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Digital Marketing

In its simplest terms, digital marketing means promotingproducts, brands, or services via different modes of electronic media. But it is more than just advertising—it’s all about implementing a strategy to catch the attention of a relevant online audience and turning them into customers.

Everyone is Doing It

The latest marketing statistics reveal that more and more companies are growing their digital marketing campaigns to put their brands in front of the consumers.

  • Some 28% of marketers are spending more on digital marketing, reducing their traditional advertising budget, according to CMO Council
  • An impressive 33% of businesses are planning to adapt a ‘digital transformation program’ in 2016, according to Smart Insights
  • More than 71% of companies are planning to increase their budgets for digital marketing this year, according to Webbiquity
  • Content marketing generated 3x as many leads as traditional outbound marketing in 2015, but cost 62% less, according to HubSpot
  • The second largest share of digital marketing budgets is now spent on content management and creation, according to KaPost
  • The world is showing an insatiable appetite for online shopping, with online retail sales in the UK eclipsing £100bn in 2015 and UK companies spending £7.2 billion on digital marketing and building an online presence to respond to consumer demand
  • Of B2B marketers, about 73% use video for content marketing, and 7% of them have plans of launching a YouTube marketing campaign
  • About 60% of a marketer’s time goes to digital marketing activities, and this fuels demand for digital marketing skills according to Smart Insights
  • A whopping 78% of businesses claimed to have their own social media teams in 2015—an improvement from 67% in 2012, according to iScoop
  • One in four marketers now devote 50% of their marketing budgets to content because fresh content boosts search engine rankings, enabling them to be discovered by new potential customers who are actively searching what they offer
  • More than 60% of marketers are spending more on data-driven marketing, relying on analytics and metrics to hone their digital marketing campaigns

You might be wondering—why is digital marketing so popular and effective? Its biggest appeal is its efficiency. It moves at a faster pace than traditional marketing because it uses channels and methods that allow the analysis of results within a very short amount of time—sometimes even in real time. It can show what is working (and what isn’t) almost instantaneously. With digital marketing, it is also easier to monitor sales conversions,what pages are being viewed, for how long, and how often. Adjustments can be made right away to maximize results.

With the right digital marketing partner, you can enjoy a complete and consolidated picture of your customers’ expectations and preferences across all channels—web, mobile, social media, etc. A good digital marketing company can use this data to create and anticipate coordinated and consistent customer experiences that will help move them along in the buying cycle. It’s important to work with a digital marketing agency that can give you deeper insights into your customers’ behaviors and preferences, so you can make interactions lucrative.

The Growing Importance ofDigital Marketing

The channel that is most readily associated with digital marketing is the internet, but there are others, too—mobile instant messaging, wireless text messaging, mobile apps, and podcasts, to name a few. Digital channelsare so pervasive in daily life now thatconsumers have access to information on demand. In fact, the year 2015 has been labeled “The Year of Mobile,’ with Google announcing that the volume of mobile searches has officially surpassed desktop searches. The generation of consumers who grew up with mobile devices is now graduating into being active customers. The market penetration of mobile devices is expected to reach 90% by the end of 2016, making it the primary device for consumers researching and buying products. Without a solid digital marketing plan, your brand can’t reach out to consumers who rely on their phones and tablets for entertainment, shopping, news, and social interaction.

Digital marketing is also important for managing customer relationships and maintaining a good image online. These days, you have little control over what messages are said about your brand; consumers are exposed not just to your digital voice, but also to the opinion oftheir friends and their peers about your company. A solid digital marketing plan can help you establish trust and communication with the people that you want to sell to. It lets you reach out to them in a personal and relevant manner that is tailored to their preferences and needs.


Challenges in Digital Marketing

It might seem easy to buy ads online or start a Facebook page, but it takes a lot more than that to get digital marketing right. The following issues make the game even harder:

Intensifying competition – Because digital marketing is relatively cheap compared with traditional marketing, it is within reach of even smaller businesses. The space is crowded and it’s harder than ever to capture the limited attention of consumers.

Proliferation of more digital channels – Consumers these daystend to use multiple digital channels and devices that require different protocols, interfaces, and specifications—and they tend to use those devices in varying ways and for diverse purposes.

Exploding data volumes –As they use digital channels, consumers leave behind long trails of overwhelming data that can be extremely difficult to get a handle on. Trying to find the intelligence and insight you need from that huge pool of data can be a complicated endeavor.

The Key to Digital Marketing Success

So, how can you do digital marketing correctly? The answer is this: Find a reliable digital marketing company to work with. Not all digital marketing agencies are created equal. You want a partner that has years of success in designing and launching comprehensive campaigns that don’t just increase a brand’s exposure but actually turn visitors into customers.

Retention rate is a huge indicator of an agency’s effectiveness. Happy customers who see real, measurable results do not leave. SEO Resellers Canada for example has an impressive 97% retention rate—a testament to the quality of the work we do.

Investments in digital marketing are rapidly growing and online advertising platforms are increasingly becoming available, so digital marketing is more complex and multi-disciplinary than ever. You want an agency that can provide everything you will require to cement your presence online, including search engine optimization (local, national, and international), web design, mobile redesign, pay per click, social media marketing, app marketing, and more.

As one of the best digital marketing agencies today, we have the tools and skills necessary to manage complex customer interactions across a variety of digital channels. We know how to put your website on the top of search engine results. We know how to position your advertisements for maximum conversion. We know how to initiate and maintain lucrative social media engagements. More importantly, we can help you extract the information you need from big data so you can make better marketing decisions faster.

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