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  • White Label SEO vs Outsourcing SEO
  • What is an SEO reseller?
  • What are SEO reseller programs?
  • What services can SEO resellers help you with?
  • Why should I utilize these services?
  • What your clients can expect
  • The benefits of using an SEO reseller

White Label SEO vs Outsourcing SEO

You may have tried to outsource the work for your client to different freelancers and providers, but possibly never received the results you wanted. That is a common theme whenever SEO reseller services is discussed, because there are so many different service providers. At SEO Resellers Canada, we place the needs of our clients ahead of everything else. This ensures that we can make a difference for our clients with a dedicated SEO reseller program that meets all SEO outsourcing needs and delivers value.

We are different from other white label SEO resellers, as we take responsibility for results, so that your business can satisfy clients and deliver results. Our SEO reseller program is flexible and designed to accommodate the needs of agencies of all sizes. We become technology partners for businesses, and make an effort to understand their business and digital goals and objectives.

What is an SEO reseller?

SEO resellers are agencies that specialize in delivering dedicated SEO services to other agencies. They are a business to business service provider, and have a team of experts, who design technical processes to provide their clients with the best search engine results. An SEO reseller looks after all the search engine optimization needs of an agency, and will deliver results in different verticals. They will provide their clients dedicated link building, and content optimization services, while also handling the online visibility and brand power of the agency.

At SEO Resellers Canada, we are a professional and dedicated SEO reseller service provider, determined to help transform businesses by meeting their SEO requirements. We have experts and technicians with years of experience, and use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art tools to deliver results. Our knowledge and expertise in search engine optimization allows us to provide custom SEO reseller programs that offer complete support and are made for agencies.

What are SEO reseller programs?

SEO reseller programs, encompass all the specific SEO needs and requirements of an agency and are designed to deliver results. An SEO reseller program is made for agencies, and ensures that they get dedicated SEO services, at affordable rates, with a fast turnaround time. These programs allow businesses to outsource their search engine optimization requirements to experienced and professional experts. There are different types of SEO reseller programs offered by SEO reseller services, which are customized to meet the individual needs of the business.

What services can SEO resellers help you with?

There is a misconception in the industry that SEO reseller services are designed to supplement the link building requirements of businesses. However, that is not the case because there are a lot of different search engine optimization requirements that are met. SEO reseller services functional like traditional SEO agencies, and offer an extensive range of SEO services, including the following:

On-page audit
The first step of any new SEO campaign is an on-page SEO audit. There are different processes for audits employed by SEO resellers, to help identify new opportunities for optimization.

Keyword research
Keyword research is another service, which is designed to find high-ranking keywords in your industry, and then adding them into the content and copy of the business. A winning keyword strategy is also developed by the resellers.

Link building
Link building is undoubtedly the main service offered by SEO resellers, and they will use different techniques to improve traffic numbers and improve online visibility. Link building services may include improving and increasing backlinks, fixing or deleting broken links, and introducing guest blogging.

Local SEO
All startup and developing businesses need to make an impact on their local market, and SEO resellers help by providing dedicated local SEO services. These may include optimizing Google Places page, building citations, and more.

Content creation and optimization
Most businesses have their own in-house copywriting team, or acquire freelancing expertise for creating content. However, SEO reseller services provide dedicated content creation and optimization services by creating a custom content marketing strategy.

Why should I utilize these services?

Search engine optimization is the future, and all businesses will require help to ensure that they are consistently visible and ranking highly on search engines. SEO resellers provide businesses and agencies with professional expertise at affordable rates, by outsourcing services to professionals. In this manner businesses, can attain the desired results faster, without stressing out. Here are some more reasons why you should utilize SEO reseller services:

Reducing costs
Professional search engine optimization is expensive, and these costs are expected to increase as SEO services continue improving in demand. Even hiring SEO consultants isn’t cheap, and if you want outstanding results in SEO you must be willing to pay top dollar rates.
Not every business can afford professional SEO expertise, but there is a way for them to attain outstanding results without breaking the bank. That is why SEO reseller services are a good choice, because the business gets a dedicated reseller program that reduces overall costs, and meets the SEO demands of the agency as well.

SEO is growing in importance
As the world starts shifting towards the digital era, and as search engine algorithms start getting more technical, there is an urgent need for businesses to keep pace. There is always something new happening in search engine optimization and a startup business simply doesn’t have the time and resources to keep up.
The growing importance of SEO is clear for all, and businesses have had to increase their search engine optimization budgets to stay in touch with their competition. An SEO reseller program takes care of all your SEO needs, and ensures that you can focus on running your business, while they handle your SEO requirements. The best thing is that SEO reseller services are affordable and efficient in getting results.

SEO is not simple
Search engine optimization has never been simple, but as years keep passing by, and technology is updated constantly, it has made SEO even more complicated than before. Most businesses don’t have a clue about how to meet their search engine requirements, which is why they need professional expertise. That is where SEO reseller services are making a difference, because they have knowledge about the ever-changing SEO demands of businesses.

What your clients can expect

At SEO Resellers Canada, we provide cutting-edge SEO expertise to all our clients, so that they can maximize the digital potential of their clients. Here is what your clients can expect:

  • Social media marketing that engages customers
  • SEO & local services to put clients on the map
  • Premium web designs that convert
  • Pay-per-click services that provides instant traffic
  • Marketing bundles for integrated solutions
  • Logo & branding products that establishes identity
  • Link building through authoritative blog outreach
  • And much more

The benefits of using an SEO reseller

Now that you are familiar with the fundamental reasons you should be using SEO reseller services, check out some of the amazing benefits you gain as well. Here are some of the best ones:

1. You can focus on your core-competency
SEO is incredibly complex, and you don’t want to be wasting your time on trying to understand the complex algorithms that are constantly changing. Your main focus should be on running your business, and ensuring that your operations are running smoothly. SEO resellers take away the responsibility of managing your SEO related work, leaving you to focus on clients and your core-competency.

2. You get scalable results
There is a massive difference between ‘scalable result’s and ‘results’ when you talk about search engine optimization. You may get good results from a freelancer for 10 quality links for your client, but when your client wants 500 quality links that is when you need the services of professionals who can deliver.
One thing you must understand is that SEO is highly process driven, and professional SEO resellers have streamlined processes, which allows them to leverage editorial relationships, create content, and find link building opportunities. Their streamlined processes allow them to deliver exceptional and scalable results, which meet the requirements of your clients.

3. You can work with niche experts
SEO resellers are niche experts, with years of experience behind them. They have worked with hundreds of different clients across different niches, and have that expertise. So, whether you require local search results or e-Commerce results, you can attain great results.

4. You don’t have to invest in new relationships
As a business owner, you don’t have the time to invest in new relationships and work with content creators, webmasters, and editors for your target niche. There are so many different things you must look after and ensure that your business processes aren’t compromised and clients are happy.
To get to the next level your business must invest in new relationships, for which you need to take out time from your business schedule. Hiring an SEO reseller service solves that problem for you, and you can focus on your business, while attaining better rankings.

5. You get “on-demand” services
The great thing about an SEO reseller program is that you get ‘on-demand’ service that is designed to meet the requirements of your business. You don’t have to sign up for a contract or subscription, because you only pay for what you need. This ensures higher profits because of reduced overhead costs.

For over 18 years we have been the solution to fit any size agency or business. Our team of creative SEO experts and marketers develop some of the best results driven campaigns in the industry.
The top 4 Statistics on SEO Reseller Benefits

On SEO Reseller BenefitsThere are lots of statistics about SEO reseller benefits, but to save time and get the message across,
we have chosen to highlight the top 4 SEO reseller benefits statistics that will
change the game for your business. These are:

You don’t have to buy SEO tools

You don’t have to buy SEO tools

A MOZ survey revealed that out of 412 marketers and agencies, around 70% of respondents spend more than $1,000 on SEO tools each year!.

SEO is getting more complicated

SEO is getting more complicated

62% of SEOs in a survey said that ranking in local search is getting “harder”.

SEO is in demand

SEO is in demand

A survey of business leaders across multiple industries showed that 42% wanted to increase their SEO budgets in 2016.

SEO is getting more commercial and expensive

SEO is getting more commercial and expensive

A study by Credo, shows the average SEO consultant charges $173 per hour. If you want to use a consultant on an on/off basis for link building, you’ll have to cough up even higher at $194/hour.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs on reselling SEO

We know that not everyone knows about SEO reseller services, and some even misunderstand it entirely. That is why we have decided to address six (6)
of the most commonly asked questions related to SEO reseller programs. If you don’t find your question here, feel free
to get in touch with us.

How much does it cost to get started?

At SEO Resellers Canada, we waive the startup fees for all qualified agency partners, who are outsourcing SEO. In return, we provide free dedicated reporting and account management solutions.

What services do you cover?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that provides comprehensive online marketing services, starting from pre-sales research to retention modules. Our experts will cover services like web design and development, PPC management, social media management/marketing, organic SEO, local search optimization, link building, and more.

What if I have my own packages?

We have a team of experienced professionals, who can match your packages, and help migrate your packages and campaigns through our SEO reseller program. We will assign a dedicated account manage to help facilitate the transfer, and ensure your campaign is running quickly.

Do you offer other services?

We also provide custom campaign fulfillment services to meet the web outsource needs of different clients. This includes team rental, staff leasing, content writing services, and other web development, design, and digital marketing services.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Google strictly warns against giving ranking guarantees. SEO Resellers Canada has a stellar record in delivering outstanding results to clients, and we guarantee to offer exceptional service levels, while keeping you updated on the progress of your campaigns regularly.

Can I get a discount?

We have some promotionalpackages for agencies that bring morethan 100 campaigns to our organization. Our main focus is on results with established competitive rates. View our packages to see our services or sign up now to start migrating your packages.

What Exactly Does it Mean to Resell SEO?

If you want to provide optimization services to your clients but don’t have the manpower and/or the expertise to do so, then what you need is to partner up with an SEO outsourcing company such as ours, and ‘resell’ the services to your customers. This allows you to provide comprehensive optimization solutions to your clients without having to do the actual work yourself. You essentially white label the services as yours but let us do all the work. These programs are especially popular with smaller companies that specialize in high quality web design and programming, as well as online and social media marketing firms. 59% of marketing agencies outsourced their online marketing services to a white label SEO reseller. These agencies have solid customer bases but lack the skills needed to boost their clients’ Google rankings. Byallowing us to be your white label partner,we are able to provide professional search engine optimization services so that your clients don’t have to look elsewhere for help.

How Can I Make Money Reselling SEO Services?

There are two ways to make money reselling SEO services. You can gain a profitthrough revenue sharing, or bymarking up the cost of our services and pocketing the difference. No matter which arrangement you choose, the profit possibilities are endless. This remains to be a very lucrative industry because more businesses have realized the importance of top Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings in driving sales to businesses. Large businesses pay an average of $10,000 per month on optimization services. But it’s not just the big companies that are joining the SEO bandwagon. A survey revealed that a growing number of small businesses now allocate 36% percent of their marketing budgets to search engine optimization, spending anywhere from $500 to $1,500 every month. That’s more than double the amount these small businesses spend on other internet marketing services, including email marketing, social media marketing, and Pay Per Click. Whether you cater to small companies or international conglomerates, there is a huge profit potential in working with our unique SEO platform. Outsourcing to us means making money without having to do all the hard work yourself. Best of all, there is minimal risk on your part-everything is handled by our dedicated tech team. You leverage your existing client base without increasing your workload.

Why is SEO Resellers Canada the right fit for me?

Partnering up with SEO Resellers Canada is absolutely critical to you and your clients. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind:

  • We are a full service firm that offers flexible solutions, plans, and packages for different digital marketing needs and budgets. One-size-fits-all solutions rarely work in this digital world. You want to be able to customize so you can truly give your clients a package that best fits their goals and requirements. We are able to recommenda variety of flexible and appropriate plans and solutions to you.
  • We also provide measurable performance indicators viamonthly reporting and analytics so we are accountable for the results and prove that the campaign is working, an incredibly valuable tool.
  • We are a White Label SEO company that is ahead of Google updates and SEO trends. You’ll want a forward-looking partner that can protect your clients’ websites from being annihilated by sudden changes in algorithms and rules, and that’s what we do.
  • We have over 18 years of experience. How long have they been in the SEO business? Firms that have been around for 10 years or more are usually better-they have seen and survived multiple Google updates, after all.
  • We take care of everything, from on-page optimization to off-page SEO strategies. We also provide a backlink proprietary advantages, backlink audits, and local marketing. If they offer relevant linking, ask if their backlinks are manually built. Do they supply usernames and passwords for every backlink created? “Because we do”
  • When you join ranks with us, ourstaff of trained SEO consultants are ready to help at any time. Do they assign managers for each partner? You want a company that offers support whenever you and your clients need anything.
  • We won’t stop once top positioning is achieved. Asa truly professional white label SEO firm, we implement organic positioning defense tactics that allow your clients to retain their top positions and continue to reap the benefits of top Google positioning. This is, after all, an ongoing process.
  • What’s great about our company is the fact that we work with all business sizes and marketing agencies/web designers.
  • If you have decided to work with our team of experts, we’re proud that we always maintain a transparent working relationship and good communication our clients. This ensures a smoother workflow and helps produce top-quality results on a consistent, ongoing basis.

When Should I Sign Up with SEO resellers Canada ?

If you are in the web design, coding, or online marketing industry, here’s the reality: Your clients will need SEO at some point. If you’re not offering optimization services, they will go somewhere else to get them. You need to offer SEO to increase loyalty to your brand-and you need to do so fast. It’s never too early to get on board with our SEO reseller program. When you partner up with a reliable outsourcing partner such as us, you can confidently add SEO to your list of offerings. You also lessen the risk of losing clients who might go looking for other agencies that can offer comprehensive packages.

How Long Does Everything Take to Set Up?

Our programs don’t require a lot of work from you on your end. Setting up a white label platform is often as easy as providing several lines of essential information. The application process usually takes less than a day; in some cases, you can start selling our white label SEO in a matter of hours. Here’s the bottom line: SEO has never been more necessary-and this industry has never been more lucrative. Potential customers no longer use the phone book-they use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to find what they need. All businesses looking to sell to the modern customer needs to be visible on Google and other search engines, or they might as well not exist. If you want to offer results online marketing services without the hassle of actually doing the work yourself, consider us to be your SEO outsourcing partner and let’s get started today.

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