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Here is some of what happens when you hire us for SEO:

  1. Establishment of SEO starting point: An initial report will establish a benchmark for the service to be provided (your current positioning).
  2. SEO website audit and analysis: consisting a 29 point report. Click here to see the complete checklist.
  3. Keyword Analysis: keyword analysis by your representative evaluates keywords (search terms) and establishes long-term SEO placement goals.
  4. On Page Optimization: On Page optimization analysis off your website and required changes to ensure search engines know what you want to be found for
  5. Off Page Link Building: Link building is used to build authority for your website. It’s very much like a popularity contest. We will build high page authority links to the web pages containing your search terms
  6. Installation of SEO resellers Canada SaaS technology
  7. Google Local Pin: A very important factor is local pin placement representation as it relates to what you want to be found for. We will claim your Google local listing on your behalf and optimize it to rank for specific local searches
  8. Video production:Our production team will create a stunning video of your business and upload it to the search engines, optimized for select keywords. Video puts a face to your brand and helps set you a part from the competition.
    Studies indicate that a 1 minute video is equal to over a million written words. It’s no small wonder that video marketing has taken over the marketing industry in a big way. As part of our SEO strategy at ResellersCanada we include a video to empower conversation with your customers. Why? Because video sells
  9. Mobile Website:Making a mobile friendly website becomes imperative with the widespread deployment of Web-enabled and browser based Internet services from handheld mobile devices such as a smartphones and tablets. Website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with companies that have gone mobile, and a push from Google to highlight the importance of mobile optimized web pages cannot be dismissed. At SEOResllersCanada making a website that is friendly to smartphone users has now become a critical part of our SEO practices
  10. Reporting: Each month, SEOResellersCanada will send you a report with the performance of your search terms. This report allows us to evaluate our performance and make any adjustments as we move forward together.

The SEO Reseller Canada Advantage

Let your clients capitalize on what has taken us over 15 years and millions of dollars to perfect! The SEO Resellers Canada SaaS technology has the proven ability to integrate our network of over 30,000 websites and our management of over 3 million diverse PA and authority niche relevant links. We also integrate the power of the and the business directory networks which there are 96 across North America, all of which have 15 years of Domain Authority navigating millions of unique visitors per month. The SEO software also has the ability to perform over 3,000 automated tedious SEO tasks daily for each and every one of your clients!

There is no SEO Agency in the world that can do what SEO Resellers Canada can do PERIOD!

Our clients are our partners! Now with over 15 years of history and experience with search engines we are now continuously navigating over 3.2 million unique visitors a month throughout our network and we are in fact a premier content provider for Google with and and also having a very unique relationship with Google local which allows our niche listings and our network to be found on tens of millions of first page placements on search engines like Google.

Trying to get your website relevant on the first page of Google and other search engines? ShopInCanada is already relevant and gets indexed by Google 25,000 to 27,000 times a day! By utilizing the SEO Resellers Canada proprietary approach and as well as letting us implement some of the best white hat SEO practices for your clients we quickly grow the authority and popularity to deliver results of which you have never seen!


Our company is so powerful and unique in its ability to get your client’s websites found on the first page of Google for every geo-targeted and/or national specific search terms, which you or your client have requested, as we have clearly demonstrated in Canada and the United States.

We have the power to give each one of your clients the luxury of showcasing their top high traffic and LSI search terms. I’m sure you recognize this as a very lucrative opportunity for each one of your clients as well as your company and/or marketing agency.

When you combine our powerful Company & Network with your entire client base there will be very few, if any, companies in Canada as well as North America that can supply more exposure for your clients on the front page of Google…period.

Implementing this type of Reselling Marketing Campaign with all your other Marketing strategies will make your business grow immensely. You will have now created a Real Marketing Campaign in terms of PUSH, PULL & BRANDING. You will also have added substantially more value to every one of your client’s Marketing dollars because your clients are now an option, on the front page of the worlds largest and most popular search engine, Google, for consumers in the ‘Buying Cycle’. We can get you connected FRONT & CENTER with the online consumer behaviour pattern.

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