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Good SEO tools are crucial to the success of any search engine optimization campaign. They let you know how well your website is doing and what you can do to improve its performance. Don't worry-you don't have to a lot of cash to get these SEO tools. As matter of fact, some of them are free! Below is a list of free SEO tools you can use to give your ranking a boost. As digital marketers, we want to help other digital marketers like you by providing free beginner SEO tools to start your journey.

Screaming Frog - Free SEO Spider Tool

This website crawler allows you to crawl URLs and fetch elements that are important to analyse from an optimization perspective. It allows you to do the following:

  • Find broken links (404s) as well as server errors, and then bulk export these errors and source URLs to send your developer or to fix yourself
  • Analyse meta descriptions and page titles during a crawl and see if any of them are too long or too short, duplicated, or missing
  • Find temporary and permanent auto redirects, determine if there are any redirect chains and loops
  • Find low-content pages
  • Spot exact duplicate URLs as well as partially duplicated elements (including page titles, headings, descriptions)
  • Determine if any URLs are blocked by meta robots and robots.txt as well as find directives such as 'nofollow', 'noindex', canonicals, rel="prev", and rel="next"
  • Collect social meta tags, prices, SKUs, additional headings, and other data from the HTML of your pages using XPathm, CSS Path, or regex
  • Link to the Google Analytics API and fetch sessions, bounce rate and conversions, transactions, revenue, and goals for pages against the crawl
  • Quickly generate Image XML Sitemaps and XML Sitemaps with advanced configuration to include priority, last modified, and change frequency

You can download it at no cost or buy a licence to access additional features. It crawls extremely quickly, letting you analyse results in real time.

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Copyscape - Free Duplicate Content tool

Are you sure that your content is 100% original? If you purchased your articles, they may have been stolen or copied from other websites-and using them means ruining your search engine rankings. Copyscape lets you verify the originality of your content. It also allows you to see-with the click of a button-if other websites are copying yours.

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Reconsideration - Free Google Penalty Analysis Tool

With this free SEO tool, you can find out if your website has been:

  • De-indexed (banned) from Google's index and search results because of failure to meet quality guidelines or penalized (demoted) in the search engine results pages due to black-hat SEO. Knowing exactly what has caused your traffic to plummet is key to reviving your website.

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You Get Signal - Shared to Static IP tool

This tool performs a reverse IP domain check, which searches for other websites that may be hosted on the same web server as your site. Knowing what other websites share your web server is important from an SEO perspective, as those sites can effect on your ranking negatively.

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Siteliner - Free Broken Links & Redirection Tool

Siteliner allows you to explore your site and see what issues affect its quality. You can immediately spot broken links to pages that no longer exist, which reduce your rankings. It can show you what links need to be removed or replaced. Siteliner likewise shows you any meta tag redirections, frame redirections, and HTTP header redirections.

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SEO Quake - Free SEO Parameters Tool

This handy analytic tool for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers obtains information about any website for parameters such as Google Index, Alexa, Page Rank, etc. It even has a keyword density tool to show the number of times certain keywords or phrases appear on a page. Noffolow links are likewise highlighted.

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MOZ Bar - Free Domain Authority & Backlink Spam Score Tool

Download MozBar to easily access to Moz's metrics, DomainAuthority, as well as Spam Score. The handy highlighter tool instantly shows you different types of links in different colours so you can spot followed, no-followed, internal, and external backlinks.

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Google PageSpeed - Free Website Speed Tool

Make your website faster and mobile-friendlier with this tool. Recommendations made by Google Pagespeed can help you ensure that your site abides by the current best practices for both mobile and desktop web performance.

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Google Mobile Friendly - Free Mobile Website Test Tool

This tool can analyze any URL and determine if its design is mobile-friendly. A growing number of users now browse the web using their smartphones, and if your site doesn't load and work properly on their small screens, you lose their business. You also compromise your search engine rankings. This tool helps you see if your website is mobile-optimized in Google's eyes and make the necessary changes.

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Google Trends - Free Search Volume Index

Based on Google Search, this tool can show you how often a particular keyword or phrase is searched for relative to the total volume across different regions of the world, in different languages. If you are looking to rank well in certain countries, this free SEO tool is extremely useful.

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Wayback Machine - Free Historical SEO Diagnosis Tool

This historical archive shows you want a website looked like back in the day. This free tool is extremely handy for detecting the root cause of missing traffic or lower rankings.

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Keyword - Free Keyword Alternative LSI Planner

A great alternative to Google Keyword Planner, this free tool generates 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions. It is extremely reliable and absolutely free to use; you don't even need to create an account. Use this LSI planner to understand what your target customers are searching for.

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Answer the Public - Free Keyword Visualization Tool

If you find keyword research tools to be lacking in insight, use this free keyword visualization tool. It generates a one-pager that lets you visualize how you can answer your public better, ultimately helping you create content that's useful, inspiring, or even funny.

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LSIGraph - Free LSI Generator Tool

Another powerful LSI tool, this technology is one of the simplest yet most powerful available. Simply type your main keyword in the search bar and let the tool generate relevant keywords and phrases. Even SEO beginners will find this easy to use.

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Google Correlate - Free Correlation Search Pattern Tool

A part of the Google Trends family of tools, Google Correlate lets you find queries that share similar patterns with a target data series. This target can be a query that you enter or a real-world trend you provide. It essentially allows you to associate search trends with data that you might want to incorporate into the calculation.

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