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Every business serious about growing its online presence needs to build a strong core of directory citations that broadens its visibility while strengthening the ‘trust’ of search engines in the validity of that business. High-quality and authoritative citations are so important, in fact, that many experts agree that it is the primary ranking factor in local search markets.

So if you aren’t offering your clients directory citation packages, you are doing them a disservice. Don’t worry—you don’t need to hire citation specialists to join your team in order to provide this solution. If you are an online marketing, web design, or web development agency, you have the option to resell directory citation services provided by SEO Resellers Canada and label them as your own.

To ensure the best results, be sure to resell the services of our white label SEO including citations. Our company owns and operates hundreds of different business directories across North America, all of which have over established domain authorities. Our directories have been active for over 15 years and continuously draw overa million unique visitors every month. If you want to outsource to a company that knows citations like the back of their hand, then choosing us is your key to citation success.

By reselling our directory citation services, you can take control of your clients’ online business listings and watch their local SEO rankings soar. Outsourcing the job to SEO Reseller Canada allows us to clean up your clients’ existing local citations, boost authority, fix incorrect information, and build new directory listings.

What exactly are directory citations?

A directory citation is a mention of a business online, with or without a link. There are various forms of “NAP”

  • Company name
  • Company name + phone number
  • Company name + phone number + address
  • Company name + phone number + address + link

A ‘complete’ directory citation includes the company’s name, address, and contact number.If a citation does not include all three key pieces of information, it is sometimes called a ‘partial’ citation.

The most common types of citations are ‘structured’ citations found on business listings. Citations found on blogs, event listing websites, newspaper websites, job websites, and other such pages are called ‘unstructured’ citations. Both types can boost local rankings.

Why are directory citations important for SEO?

Citations are vital components of the ranking algorithms used by both Google and Bing. All other factors being equal, a website with more citations will likely rank higher than those with fewer citations. High quality citations from our established and well-indexed directories in particular can increase Google’s and Bing’sdegree of certainty about the contact information and categorization of your clients business. In other words, citations can help these search engines confirm that a business is, in fact, what it says it is. Citations can also validate that a certain business is a part of a certain community.

Keep in mind that not all directory citations are created equal; in fact, there are huge variations in terms of value. A citation on a government website, for example, is worth far more than a citation in a spam web directory. The quality of a citation is often more important than volume.


What are national and geo-targeted citations, and why are they important?

Both national and geo-targeted (or local) citations can boost a website’s search engine ranking. For brick and mortar businesses that wish to attract customers within a specific region or area, however, local geo-targeted citations are more useful.

With our company, we can claim your client’s local directory listing on your behalf and ensure that the information is accurate and updated. This basic movecan already dramatically increase the visibility of the listing and the website it connects to. More importantly, it can help potential customers in the area find your client whenever they search related products and services. After all, a majority of local consumers use Google, Yelp, and Bing directly on their smartphones or PCs to search for local businesses in their neighborhood. It’s therefore imperative that your client’s information is accurate if the goal is to turn those searchers into leads.

By reselling our services as a directory citation specialist, you can give your clients both national and geo-targeted citations—and more of one type as necessary, depending on your clients goals. If their goal is to appeal to consumers across the Canada, we can give them national citations. But if their goal is to dominate local searches, our focus would be to give them high-quality geo-targeted citations. Determining which type of citation to concentrate on building is important, and that’s what we’ll be able to determine by allowing us to partner with you.

What is the difference between flow and no flow citations? Why are they both important?

As the PageRank becomes less powerful and soon to be nonexistent, ‘flow metrics’ is now the name of the game. Google gives importance to metrics such as citation flow and trust flow as ranking factors. You must be wondering: What is the difference between ‘trust flow’ and ‘citation flow’ and how do they interact?

Citation flow refers to a link’s popularity without considering its quality. A website that gets a lot of links pointing to it will have a high citation flow score.

Trust flow, on the other hand, determines how trustworthy a link is by measuring its quality. If links that point to your client’s website are top-quality and authoritative, then your client’s trust flow increases.

As trust flow increases, citation flow also increases. The reverse is not always true, though. A citation flow increase does not guarantee a trust flow increase. A good trust flow score is harder to attain than a high citation flow. It’s therefore important that you outsource your citation services with our company as weonly use high-quality linking strategies. We ensure that only trusted directories are pointing to your client’s websites.


How do I choose a directory citation service to resell?

There is no denying that directory citations are extremely important in search rankings. Experts agree that these citations account for as much as 25% of local ranking factors.

But not all citations are helpful; in fact, bad ones may actually hurt rankings.

The key to providing your clients high-quality directory citation services is to outsource to our team as we are reliable experts that can do the following:

  • Improve your clients’local rankings
  • Give your clients the right high quality citations
  • Guarantee no duplicate listings
  • Ensure information quality
  • Provide quick turnaround

We consider ourselves to be the best directory citation experts as we are relentless in checking—and double checking—if all information is entered correctly.We are also vigilant in protecting your clients’ citation profiles because we understand that accuracy and quality are the building blocks of a solid strategy.

SEO Resellers Canada provides hundreds of high quality citation opportunities for any size and type of business. Ask about ourprocess and assess ourefficiency. A good directory citation expert follows a streamlined procedure and provides a dedicated team to look after your clients. They can generate reportsthat truly show their progress and indicate what areas can be improved. This is exactly what we do, and by allowing us to be your white label partner you will be able to change the course of your clients business – for the better!

Before you sign up for our directory citation reseller program, we invite you to ask us any questions to clarify anything you don’t understand. As North America’s most reputable directory citation specialists, we are happy to help our resellers with any concerns they may have.

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