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What You Get with our White Label Services

Apart from our expertise and excellence in digital marketing, we ensure that you get a powerful SEO platform
and a proven methodology, which drives traffic to your website. Here is a brief overview of what you
can expect to gain from our white label services:

Preliminary SEO analysis

Preliminary SEO analysis

When you become a part of our white label SEO program, we will provide you with a comprehensive SEO analysis. This is done so that our SEO experts can devise a winning digital marketing strategy that will transform your business. We deliver the best results when it comes to white label SEO, and it all starts with that preliminary SEO analysis.

Keyword research

Keyword research

To ensure that you can target your customers easily, we will perform a comprehensive keyword research and analysis. This is designed to identify the leading keywords in your industry, and allow us to make recommendations on keywords that will attract the most traffic. We will also study your keyword competition, to learn what keywords your competitors are using.

Detailed SEO strategy and plan

Detailed SEO strategy and plan

We provide the very best white label SEO services, and our experts will devise a detailed SEO strategy and plan for your business. This is designed to provide you with a comprehensive outlook on the efforts of our digital marketing team. Once we have come up with a strategy and plan, and gain your approval, we will begin implementing it.

On page optimization

On page optimization

One of the core strengths of our digital marketing and white label SEO services is on-page optimization. This is designed to improve the position of our client’s website on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our white label SEO experts will employ the best on-page optimization practices to deliver the right results every time.

Content silo creation

Content silo creation

We also create content for our clients, and have got experienced content marketers, who can create engaging blog posts, articles, and web copies. We will study your target audience, and then generate content that is designed to attract them. Creating engaging and compelling content is an art, and we have mastered it to perfection.

Organic Backlink acquisition

Organic Backlink acquisition

We can help your website get more traffic with our dedicated organic backlink acquisition tactics. We have industry experts in link building and editorial backlink acquisition, and know all the white hat techniques to get the right leads. We will ensure that your content is published on high-traffic and quality websites, which are relevant to your niche and industry.

Analytics tracking

Analytics tracking

To ensure that you get complete satisfaction from our white label SEO efforts, we have analytics tracking, which tracks everything. You get complete information about lead and phone call tracking, paid search data, search rankings, keyword analytics and more. This way you can easily measure our performance and the difference our digital marketing campaign has made.

Detailed white label reporting

Detailed white label reporting

We provide detailed white label reporting for all our clients, which feat-ures white label SEO data and reports, from all their campaigns. This is done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and allows you to get the inside track on our white label SEO campaign. The project manager assigned to your campaign, will personally oversee that all reporting is done on time, and is complete.

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Our Process Wheel to Accomplish Success

SEO Resellers Canada takes a concentrated and detailed approach towards every part of our white label SEO reseller services. We have a comprehensive process, enabling us to accomplish success in digital marketing, devised through a tailored approach.


If there is one thing that we have learned over the past 2 decades in digital marketing, it is that you must come up with a great marketing plan. Every business is different, and has their own agendas, targets, and goals, which is why we adopt a tailored approach in our white label SEO services. Our SEO experts work with you to come up with a digital marketing plan that allows you to achieve the desired results. The technicians will work with your in-house team, and will conduct an audit of your market, which helps them analyze your target audience, and get a good look at your products and services.

Once they understand your business, and are on-board with your goals and ambitions, they can create digital marketing plans that are designed to help your business succeed. This will mean implementing the right keyword strategy, using on-page and off-page optimization, and employing other tactics to enhance visibility for your business online. There are different kinds of marketing plans, which can be employed to improve the digital marketing efforts of your business. We have great experience in creating unique marketing plans that help businesses stand apart from their competition.

Our extensive experience in the industry, and our commitment to delivering the right results for our clients enables us to meet expectations every time. We work hard to understand the goals and ambitions of our clients, because by using state-of-the-art technology, and our experience, we can create unique marketing plans for them.


Every good digital marketing campaign needs a solid strategy, and we are masters at coming up with the right plan and marketing strategy. We want to help businesses in every industry achieve levels of success that they never previously thought possible. This goes on to show our commitment, and our dedication to helping improve businesses dominate their industry. Our SEO technicians have decades of experience under their belt, which ensures that they have no problems in devising a unique strategy that will yield exceptional results.

We are masterminds in white label SEO services, and can help make the difference for your business, with our expertise in strategy development. The great thing about our services is that we will work with you in devising the perfect strategy for your business, and will only go ahead once we have your approval. You control everything related to the implementation of the strategy, while we will focus on all the hard work, which is to ensure that you get the SEO results that you want. We know how to get results, and aren’t afraid to employ a unique marketing strategy that has never been employed before, to help your business standout.

Whether it is viral campaigns, video marketing, or blogging, we can devise the perfect marketing strategy for your business. We have a stellar track record of delivering outstanding success to all our clients, and will ensure that we end up developing the right strategy that yields exceptional results.


Creating the strategy is one thing, and implementing it successfully is another thing entirely. This is where the experience of our white label SEO experts comes to the fore, since they use their skill and the latest technology to implement the strategy in a manner that gets you the right results. We are renowned for devising successful strategies and delivering great results, which all comes down to proper implementation. It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is on paper, if you don’t implement it correctly, you will fail to get the desired results. Our experience in the industry allows us to quickly understand the best way to implement any type of strategy successfully.

Implementation of any strategy is crucial to a digital marketing campaign, and our project managers have the experience to ensure that everyone stays at the very top of their game. This way we can successfully implement an SEO strategy for our clients, that gets the best results. Our white label SEO efforts are only going to be as successful as the results we deliver, and for that to happen, the strategy must be implemented properly. We understand the game better than anyone else, and will launch a new campaign, or change our implementation tactics to achieve success for our clients. We have provided our services to clients in every industry, and have always implemented their strategies successfully so that they can take their business to the next level.


The management of the digital marketing campaign is extremely important, since the entire project hinges on proper management. There is no reason to believe that your SEO campaign will go smoothly if there are simple errors being made, and there is no structure for the campaign. Without proper management, you will struggle to get the desired results, and this will affect every vital part of your marketing campaign. We know the importance of proper management of any SEO project, and therefore have dedicated project managers, who will report directly to customers. This allows us to measure our own performance, and gives you detailed insight into the efforts of our SEO technicians.

Good management for an SEO campaign, makes a huge difference for clients, since it allows them to focus on their business. Our project managers will handle every aspect of your digital marketing campaign, allowing you to focus on growing your business and getting more clients. This takes all the pressure off you, since we are an extension of your own team and are working to get you the desired results that will launch your digital footprint online. The role of management shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to your online marketing campaign, and we ensure that our experienced SEO experts help deliver exceptional management for your project.

We have an excellent track record when it comes to management of your SEO campaign, and can deliver the right results to you every time.


Every white label SEO reseller is judged on the results that they can deliver to clients. When it comes to exceptional results in white label SEO, and digital marketing, there are very few that have a better record than us. SEO Reseller Canada has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, and we are known for delivering outstanding results in all aspects of our services. We are industry leaders in white label SEO reseller services, and have experts who can get you the right results in search engine optimization. Our track record speaks volumes of the kind of digital marketing expertise that we can deliver to each of our clients and ensures that you can take full advantage of our exceptional services.

Our dedication, commitment, and high-standards in digital marketing, have allowed us to deliver results to clients every single time. We know the best way to deliver results, and have SEO technicians, who are professionals of the highest order. Our broad range of SEO service, and our expertise in every aspect of digital marketing allows us to deliver results every single time to our clients. We have a comprehensive process towards digital marketing, which ensures that no matter what kind of marketing campaign we take on, we are always able to meet the goals and objectives of our clients. We are in the results business, and therefore make sure that we can deliver exceptional results every time without fail.


What sets us apart from every other white label SEO reseller is our detailed reporting process. We take the time to understand each part of the digital marketing campaign for our clients, and then ensure that we deliver timely reports. By creating dedicated reports for clients, we help them understand the direction our SEO technicians have taken, along with the strategies that have been implemented. Search engine optimization can be difficult to understand and measure, but with the detailed reports created by our project managers, we make it easier for you.

We know how to make information more accessible and easier to understand, and our reports are always timely. They allow you to measure the success of our digital marketing efforts, and ensure that you can get the right results in white label SEO. It doesn’t matter what type of project we are handling, we will always deliver on-time and comprehensive reports to our clients. The more informed you are about our SEO efforts, the more satisfied you will be with the results delivered.

Our reporting process for all our digital marketing services is designed to improve satisfaction and help take your business to the next level. We know that information must be presented in an accurate and easy to understand manner, and our SEO technicians ensure that you get comprehensive reports every time. This is what differentiates SEO Resellers Canada, from the rest in the industry, since we are committed to helping improve the business operations of our clients with dedicated reporting.

Our Process Wheel to Accomplish Success

SEO Resellers Canada takes a concentrated and detailed approach towards every part of our white label SEO reseller services. We have a comprehensive process, enabling us to accomplish success in digital marketing, devised through a tailored approach.

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our monthly campaign activities for success

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Results that Drive Business Growth

Our centralized approached towards digital marketing allows us to achieve the right results, which drive business growth in any industry.
Our world-class SEO technicians, use cutting-edge tools, so that they can attain the right results for your digital campaign.
Our white label SEO efforts will help you map your business success, and get the results you want.

All white label SEO projects need to provide the right results to clients, and that is a key area of strength for us.
Here is how we go about getting results that will drive business growth:

Client reporting

We ensure that you get dedicated white label SEO reporting, which is done by ensuring that data is available anytime for all clients. This means creating dedicated reports for all work progress, and employing strategies that encourage high client engagement in all aspects of our SEO efforts.

Project management

What allows us to remain on top of our game, is our expertise in managing all types of projects. Our knowledgeable experts, ensure proactive communication at every step of the project. This keeps you informed about the status of the project, and allows us to deliver exceptional client service. We work to deliver exceptional services for you, and are always available to talk with you.

Audits analysis

Our white label SEO experts will conduct a thorough and comprehensive audit analysis of your digital marketing campaign. They will offer comprehensive keyword research analysis, propose the right SEO strategy to implement, and conduct high value website audits, with a fast turnaround time.

Niche relevant backlinking

One thing that allows us to stay on top of our game, and ensure that you get the right results is niche relevant backlinking. This ensures that your website gains visibility on all the relevant websites that are in your industry, which means more targeted traffic for you.

Task delegation

We work with a dedicated team of SEO professionals, and experienced support staff. Our specialized team set up, great company culture, and white label client support makes all the difference for us. We are great at task delegation, and are therefore able to accomplish any target and get the desired results.

Client satisfaction

The reason why we can deliver results that help businesses grow is because we make it a priority to deliver 100% satisfaction to our clients. This means targeting quality links, developing shareable content, using proven SEO methodologies, and delivering precise on-page optimization every time.

Our Clients enjoying Page #1 Rankings on Google & other Major Search Engines.

Ranking Improvement After 60 days

Contractor After 60 days

True SEO is measurable, below are examples of our before and after SEO improvements over the first 60 days. Boost your rankings and get more traffic with results driven SEO that works!

Frequently Asked Questions – White Label SEO

We know that there are lots of people out there that may be wondering what exactly is White Label SEO and what is the difference with our White Label SEO services. We have addressed six of the most commonly asked questions below. If you don’t find your question, then get in touch with us from our website:

Do I need to sign a contract?

There isn’t any need to sign a contract with us. This is because we don’t have any cancellation fees or setup fees for our clients. Our only requirement is a 30-day notice. All our SEO programs are designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance, and if you’re unsatisfied with any aspect of our services, you can request us to cancel your campaign. There will be no penalty charged for doing this. If you further questions about this, then get in touch with the Project Manager assigned to your campaign.

When will my clients start seeing results?

You shouldn’t get ahead of yourself when talking about SEO programs, because most businesses want to see immediate results. Search engine optimization doesn’t work that way, as it can take months for any SEO campaign to start showing noticeable improvement. All our white label SEO campaigns are designed to deliver the best results to our clients. You can expect noticeable results in the first month and it typically takes about 4 to 6 months before your SEO page rankings solidify.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to see your business page jump to the first page of the SERPs just days after your SEO campaign has launched.

Does my business require White Label SEO?

All businesses that are looking to make their mark on the internet require white label SEO services. Without digital marketing, your business will struggle to obtain visibility, or rankings online, which is where we come in. Our white label reseller program is perfect for affiliates, agencies, and consultants, who want to improve their website rankings on search engines.

We are a full-service white label SEO reseller, and designed countless SEO programs, plans, and packages to meet the digital marketing needs of clients. We love helping our clients achieve success online, and can make the difference for your organization as well.

What other services do you provide?

Apart from our white label SEO services, we have numerous services that range from local SEO, national SEO marketing, backlink cleanup, PPC and search. We can also develop and design SEO optimized websites for clients, along with all types of paid advertising. We have nearly 2 decades of experience as a white label SEO reseller, and have experienced SEO consultants, who can devise any kind of SEO plan.

Do your methods guarantee results?

Our white label SEO expertise is unmatched in the industry, and we can deliver exceptional results every time. However, there is no digital marketing service that is going to guarantee results. We have invested our valuable time and resources to become an industry leader in white label SEO, and are always abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

However, due to the nature of digital marketing and search engine optimization, it is extremely difficult and naive to 100% guarantee first page results organically, and you should be cautious of anyone who does. Anyone can buy PPC first page results, which can obviously be guaranteed to happen for a price. We have never failed to meet the expectations of any client, and have delivered exceptional quality in white label SEO for nearly 20 years.

Why choose SEO Resellers Canada for White Label SEO?

We are more than just your average white label SEO service provider. At SEO Resellers Canada, we actively invest in the well-being and success of all our clients. We have dedicated and experienced SEO technicians, who will use their skills to ensure your digital marketing campaign is successful. Our extensive experience in the industry, along with our cutting-edge resources allows us to make the difference when it comes to white label SEO services.

White Label SEO

Did you know that you can set up and sell search engine optimization services to your clients even if you don’t have the manpower or the skills to do so? By becoming a white label reseller, you can expend your range of services to include SEO without having to do any of the actual optimization work yourself. Web designers, coders, and internet marketing specialists from all over the world are jumping on the white label bandwagon, and it might be time you did, too. If you are interested in dipping your toes into the reseller space but are not sure of how it works, read on.

What exactly is white label SEO?

When a company provides a product or service and sells it to you at a lower price so that you can brand it as your own and turn a profit, that is called ‘white labeling.’ This practice is actually more common than you think, and it certainly spans well beyond SEO.

For instance, when you shop at your neighborhood grocery store, you might notice items in grocery-store packaging. Those are white label goods—products made by another company which were then bought by the grocery at a discount, and then rebranded as their own. Go to a CVS or any drug store, and you might see aspirin with store’s brand name on it instead of the drug company’s seal. That aspirin is white labeled. CVS puts its name on it and distributes it, marking up the price and therefore making a profit.

So at their core, white label or private label solutions are essentially partnerships where the company that manufactures the product surrenders the brand to the company or people who sell those products. When applied to the SEO industry, white labeling means that you—the seller—get to buy professional SEO services from an expert company at a steep discount, brand it as your own, and offer it to your clients for a profit.

You might be wondering—why would any company be willing to sell their SEO services to me at a cheaperprice? The answer is simple: They don’t want to market the service themselves. They would rather focus on doing what they do best and leave the marketing to resellers such as yourself. The result is a win-win situation. They don’t have to invest in promotion, and you don’t have to invest serious time and money developing an SEO service that works.

What do I have to do as a while label SEO reseller?

The first step you need to take if you are interested in becoming a white label SEO reseller is to find an expert SEO company to partner with. You want a team with industry expertise in designing, implementing, and managing SEO programs as well as paid search programs and related online marketing strategies. It’s important that you find a trustworthy and reliable company; after all, you will be selling their services as your own, and if they fail to deliver, you will look bad to your clients.

You then sign their white label agreement and start to sell their SEO services under your own brand. If you already have captive customers—such as your web design clients—then this should be a little easier. This is why white label SEO reselling is very popular with individuals and companies that are already providing some form of web service.

Your SEO partner gives you a heavily discounted price for their services because you are essentially taking on the sales part of the business. As a reseller, you also take on the first line of account management responsibilities, acting as the liaison between your clients and your SEO provider.

What are the benefits of selling white label SEO?

From the provider’s point of view, a white label SEO arrangement enables them to reach wider markets than they would if they tried to sell their services by themselves.They no longer have to spend on marketing and sales—all they need to focus on is providing excellent optimization results.

For resellers such as yourself, white-labelling provides even more benefits. Here are just some of them:

1. White labeling allows you to add a revenue stream without making a substantial investment.If you are a web designer relying on one-off jobs, then it’s always a good idea to add other sources of income. Why stick to just web design when you can also provide SEO services?Clients typically pay recurring SEO management fees—which translate to steady revenue. By signing up several SEO clients, you can count on monthly retainer fees to give some stabilityto your cash flow. There is no limit to how much you can earn. In white label SEO, the profit potential is virtually endless.Thanks to white label programs, you can add SEO to your list of services without having to hire people, buy new equipment, or spend on research and development. There is virtually no investment on your part. In fact, you can start offering SEO packages to your clients almost instantly.

2. White labeling allows you to win bigger projects.Larger clients in particular tend to look for full-service agencies. If you are unable to offer all the services they require under one roof, they will probably go to another company that can.White labeling allows you to add SEO to your portfolio so that you can position yourself for growth.You never have to scramble to find providers when you finally get the attention of a blue chip corporate. When you have a white label SEO partner, you can guarantee great service and deliver real results.

3. White labeling makes your clients loyal.When you start sending your clients organic traffic and their sales skyrocket, they will become your customer for life. They never have to look elsewhere for SEO services and may even refer you to other business owners who are looking for optimization assistance.

Do I get regular SEO performance reports for my clients?

Yes—of course! A good SEO provider will give you access to tools and reports that show the progress of your client’s SEO campaigns. Reporting is vital in satisfying and retaining high-paying clients, after all. Be sure to partner up with an SEO provider that can give your clients comprehensive and individually branded SEO reports on a regular basis. Some of the best providers openly show key performance data so you can readily pull up numbers and update your clients about what you have done for them recently. A comprehensive report should include information on whatnew keywords are being targeted, current rankings, website errors, backlinks, crawl issues, social media buzz, and many more.

Some SEO providers even give your clients access to a project dashboard. This can make your clients feel more involved, as they can watch the progress of their optimization campaign live. Dashboard access is great not only for client retention, but also for tracking any issues that may pop up. It also raises the credibility of your services.

Will my clients know that I am outsourcing the work to another company?

No—absolutely not. This is the beauty of a white label SEO program. Your SEO provider will do all the work and you take the credit.

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