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Responsive Web Design
  • Get Fully Optimized Websites for Your Business
  • Seamless Integration with our web design solutions

Get Fully Optimized Websites for Your Business

One of the best advantages of acquiring outsourcing web design services is that you don’t have to worry about handling the technical aspects of your website. As the website reseller, we will handle everything related to the design and optimization of the website, while you get to focus on your website. This is where SEO Resellers Canada can help you, since we have experienced web developers, talented web designers, and qualified project managers, who will look after your website project.

We promise to offer fully optimized websites for your business, which is not only going to feature impressive layouts, but complete responsiveness, and mobile optimization. We have extensive experience in developing high-quality responsive, and user-friendly websites, and have helped numerous digital agencies around the world get the desired results with our services. The best part is that we will not only help build your website responsively, but ensure that it is within your budget.

Seamless Integration with our web design solutions

SEO Resellers Canada are search engine optimization specialists, and have a long history as a white label web design providers to marketing agencies, design studios, advertising firms, and digital agencies. We have a stunning array of web design solutions, and can create custom, responsive, and highly optimized websites that will attract clients, and lead to higher conversions. Our quality is of the highest levels, and we use cutting-edge tools to ensure that we develop sleek and modern websites.

We will work with you to understand your web design requirements, and then create web solutions and designs based on your feedback. We offer unlimited revisions to all our clients, so that you get the exact website that you want. Our core strength lies in offering you with sublime websites that not only load fast, but are a treat to browse, and offer exceptional user experience.

Our web design experts can develop any kind of website that you want. Here are some of the website design solutions you can acquire from us in our outsourcing web design services:

  • Static Website
    There are still businesses that want static websites today, which may seem surprising, but it mostly depends on the industry where the business operates. Most websites focus on having lots of animations and slides, but that can distract visitors, which is why static websites are preferred by some businesses. Our website developers can create sleek and clean static websites, which will be fully SEO optimized to ensure higher visibility and rankings on search engines.
  • Responsive Website
    The future of all websites is responsive, as more and more people prefer browsing on their smartphones, and tablets. That is why businesses must focus on fully optimizing their websites with an emphasis on increasing responsiveness, otherwise they risk losing out on customers. When it comes to responsive website development, we are the undisputed kings in the industry.
  • CMS Website
    CMS websites are highly complicated, and need lots of time and effort before they can be completed. However, as a white label website reseller, SEO Resellers Canada can handle all kinds of CMS website projects and ensure outstanding results. You can relax when you hire us for CMS web design, since we have extensive experience in developing CMS websites.
  • E-Commerce Website
    E-commerce websites and E-stores are all the rage these days, and entrepreneurs around the world are scrambling for developers to create their own website. SEO Resellers Canada has created hundreds of E-commerce websites, and can easily design a unique, responsive, and fully optimized E-commerce website at competitive rates.
For over 18 years we have been the solution to fit any size agency or business. Our team of creative SEO experts and marketers develop some of the best results driven campaigns in the industry.
The top 4 Stats on Outsourcing Web Design

There are lots of statistics about backlinking, but to save time and get the message across, we have chosen to
highlight the top 4 backlinking statistics that will change the game for your business. These are:

Converting Mobile Visitors

Converting Mobile Visitors

“Nearly 8 in 10 of consumers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device.” — Adobe

Reduced Bounce Rate

Reduced bounce rate

“Pages that loaded in 2.4 seconds experienced a 12.8% bounce rate, while those that loaded in 3.3 seconds had a bounce rate of 20%.” — Soasta

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is key

On average, 83% of global consumers report they multiscreen, using 2.23 devices at the same time. — Adobe

Web Development

Focus on user experience is vital

“Just one second of added page load speed can see sales drop by 27%.” — Soasta

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs on Outsourcing Web Design

We know that not everyone is familiar with outsourcing web design, and some even misunderstand it entirely. That is why we have decided to address six (6)
of the most commonly asked questions related to outsourcing web design. If you don’t find your question here, feel free to get in touch with us.

How does outsourcing web design work?

SEO Resellers Canada are white label website resellers, which means that all website development is done by our in-house experts. This not only reduces your costs, but allows you to enjoy greater freedom in running different operations, without worrying about website development. We will handle everything about the website, from design, to optimization, and increasing responsiveness.

What are the benefits of web design outsourcing?

Organizations today all want one thing, to increase their bottom line by reducing costs, and one of the best ways to do that is through outsourcing. Web design outsourcing ensures that businesses can focus on obtaining higher productivity from their resources, while a third party handles their website. Some of the key advantages that web design outsourcing offers include:

  • Cost effectiveness
    It is cost-effective, because businesses don’t need to worry about handling any of the costs that are associated with web development. We, will take care of everything related to the designing and development of your website, and that means your business doesn’t need to hire more employees.
  • Talented developers
    We have experienced and talented web developers, who have designed numerous websites over the years, and can guarantee outstanding quality in all aspects of web design. When you acquire our website reseller services, you gain access to our entire pool of talented IT professionals, and world-class web developers, who will design your website.
  • Round-the-clock operation
    Another great advantage of outsourcing web design is that you get round-the-clock operations that look after your website, while you focus on running your business. This means that you can enjoy smooth website development, and don’t need to worry about any problems related to your website.

Do you offer post-development maintenance?

Yes, at SEO Resellers Canada we don’t forget about you once we have developed your website. We also offer post-development maintenance and support to all clients, which includes tracking and fixing bugs. We also provide unlimited revisions, and will add further changes to the website based on your feedback and requirements.
We want our clients to know that we will be there for them in the future, and will make any changes that they request in our website reseller services.

How much does a website cost?

This depends on several different factors, which play a role in determining the overall cost of your website. These factors can include the products you want to sell on your website, the number of pages you require, the animation and graphic work involved, along with domain name registration, and web hosting as well. So, all of that adds up to label the overall cost of a website.

What is the difference between a dynamic and static website?

Static websites only have one HTML code written, and every page on the website is a different document, with no web server or database iteration. A dynamic website on the other hand requires a complex code to be written, and further changes can be made to the website. Each page on the website is constructed based on the information available in the database, which ensures that the website is developed based on relevant data.

Can I request changes to the web design?

Yes, you can request any and as many changes you want for your web design. We offer free-of-cost unlimited revisions to all our clients, since our focus is on ensuring that they get 100% satisfaction from our website reseller services and outsourcing website design services.

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