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  • Powerful Content Strategy
  • Comprehensive Content Development
  • Measurable Content Marketing Results
  • Executing a Professional Content Marketing Strategy
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Powerful Content Strategy

You wouldn’t build a house without first drawing up a building plan, and that is exactly why you need to come up with a powerful content strategy before implementing content marketing tactics. This allows you to fine-tune any cracks in the foundation of the strategy and ensures that the content strategy will provide you with maximum benefits. Developing a powerful content strategy allows you to create content that not only relates with, but also engages your audience.

We will work with you to identify measurable targets and formulate a powerful content plan, which will include relevant channels, an editorial calendar, SEO strategy, and further resources that will ensure success in content marketing.

Comprehensive Content Development

One of the main reasons why SEO Resellers Canada is the best choice for content marketing services is that we develop outstanding content that resonates with the target audience of any business. We have a fantastic team of in-house writers, who can create all types of content and have diversewriting styles to meet the goals of businesses in any industry.

Developing great content is an art, and when done in the right manner, it could have a massive impact on inbound lead generation and SEO for the brand.

Measurable Content Marketing Results

Numerous studies have shown that around 40% of marketers manage to track down ROI successfully, and SEO Resellers are a part of that percentage ratio. We have been around for a long time and can create content that complements your business goals and serves a purpose. Our cutting-edge content measurement tools, real time reports, and interactive dashboards ensure that you can measure the performance of our inbound marketing tactics, SEO strategy, and content marketing plans.

We can measure content marketing results and guarantee ROI on content through:

  • Reports on findings (evaluating success by reviewing results)
  • Reviewing ROI (looking at sales, customer conversions, and leads generated)
  • Evaluating traffic analytics (keyword progress, page visits, customer engagement, website visits, and blog success)

The in-house content marketing team at SEO Resellers Canada offers a comprehensive range of content marketing services, which will help boost your brand reputation online. We can create high-quality and relevant content for paid distribution, social media channels, email campaigns, and your website.

Executing a Professional Content Marketing Strategy

One of the standout reasons why we are regarded as the best in content marketing is that we not only can create but also execute a professional content marketing strategy. We can do so through:

  • Blog Content Creation

    Blog posts are vital for enhancing sales funnel conversions, and can help improve brand awareness and visibility on search engines. The best blogs emphasise visual storytelling and are relevant to website visitors. We can help create great blogs by combining SEO practices and client guidance. We will ensure that all blog posts are formatted, keyword optimized, and have engaging topics and titles, which will attract your audience and support your business goals.

  • eBooks & White Papers

    We can create eBooks & white papers to help capture contact information from customers and improve the bottom line of the sales funnel. Our writers will use a hybrid of white papers and infographics and combine eye-catching custom graphics with actionable information to create the ideal content to capture the attention of the audience.

    White papers obviously need to be created professionally and feature well-research facts and figures, with comprehensive analysis and commentary. We will also format white papers to ensure high visual appeal and ensure that we have proper margins, footer, brand logos, imagery and colors in the header.

  • Infographics & Asset Design

    Infographics are great for turning data into a captivating story that is brand-centric and compelling at the same time. It is designed after all information and data is acquired from project managers, graphic designers, marketing strategists, and content writers. The infographic must be designed in a manner that makes it appear clean, with all the illustrations, characters, and stylised icons standing out.

    We can create infographics in different sizes and styles, which will make them unique to the brand. Our team can also create asset designs, which include social media posts, custom illustrations, and call-to-action buttons that drive conversions.

  • Video Production

    Our video production services are a class-apart and will have unique video content that will generate audience interest and lead to enhanced sales funnel conversions. Every video will be created while keeping the brand goals, preferences, and guidelines in mind to ensure greater viewer impact.

    You can film these videos on location, which includes event coverage and corporate promotional purposes. We can also provide you with illustrated and live action options, for different products, with voice-over actions and trained actors.

  • Case Studies & Website Copy

    SEO Resellers Canada can help create case studies with definitive proof about the benefits of products and services for your clients. We can create real-world examples and use data to find success stories, which will highlight the potential of the brand, with information analysis, employee interviews, and customer testimonials.

    We will also format the website copies and case studies to make them appear visually appealing to audiences. Our in-house writers can create excellent and compelling website copy, which is in-line with the latest SEO practices and includes high readability and lead generation success.

  • Newsletters & Email Copy

    Using our promotional practices and data-driven expertise, we can create outstanding newsletters with the help of our market automation strategies and content writers to build and engage your email list. We will also come up with promotional emails that share information about brand campaigns, events, and updates using high-quality email templates.

    We will deliver email copies and manage them with the latest marketing automation tools. This helps in building brand awareness, and promotes lead generation, which are both powered through email content and newsletters.


Obviously, the marketing that you do must result in more customers and more sales, or you cannot continue in business. So, the best possible quality of contents should be used in your campaigns. You get better results when potential customers can determine that your materials are excellent. They judge your products or services by the quality of your advertising materials.By upping the value of your content, you are likely to pull in customers who are targeted for your brand. You have taken the time to know your audience and to choose materials in your advertising campaign that target those niche audience members. Those customers who are ready to buy will appreciate being able to find answers to questions and descriptions of products in well-written and interesting posts from you.

When you focus on content in your market plan, you are established as an authority in your niche. You should always look at how the ideas, posts, comments and articles promote your industry or specific products. This result will require some effort on your part. You will need to view information from others and determine how it can be used to foster the recognition of your business as an industry leader.

Top quality marketing using content is one of the most economical advertising modes. Ignoring the cost of time, your price to prepare and post thoughtful and interesting materials is relatively minor. If you are prepared to spend several hours each month in staying current with the thoughts and comments of others in your market niche, your exposure is sure to be expanded.

Establishing the human face to your business helps potential customers see you as a real and trustworthy person. People are more likely to buy from someone who they trust. Brand name recognition is a similar benefit from writing interesting and helpful materials for posting on the World Wide Web. Adding frequent postings about your business and brand allows you to be seen as a helpful resource for buyers and sellers in the market niche.

For over 18 years we have been the solution to fit any size agency or business. Our team of creative SEO experts and marketers develop some of the best results driven campaigns in the industry.
The Top 4 Stats on Professional Content Marketing
Content Marketing Services Kelowna

Increase in High-Quality Content Production

70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content Marketing Institute.

Best Content Marketing Services In Kelowna

Upsurge in Interactive Content

75% of marketers using interactive content plan to increase their use of the medium in the coming year. – Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Agencies Canada

Increase in Video Marketing Budget

69% of companies report their video marketing budget is increasing. – Ascend2

Content Marketing Services In Canada

Importance of Photography

46% marketers believe that high-quality photography is an integral component of their content marketing strategy –CMO Council

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs on Content Marketing

We know that finding high quality content marketing services isn’t easy, and most businesses struggle to identify the role of content in their digital marketing strategy. This is the reason why we have decided to address some of the most pressing concerns and commonly asked questions related to content marketing. If you don’t find your question here, feel free to get in touch with us.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

There are lots of benefits that you can gain from content marketing, and some of them include:

  • Position your brand as an industry leader
  • Educate your audience about your products and services
  • Create value for your customers and prospects
  • Engage your audience and attract new clients
  • Build your online presence online
  • Sell advertising space on your website

Who can benefit from content marketing?

Any business or brand that wants to target their audience needs content marketing to promote their business, brand, products and services. Businesses of all sizes and from all industries could benefit from content marketing, since it attracts audiences through compelling and engaging content.

Is content marketing a long-term or short-term strategy?

Content marketing is all about staying in the game for the long haul, so it is a long-term strategy that is focused on improving customer retention and attracting prospects. Content marketing campaigns last for months on end, which is the reason when you get into content marketing, you need to ensure that you stick it out for the long haul.

Why do you need content marketing?

Content marketing is a great way to inform your audience, and get them to interact and engage with the brand. You can provide your audience with real solutions and answers to real problems. It is a great marketing tactic that helps you in lead generation and sales conversions.

How can content marketing services help you get more customers?

When done right, content marketing helps create brand credibility and authority online, attracting the attention of your audience. It also helps your website rank higher on search engines, which boosts online visibility and allows you to connect with your customers.

How can SEO Resellers Canada help you?

As white label SEO experts, we can help create a cohesive content marketing strategy, which will allow you to target new markets, attract clients, and retain customers. We will work with you to find out the best approach to attract new customers to your business. We can help you by providing you with:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content marketing planning
  • Content marketing measurement & performance optimization
  • Content marketing creation & implementation
  • Content marketing audit

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