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Competitive SEO

SEO-tipsOnline-based businesses are not the only ones that benefit from SEO. Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO’s benefits also extend to local businesses, big or small. No matter what industry you are in, whether you are running a local automobile repair shop, a restaurant, a clothes cleaning business or a dentist clinic, you should think about employing SEO rules to rise above your competitions.

Here are the reasons why competitive SEO is good for your local business:

  1. No more yellow pages, just people turning to Google to search for places and services.

Unless you are living under a rock, the first thing you are going to do when you are looking for services or places in your local area is fire up your browser and search engine. Gone are the days when we painstakingly search Yellow Pages for the services we are looking for. Who even has the time to browse page per Yellow page?

Search Engines offer easier information to searchers. That includes reviews, maps and even photos – information that people look for these days. Say a local foodie is looking for a place to dine, having your restaurant listed on Google maps can make you more visible. They’ll be able to see what your restaurant is offering. Social media marketing, which is also a part of search engine optimization, can also boost awareness for your local business. Appetizing photos uploaded to your social media accounts are already enough of a marketing strategy!

  1. It offers comparatively effortless and cost-effective marketing.

Distributing fliers and putting up banners are tried and tested marketing methods for local businesses – 10 years ago, that is. Nobody even notices fliers and banners these days anymore. Plus, these archaic methods use up a lot of man power, time and money.

Comparatively, SEO is better for starting local businesses. It doesn’t cost anything to put your business on the Google map. Opening up social media accounts is also free. Organic SEO advertising won’t cost you a dime. You just need to be diligent in targeting keywords and updating Social Media.


  1. It helps you build a better relationship with your potential clients.

Making your presence known on the internet helps build relationship with potential clients. This is your chance to share what you have to offer – services and products, elaborate on the quality of your service and include testimonials to back them up. Clients will definitely want to read more about these as it is easier for them to trust you and make a decision to use your services.


  1. It helps you reach out to clients outside your locality.

If you are planning to expand your target market, competitive SEO is a great marketing strategy. Tourists turn to search engines for more information about the places they are visiting this holds vary true for picturesque cities like Kelowna, further more large cities like Vancouver and Toronto have even more to gain! If you have products and services that will benefit tourists such as a restaurant business or a car rental business, you shouldn’t hesitate in using SEO.

  1. SEO is an untapped marketing strategy for many local businesses.

Did you know that a very small percentage of local businesses actually use SEO? Many local restaurants, dental clinics, shops, spa centers, repair shops and pet grooming centers are not yet listed on Google maps, let alone have a decent social media account for marketing.

And although SEO has been around for many years now, it is still virtually untapped when it comes to local business marketing. A lot of business owners are not internet-savvy and they tend to underestimate the benefits of online marketing because they think their customers are only found locally.

  1. It helps build reputation.

Happy clients walking out of your door seems like a waste. According to studies, people who are satisfied with a company’s service tend to just keep their satisfaction to themselves as opposed to people who are dissatisfied with a service. So if you are confident about your local services and you want the whole world to know about it, SEO can help you build that infallible reputation.

  1. It increases sales.

If we add up all the above-mentioned benefits, it leads to one important and obvious thing – an increase in sales. It’s time for your business to step up to the plate. Use Google maps and register your business online to make your presence known to your potential clients.

There are so many ways for you to build a good online reputation for your local business. Invest time on your social media accounts and make sure you introduce your services and products. It also does not hurt to upload photos as they build credibility.

Franchise SEO

SEO as a practice is becoming more and more popular as it is being used by an overwhelming number of people in order to boost their visibility and credibility among the potential customers to secure more business. It is a well known fact now that SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is actually a process of using specialized targeted techniques in order to alter, adapt to and manipulate the search engine’s working algorithm to get desirable results. SEO is like a boon to the service providers and advertising parties as it not only boosts sales and establishes trust, it also gives the possibility of increasing the incoming business by generating more leads.

What it really is

SEO services are being employed by almost everyone in order to survive in the cut throat business. And as we see, it is mostly being outsourced through some agencies. Franchise SEO actually refers to the franchise employing SEO services in order to boost their overall visibility and rankings. The procedures and strategies that are used for both can be different depending on what is being promoted- the brand, the franchise location or the development of franchise.

The need

It is an evident fact that each and every franchise wants their own franchisee to be the upcoming candidate or leader in the so called local market. Properly employed search engine optimization techniques for franchises can get the particular location rankings on the top in the search results of the search engine which would attract more paying customers and thus increase the business and build a good name.

Types of Franchise SEO

As it has been mentioned earlier, there are three types of Franchise SEO that are being frequently used. These are the Franchisee SEO, Franchisor SEO and the Franchise Development SEO. Even though they are quite different from each other, they do involve some common steps that include on page optimization, off page optimization as well as reporting on a regular basis. The three for the following are explained below:

Franchisor SEO

Franchisors are like the owners of the brand and thus they would aim to build and protect their brand name. They employ SEO services in order to get higher ranking for their web site and get recognized in the digital world.

  • On-page optimization: The pages of the main website will be analysed by the SEO service providers and changes will be suggested or introduced in order to make the website more visible to the search engine algorithms when specific keywords are searched for. Apart from this, additional deals may also involve working on content strategies to provide quality material in easy yet savvy language.
  • Off-page optimization:It is an unarguable fact that the industry is a cut throat competitive space and thus just on page optimization would not be enough. In order to survive ad win over, a consistent off page link building campaign would also be required to attract more attention of the search engine.
  • Regular Report analysis: It is needed in order to keep a check on the performance of the franchise locations and also evaluate the changes that have been brought after the complete phase of optimization.

Franchisee SEO

Franchisees as we all know represent the whole brand are like the public face of the franchise. Thus, it is very important for them to maintain the name by keeping up the sales performance and attracting more customers to increase business activity.

  • On Page Optimization: It is very important to devise a specific targeted strategy in order to increase popularity in the local area. This For such a strategy, the SEO service providers will go through various data like schema mark-ups, local contents, Google maps and NAP info.
  • Off page optimization: This would again include link building not only for the brand, but the very specific location to help get the attention with help of citations, resources, etc.

Franchise Development

This is the part where both franchisor and the franchisee work together to promote their brand through someone who is looking to start their own fresh business with proper connection to an established name. In such a case, the service providers of SEOs can target such an audience looking for business opportunities and provide the party with possible options to expand the business.

Thus, the SEO service providers use the Local SEO techniques to club brand and location together along with many tools and different data to achieve proper optimization. The techniques and procedures are indeed far better than the traditional SEO practices which yielded slow results.

YouTube Video SEO

One of the most untapped SEO strategies that actually bring impressive search engine visibility results (think about landing on the top page of search engine results) is Video SEO. Yes, it’s something many website and business owners tend to shy away from because 1.) making a video tends to be more tedious than coming up a with written, optimized content and 2.) it’s not easy to be eloquent and articulate on camera.

But if your business can use video marketing but you still doubt its efficacy and importance in boosting traffic, perhaps this article can help clear your mind.

How Video SEO Can Improve Your Business


  1. Videos generally rank higher in search engines

It is no secret that the top page of Google’s search engine results is the most coveted. You’ll be competing with thousands of other websites targeting the same keywords for that spot. And if you know a thing or two about keyword optimizing, that’s not always an easy feat especially if that market is saturated already. That said, a video might set you apart from the rest and will give you a marked advantage in search engines. With higher search engine ranking comes better brand awareness and visibility.

  1. People tend to watch videos more than read articles.

Let’s face it. Over the years, we have gradually become pampered citizens who want everything laid out on a silver platter. Anything that involves lengthy reading can be very tedious and boring for us. That said, an average citizen is more likely to watch a video than read an article.


  1. Videos tend to engage people more than articles.

It’s easy to lose readers with an article because not everyone is equipped with speed-reading skills. But presented with a video and the potential client could be distracted long enough to finish watching the entire presentation. It holds their interest more and gives you more time to explain yourself or introduce your brand.


  1. They provide solid and timeless backlinkss.

Google’s algorithm occasionally changes to cater to how the internet is being manipulated by SEO practitioners. In the past, black hat backlinksing has become so widespread that Google was forced to change their algorithm to eliminate duplicate website content and useless content spreading. They filtered out the garbage so search engine users can get the best search experience.

You have nothing to fear from algorithm changes with a good video. It serves as a solid backlinks that your website can use even when there are new rules imposed by search engine giants like Google.

How to Make Enticing and Effective Videos

Now, making Video SEO is not a walk in the park. It takes time and careful consideration. But to make it easier, here are some tips you might want to use:


  1. Be straight to the point

An introduction is nice but you might lose the interest of your viewer if you don’t get to the part they want to hear right away. If you have something to say or explain first, make sure you tell your viewers how important the introduction part is to understand the body better.


  1. Unless it’s a lengthy tutorial, a 4-minute video will suffice.


Time lapse presentation is your best friend. If you are making a tutorial, for instance, cut the boring parts short with time lapse editing. Cut to the chase and only present the most important details.


  1. Choose snippets that are attention-drawing.

Previews appear on search engines so it’s a good idea to choose an enticing one. Choose a shot where it shows the relevance to your title.


  1. Make sure you choose a good title for your video.

Yes, it also has to be keyword-driven. Numbers are also enticing. Titles like “9 ways to Make Sure Money Online” will definitely earn you more clicks. People like specific lists and details so a vague title will only lose their interest.


  1. Make use of descriptions when uploading online.

Uploading to Youtube? Make sure you take advantage of the description box. This is your chance to explain what the video is all about. You can also add keywords in here to support your SEO.


  1. Give the video visibility in your website.

Embed a thumbnail of the video on your website’s side bar so readers will know you have it. It’s usual for videos to go stagnant over time so constantly exposing it on your side bar or promoting it on your other social media pages will give it more exposure.

High quality, well-thought out Videos are gold in SEO marketing. So make sure you employ this strategy and make full use of it.

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