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Resell PPC (Pay Per Click)

If you are interested in offering pay per click services to your clients but currently don’t have the experience or theskills necessary to do it right, then reselling PPC may be for you. It’s time you had a look at SEO Resellers Canadawhite label PPC reseller packages available. Partnering with a reliable PPC firm such as ours can be one of the most profitable moves you can make.

Do my clients really need PPC?

Yes, they do. Here’s the awful truth: Getting a website to rank organically on Google takes a lot of work. Even the best search engine optimization strategies can take months to show results. What If your client can’t wait? What if they badly needtraffic right away?Luckily, there is always PPC, and it’s one of the fastest ways to bring targeted traffic into your clients’ websites.

Even websites with solid SEO strategies and high rankings still use PPC to complement their online marketing strategies. In fact, surveys show that 48% percent of marketers use PPC—and 32% of them claim that it is very effective in attracting targeted traffic. Half of the marketing agencies surveyed reported improved return on investments from their PPC campaigns. This higher ROI seems to have prompted more PPC spending, as over 70% of agencies claim to have invested more in PPC advertising.

What do I have to do as a PPC reseller?

As a PPC reseller, you simply find clients who need PPC services, have them sign up, and pass on all the real work to us. We then build and manage your client’s PPC campaigns on your behalf and deliver results as agreed. You don’t need any PPC experience to be able to resell these services. You simply sell pay per click solutions to your existing and future clients, dictating the price as you wish. If you sign up under our white label arrangement, you can brand the solutions as yours but pass on all the work to us.

PPC reseller programs are ideal for individual and small companies that are already involved in web solutions, such as web design and programming firms and internet marketing firms. If you have a solid customer base, then you already have a captive audience. By reselling our third-party provider PPC management services, you can provide vital ranking solutions to your clients so that they don’t have to go to another company to get it.


How does PPC work, exactly?

Implementing a PPC campaign means ‘buying’ visits rather than ‘earning’ those visits through organic search engine optimization. A pay per click or PPC campaign involves paying Google to list ads for that link to your client’swebsite. These ads appear on top of organic search listings. Whenever someone clicks on the ad, you pay the current CPC or Cost Per Click, which is immediately deducted from the budget (or spending limit) that you have pre-set. When the budget runs out, Google stops running your ads. You can then replenish the funds to continue.

Search engine advertising is by far the most popular form of PPC. This arrangement allows advertisers to ‘bid’ for an ad placement on a search engine’s results page, under ‘sponsored links.’ Google, Bing, and Yahoo all offer search engine advertising opportunities.

PPC is faster to implement, but mastering it is extremely difficult. Rushing into this process can easily turn disastrous. This is why you should never attempt to offer PPC management services to your clients if you are not a specialist. It’s better to leave the project in the hands of our PPC campaign experts who can bring high-quality new visitors to your client’swebsites at optimum prices.

Building a successful PPC campaign involves many moving parts: from determining the right keywords, to sorting those keywords into ad groups, to building a PPC landing page that can improve conversions. Google and other search engines tend to reward advertisers who create intelligent and relevant landing pages by charging them less (that’s right!) for ad clicks. By ensuring that your client’s landing pages are satisfying and useful to visitors, a using our white label service program helps your client save money. So if you truly want your client to get the best value, partner up with SEO Resellers Canada.

Why should I outsource PPC management services?

There’s a reason why PPC management professionals are paid for their expertise. In the long run, it’s cheaper to hire an expert than launch a PPC campaign by yourself, as you are likely to make expensive mistakes. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should outsource PPC solutions for your clients to our company:

  1. Keyword research is difficult. PPC experts put in serious time on determining the optimum keywords to use in the campaign. Picking the wrong keywords will quickly exhaust the budget and deliver poor traffic. We use specialized tools, competitive research, and multiple data points to get a complete picture of the niche your client is in, and to be able to make intelligent keyword and positioning decisions.
  2. A bad ad copy will result in low conversions. Our team of PPC experts can deliver ad copes that can attract potential customers who are likely to convert into paying customers. A good ad copy is very hard for an amateur to write, so don’t even try. Let our experts give your clients a high-performance copy that can boost click-through rates and net more conversions.
  3. Tracking PPC performance requires technical expertise. For a PPC program to succeed, it has to be measured. Everything from sales to where those sales come from need to be determined. Expert analysis should show which keywords and ad placements are likely to bring more conversions. Tagging is also necessary, as it allows you and your client to see which placements are most effective. Installing tracking code requires HTML knowledge, so it is better left in the hands of our experts.
  4. PPC terminology can be confusing. Are you familiar with CPM, CPA, and CPC? Do you know the differences between views, hits, and impressions? Do you understand how retargeting works? Probably not. A thorough understanding these PPC terms is vital to the day-to-day management of a campaign. Unless you know all these and all the other PPC jargon not mentioned here, you really shouldn’t manage your clients’ paid search campaigns.
  5. Campaign settings are difficult to navigate. These settings need to be adjusted for optimum exposure, but adjustments are not simple. From geographic targeting to setting up multiple ad groups, a PPC expert can take care of all details. Without a methodical understanding of PPC settings and how you can use them to benefit your client, you will end up overspending for the same traffic amount and quality that a more experienced PPC marketer pays pennies for.

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