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  • No more yellow pages, just people turning to Google to search for places and services.
  • It offers comparatively effortless and cost-effective marketing.
  • It helps you build a better relationship with your potential clients.
  • It helps you reach out to clients outside your locality.
  • SEO is an untapped marketing strategy for many local businesses.
  • It helps build reputation.
  • It increases sales.

No more yellow pages, just people turning to Google to search for places and services.

to do when you are looking for services or places in your local area is fire up your browser and search engine. Gone are the days when we painstakingly search Yellow Pages for the services we are looking for. Who even has the time to browse page per Yellow page?

Search Engines offer easier information to searchers. That includes reviews, maps and even photos – information that people look for these days. Say a local foodie is looking for a place to dine, having your restaurant listed on Google maps can make you more visible. They’ll be able to see what your restaurant is offering. Social media marketing, which is also a part of search engine optimization, can also boost awareness for your local business. Appetizing photos uploaded to your social media accounts are already enough of a marketing strategy!

It offers comparatively effortless and cost-effective marketing.

Distributing fliers and putting up banners are tried and tested marketing methods for local businesses – 10 years ago, that is. Nobody even notices fliers and banners these days anymore. Plus, these archaic methods use up a lot of man power, time and money.

Comparatively, SEO is better for starting local businesses. It doesn’t cost anything to put your business on the Google map. Opening up social media accounts is also free. Organic SEO advertising won’t cost you a dime. You just need to be diligent in targeting keywords and updating Social Media.

It helps you build a better relationship with your potential clients.

Making your presence known on the internet helps build relationship with potential clients. This is your chance to share what you have to offer – services and products, elaborate on the quality of your service and include testimonials to back them up. Clients will definitely want to read more about these as it is easier for them to trust you and make a decision to use your services.

It helps you reach out to clients outside your locality.

If you are planning to expand your target market, competitive SEO is a great marketing strategy. Tourists turn to search engines for more information about the places they are visiting this holds vary true for picturesque cities like Kelowna, further more large cities like Vancouver and Toronto have even more to gain! If you have products and services that will benefit tourists such as a restaurant business or a car rental business, you shouldn’t hesitate in using SEO.

SEO is an untapped marketing strategy for many local businesses.

Did you know that a very small percentage of local businesses actually use SEO? Many local restaurants, dental clinics, shops, spa centers, repair shops and pet grooming centers are not yet listed on Google maps, let alone have a decent social media account for marketing.

And although SEO has been around for many years now, it is still virtually untapped when it comes to local business marketing. A lot of business owners are not internet-savvy and they tend to underestimate the benefits of online marketing because they think their customers are only found locally.

It helps build reputation.

Happy clients walking out of your door seems like a waste. According to studies, people who are satisfied with a company’s service tend to just keep their satisfaction to themselves as opposed to people who are dissatisfied with a service. So if you are confident about your local services and you want the whole world to know about it, SEO can help you build that infallible reputation.

It increases sales.

If we add up all the above-mentioned benefits, it leads to one important and obvious thing – an increase in sales. It’s time for your business to step up to the plate. Use Google maps and register your business online to make your presence known to your potential clients.

There are so many ways for you to build a good online reputation for your local business. Invest time on your social media accounts and make sure you introduce your services and products. It also does not hurt to upload photos as they build credibility.

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The top 4 techniques and Advantages of SEO Diversity
Different Types Of Seo Canada

On-page optimization is crucial

67% of mobile users will leave a website if they become frustrated with the site’s navigation, and 72% will exit out if the site loads too slowly.

Different Types Of Seo Company Canada

Using multiple types of SEO gives you an advantage

Marketers using both organic SEO techniques and pay-per-click ads see an average of 25% more clicks and 27% more profits compared to using a single technique.

Different Types Of Seo In Canada

Quality website content

Quality content is the key factor in any good SEO strategy. Improvements in content have been known to increase blog traffic by as much as 2,000%

Different Types Of Seo

Never rely on one type of SEO

Google changes its search engine algorithm roughly 500 – 600 time per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs on Types of SEO

We know that not everyone knows about local SEO, and some even misunderstand it entirely. That is why we have decided to address six (6)
of the most commonly asked questions related to local SEO. If you don’t find your question here, feel free to get in touch with us.

Is it worth investing in SEO for my business?

Businesses in all industries have recognisedthe worth of SEO, because without it they will not be able to rank properly online. If you are a start-up or medium sized business that wants to improve its online presence and website rankings on search engines, then SEO is worth everything.

What is the difference between crawling and indexing?

Search engines like Google will read and analysethe content you post on your website, which is known as crawling. They will crawl through the entire website, and then index content, which will show up in the search engines results. There will only be some part of the content that will be shown in Google’s index, and search engines can choose what type of content they should index when they are crawling through different pages on your website.

Will it affect my ranking if there are too many keywords on my website?

Keywords play an integral role in determining the overall rankings of any website, and by optimizing your website with certain phrases and words, you can enhance its rankings significantly. The old practices of keyword stuffing have become obsolete, since Google has updated its algorithms, and is now giving more importance to well-written content on the website with well placed keywords.

When can I start expecting results from SEO?

Google has incredibly high-standards, and will not let any website’s ranking improve if they don’t trust it. SEO techniques and marketing takes time, because Google wants to see consistent quality from a website before it will allow an improvement in rankings. There are millions of websites on the internet, and Google’s crawlers are going through them daily.
Therefore, if you choose to invest in SEO services for your business, then think of it is as a long-term investment. The results will generally show up in months, because Google will take its time to check and then value the content on your website.

Can you cheat the system with SEO?

Most businesses employ black-hat SEO techniques to cheat the system and gain an increase in rankings, along with an online presence. However, you won’t be able to get away with it for long, because using unethical SEO tactics will get your website penalizedon the internet. That is why it is important that you only employ ethical SEO strategies and try to beat your competition fair and square.

Is SEO a one-time investment, or is it ongoing?

If you’re getting SEO for your website, you must think of it as an ongoing investment because you won’t get the results you want by investing in it once. You will need an ongoing investment in SEO because:

  • You need to publish fresh content and optimizeit
  • Building links and citations takes time
  • It takes months to completely optimize a website

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