SEO is very important for web marketers, designers, business owners, and anyone with a need to increase their website presence on search engines. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and it is used to increase traffic to a website by ranking the website high on search engines. However, the biggest problem many web marketers, designers and owners encounter is seeking out companies who can manage the work successfully and at a competitive price point. Unfortunately many hire the wrong team to manage that task. We at ResellerCanada understand this and are here to make this your last stop with a proven track record. To avoid the stress that comes from managing a big team to do it yourself, while keeping up with Google’s ever changing landscape, you have two options. The first is to hire a company like us here at SEO Reseller Canada or simply stop those services and lose that revenue. Having your agency or business outsourcing to our SEO reseller program is the best choice for you. Therefore, the questions are; what is an SEO reseller program? And why do you need a reselling program to empower your growth without additional overhead.


An SEO reselling program is a service that connects people who need help with their website search engine placement to Search Engine optimization Service providers such as ResellerCanada. This is done through someone like yourself (a business or individual) who has the direct relationship with the website owner and wants to keep that relationship without exposing the reseller to their client, thereby empowering their growth through SEO services. In other words, an SEO reseller acts as the intermediary between the SEO service provider (ResellerCanada) and the website owner, designer or the marketing company you want to represent.