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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs on SEO Tools

What is Google SEO tools?

Google provides both small and large businesses with a set of tools through which the publishers can analyse many aspects of their business. Like, the reason why a website page is underperforming, thereby providing complete assistance and guidance to optimize and improve and make the ranking even better.
The top 5 SEO tools of Google are:

  • Test My Site
  • Lighthouse
  • Safe Browsing Test
  • Google Trends
  • age Speed Insights

Does Google have an SEO tool?

Google regularly offers the latest updated tools that serve the purpose of SEO. If there is a time when you feel that your website is underperforming, then with the help of these tools, you can understand the exact reason for such a case. The SEO tools also let you improve in places where you are lacking.
Google also has a free SEO tool. Google Analytics is one of the finest SEO tools Google provides for everyone. It is advised that every online business should make extensive use of Google Analytics.

What are SEO optimization tools?

SEO tools are certain sets that analyse the potency of all the web pages on every company’s website. These tools help determine the rank your website deserves when someone types in some keyword related to your business.
Through these tools, you can decipher information on backlinks and keywords of your website and how well they are performing in the competitive market. Ahrefs and Google Search Console are the top two SEO tools most companies use.

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