with an SEO provider that can give your clients comprehensive and individually branded SEO reports on a regular basis. Some of the best providers openly show key performance data so you can readily pull up numbers and update your clients about what you have done for them recently. A comprehensive report should include information on whatnew keywords are being targeted, current rankings, website errors, backlinks, crawl issues, social media buzz, and many more.

Some SEO providers even give your clients access to a project dashboard. This can make your clients feel more involved, as they can watch the progress of their optimization campaign live. Dashboard access is great not only for client retention, but also for tracking any issues that may pop up. It also raises the credibility of your services.

Will my clients know that I am outsourcing the work to another company?

No—absolutely not. This is the beauty of a white label SEO program. Your SEO provider will do all the work and you take the credit.

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