What Is Link Building And How To Go About It

When you need an SEO campaign, it is often hard to know not just where to start but how to build a successful campaign and what elements you should include. It is no secret that Google measures the authority of a website on the amount if links it has, and that Google’s algorithm will decide which sites to rank at the top with the help of its software. So, what is link building and how do you go about building the best links and ensuring that your SEO campaign is a success.It is often difficult to understand the language of computers and that of SEO, and in order to understand the anatomy of a link, you can compare it to a vote. An example would be two pages, A and B that are linked together in an A-B direction. What this means in turn is that page A is suggesting that you should like page B, and that page A indeed likes page B. However, this easy analogy becomes more complex when nofollow tags are included. A nofollow tag will allow links to be added to a page that will in turn create a clickable link to a different page; this means that the link has been made without it having to pass the vote.

In SEO, link building is a crucial part of any campaign as the more links to content, the more traffic that is driven there. What this means in turn is that the traffic that arrives at a website has the potential to turn into a sale. One of the better ways to aquire quality links is through content marketing. Lets say your website is all about landscaping and all the various designs available to the home owner. You would then write a quality article on the subject of landscaping and submit it to one of the various article directories online with your URL imbedded into the bottom of the content. Once the article has been accepted you have officially created a link from the directory that you posted on back to your website. When Google crawls your website it will travel through your links to find the source and to see if that link relates to your business.

Some of the other ways to create links would be to post your information in various online directories, blog posts and social media outlets just to name a few.

Some people seem to think that link building is dead, I’m hear to tell you it’s still a very important factor to Google when it comes to ranking a website. What do you think would have better positioning, a website with no links going to it or one that has quality links coming in from content that relates to that business?

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