30 Reasons Why Websites Need SEO


All The Reasons You Need To Employ Search Engine Optimization In Your Business

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about SEO. It’s the buzzword being passed around amongst business owners, online and even offline. You have probably wondered why there’s so much hoopla surrounding it.

Here’s why you need to stick around to read this article. We’re going in-depth to the core benefits of SEO and how effective and essential it really is when it comes to marketing.

This article will touch virtually all concerns and grey lines about optimization so we can come to a consensus, once and for all, why we need this in our business lives.

  • SEO Is A Worthwhile Investment

And just like every investment out there, there’s a huge potential for returns. SEO uses keyword optimization that targets commonly used words or phrases in search engines. Using this could directly affect your web analytics data.

Peppering your website with optimized keywords could help your site land on the first page of Google’s search results, the page where the traffic is rich and where clicks usually convert to money. Think of it like selling houses. You can’t sell houses if your target market doesn’t even know you have such a business around.

  • SEO Is Your Best Employee

What, to you, is the best employee? Someone who has a perfect attendance? Performs really well without botching up simple tasks? Converts marketing to sales? Methodical and hard-working? If you employ SEO within your website, count yourself lucky. You already have the best employee.

SEO and all its tools work all the time, driving traffic and converting it into sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when you are in Kelowna, making the most out of the pristine waters and sunshiny weather, your website is still marketing on its own, targeting your clientele.

  • SEO Adds Serious Efficacy And Value To Your Marketing Strategy

Do you already have a marketing strategy? That’s great! But what if there’s still room for improvement? What if you can significantly increase your conversions and expand your target market? Are you willing to shake up your marketing strategy a bit and provide room for Search Engine Optimization?

You should! SEO is the best partner to your currently existing, well-structured marketing strategy because it handles the turf that is usually not included in the usual marketing plan – the Internet! SEO broadens your clientele and reaches untapped markets.

Also, it paves the way for collaborations with other brands and marketers. Many are surprised to find out that there’s such a ripe potential for collaborating online with businesses that complement each other. The competition is set aside to help each other arrive to their business goals. Such a positive environment is what makes SEO special when it comes to marketing.

SEO is only effective when the marketers utilize proper optimization tools. That said, hasty marketing and black hat SEO that are only often used for speedy accumulation of traffic and eventually, bad online reputation, are not condoned and do not work for a long time.

  • SEO Affects The Way Your Clientele Thinks

There’s no other tool more effective in boosting your return of investments without spending so much on marketing than SEO. By employing optimization, you can boost your income and convert traffic into sales at very minimal marketing costs through SEO Resellers Canada.

Never think that you are the only brand selling that produce or service out there. There’s bound to be a lot of competition for you. These days, we come across very discriminating consumers who will spend some time researching and determining the best place to purchase their goods or avail of the services they want.

By employing SEO strategies and adding rich keywords and content in your website, you can help these search engine users find your products and services. The commonly-searched keywords are already there. You just have to integrate them in your site so you can draw your clientele to you.

  • Expert SEO Services Do Not Have A One-Size-Fits-All Rate

This isn’t a market with a standardized plan and an equivalent pricing. There is virtually no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to search engine optimization. That is because SEO, in itself, has broad functions. Think of it as a flow chart with lots of variables. Not all those variables will apply to your business, which is why it is important to have an SEO expert like Trevor Guillemin assess your current business standing first before any sort of action is implemented.

Only when the SEO expert has determined what marketing strategies your business needs will you come to a consensus about the price. Even then, the quality of the job they offer varies. Not everyone can really offer the best effective SEO marketing services so it is important to be discerning.

Ultimately, the success of your SEO marketing strategy depends on your choices. Before deciding which between the more expensive SEO expert and the cheaper self-confessed SEO-savvy friend, mull over the pros and cons and the services they are offering first. Do not cut costs because SEO should be about quality. There should always be a team behind it so your business can really benefit from the supposed advantages of employing optimization in your site.

If you are still testing the waters, go ahead and look for experts that offer pre-analysis. Some still ask for an initial price but this should be reasonable if you are to have a peek at what is ahead.

  • SEO Should Never Be Dirt-Cheap!

While many will agree that SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there, it is hardly the bargain everyone seems to think of. It is more like an investment. The more money you allot on it, the higher your chances are of doubling or tripling your return of investment. Because just like everything else, you get what you pay for in SEO.

It is always the case that a cheaper SEO expert and an expensive SEO expert have differences with their expertise and services that go a mile! If you are being charged at a very low and purportedly “reasonable” cost, ask yourself why it is so cheap. The truth is, SEO, although highly effective, requires hours and hours of hard work and online presence so you can put your brand out there! It requires a team of experts so you can stay ahead of your competition.

It is not wise to hesitate in allotting a higher budget for SEO marketing because if you look at the end results, it will eventually become a win for business owners. If you spend a hundred dollars on an SEO campaign, for instance, and it will yield to a return of investment double or triple that money, you cannot exactly count that expense as a “cost”, can you? SEO is like a bank where you put your money and expect it to give birth to more money the longer it sits in there.

Bottom line is, think long and hard about which SEO expert to trust and how much you are going to invest. If it is dirt-cheap, leave right away.

  • SEO Isn’t The Finishing Touch, It Is The Highlight Of The Show

Do you want to know the most common mistake people make when making a website? They make a website first before implementing SEO!

SEO isn’t a jar of glitter you put on top of everything else to add a special “sparkle”. It needs to be integrated in your website, at the heart of your functions, so you can see its full effect. It is a key ingredient that should be present already from the time you are building your site to the finishing touches.

Before you actually build a website, plan ahead. Plan how you are going to incorporate search engine optimization because it is definitely going to gravely affect the way your website looks. You might eventually have to lose those fancy slideshows in favor of faster image loading time. Consider outsourcing to SEO Resellers Canada.

This is also the best time to fix your website’s URLs so it contains more targeted keywords and rich content. The images that go in your site all need to be optimized because you don’t want to be left out on Google Images. Your web design also needs to look great on any screen size.

These days, building a website is like raising a kid. Before they grow into functional adults, they need to have years and years of education and proper guidance. In the same way, SEO needs to be ingrained in the website from the time of its inception. Otherwise, the SEO expert will have a hard time retracing your steps and fixing what needs to be fixed. Furthermore, restructuring jobs tend to be more costly.

  • There’s More To SEO Than CMS

So you are using a fancy CMS for publishing content. Should you sit back and relax now? Definitely, no! Google and its algorithm don’t care what sort of CMS your website uses. It doesn’t discriminate. What it does is delve deeper into your content to see what you have to offer their search engine users.

Google changes their algorithm all the time to ensure that only quality websites appear on their search lists. If your website’s foundation alone is CMS, you will definitely be shaken up once Google changes their algorithm. If you have strong website foundations, you will stay afloat no matter what earthquake Google throws your way.

To be a rock in the online world, your website needs to have valuable content. Google just loves websites with a wealth of content – never mind if some of these websites have starkly simple layouts and designs. As long as they deliver something valuable, they can rank high in search lists.

Mix that up with a healthy dose of SEO-driven keywords and proper SEO marketing and you will be unfazed. It is easy for CMS experts to gloss over SEO and focus only on the technical part of building your website but now that you know it actually holds very little relevance to how you are going to convert your online presence into actual sales, you know which part you should place more money on.

  • SEO Gives Your Site More Impact

Not everything is taken at face value. These days, especially, when people are less likely to spend their money carelessly, they are nit-picking every little detail their eyes can lay on.

That said, it is not enough that you have great-looking, well-designed website. If it is heavily laden with grammatical errors or the entire page is not proof-read, your readers and potential clients will click that “x” button right away and leave.

In addition to that, SEO ensures that you are really showcasing your best value. What’s the use of having a well-designed website with great content if your readers still have to search every nook and cranny of the internet to find you?

Think of SEO as the business card you hand out to clients. If it is poorly-made, you can bet that they aren’t even going to keep your business card, let alone do business with you. If you want to build a good reputation and more credibility for your business, hire professional SEO specialists like Jamie Barton of NASN Licensing Inc. to work on your site. With increased credibility and value, you have higher chances of gaining loyal customers.

  • SEO Lets You Take Advantage of Free Advertising

While we mentioned SEO being an important and indispensable investment, the end results eventually pay for the initial investment you made through free advertising. How?

SEO employs the use of title tags, image descriptions, meta descriptions and keyword building. By using these strategies in your business, you appeal to search engines, which will make them want to put your business up on the front page of their search lists. That’s already free marketing for you.

If you are not using these methodologies yet, you are definitely missing out on all the fun. But worry not because these optimization methods are easy to fix if you have the right SEO professional at your beck and call.

  • SEO Taps Into Social Media Power

I’m sure you know by now how powerful social media platforms are. One video can become viral in a few days. A relevant and well-written article can be shared innumerable times on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. SEO utilizes that social media potential, thanks to its usage of title tags and/or meta descriptions.

Having social media accounts specific for business marketing is a huge step in boosting your online presence and converting traffic into sales. But it is easier said than done especially when you have a multitude of business-related things already on your plate. That said, an SEO expert can put this in their to-do list and work on a process to include in your marketing strategy.

  • SEO Gives Your Website More Online Visibility

Your website is the place where potential clients will flock together. This is your space to tell your clients what you are as a business, what products and services you offer. This is your chance to highlight your track record.

But if your website is buried under thousands and thousands of other websites out there, you are basically just a speck in the universe, unknown and irrelevant. SEO is your tool in changing the dynamics of your business.

With SEO, you not only ensure that there’s steady traffic going in your site but also ensuring that your clients are generally impressed with what you are offering. This allows you to reach out to them on a more personal level so you not only gain more clients but also more loyalty and business appreciation.

  • SEO Takes Root In The Core Of Your Business

It’s not just the icing on your well-made cake. It is the bread and butter. The egg and custard. The vanilla and cream. It is your whipping process, your kneading of the dough. Without these important steps and ingredients, you won’t make a good cake.

In the same way, SEO should be found at the core of every business. If your business relies on organic searches to keep it afloat, you will definitely sink without SEO implemented in your business strategies.

It does not only involve minor tweaking of SEO-friendly CMS. Every step you take in building your website has a corresponding SEO step to take it up a notch. This is why there should be an expert who will monitor that progress step by step to ensure that every part of your business is SEO-fortified.

Hiring a cheap part-time SEO analyst might not cut it if you are running a business intent on dominating the internet search engines. A lot of web developers include SEO as a part of their package and many business owners make the mistake of hiring them to cut down on costs. But most web developers pay more attention to the CMS part of the website building and not so much on the SEO part.

SEO deserves undivided attention by experts whose expertise really focuses on this niche. They will work from the bottom to the top and find ways to not only augment your marketing strategy but to ingrain it in every aspect.

  • SEO Helps Create Credible Reputation

It’s really not rocket science. If you watch television and you see a commercial on a regular basis, being endorsed by credible people, you would want to buy that product simply because it has more presence. In search engines, Google ranks the websites with the best online presence at their first page, where it will be easily seen by searchers. And when a website makes it at the first page of Google, it means they are more credible, with more valuable content to boast of.

That’s your goal right there. You need to drive SEO into your website so that it makes it into the top searches of Search Engines. This is how you build credibility and earn the interest and trust of readers who are just learning about your business.

The rest is up to your content. Once you get the “clicks”, you need to keep them interested by offering them valuable content.

  • SEO Increases Your Presence Everywhere

It doesn’t take a genius to know that bagging the first spot means you’re the best among the rest. You can be an athlete, a singer or an academic but the story remains the same. The gold medal is allotted only to the best.

And while the second and third place means you’re still up there in rankings, it’s just not as stellar as the top spot. If you notice in pageants, the runner up only gets a smidgen of air time and attention as the camera focuses on the winner.

That’s the same way with the competition on Search Engine rankings. The top spot gets most of the clicks. That gives a business higher percentage and chances for conversions. If your website is way at the bottom of the pile, you are just getting the random clicks, the scraps, if you will.

That doesn’t sit well, does it? It’s really not especially when you have a good business that has such a potential for growth to begin with. You have the products, you have the services and you have a website that will definitely impress and hold the attention of your clients. All that’s missing in your formula is SEO!

  • SEO Promotes Brand Awareness

It’s not easy to introduce your brand to consumers and be instantly recognized. Sometimes, it takes more than a couple of trade fair appearances for you to become a household name. Plus, branding can bust the bank. Imagine the cost of joining fairs or advertising on print and television. There’s even no assurance that you are really reaching out to your targeted clients.

Having a site and keeping it visible online helps clients learn more about what you are offering and what you are as a business. If you have an online presence, it’s easier for your clients to find you and recognize you. And in order to do that, you need SEO to put you on the map, have you listed at the top most ranks of search engines.

By being very visible online, you’ll be able to make a lasting impression on your potential clients.

  • SEO Isn’t Just A Fad

Yes, it offers something many marketing strategies can’t: longevity. It is a series of methods you incorporate in your website that will generate results and return of income in the many years to follow. This is why the money you initially invested on an SEO expert will eventually pay for itself because the mechanics doesn’t change and you’ll have years to reap its rewards.

Even when search engine algorithms change, white hat SEO can still maintain your business’ status in rankings for years without long-term expenditures on marketing. Think of this as a loyal employee at your beck and call that is working for you practically for free.

It beats other methods of advertising online such as PPC (Pay Per Click) that requires constant funding for it to work. With SEO, you make a one-time payment to an expert and once the framework has been established, your website will run like clockwork.

  • SEO Even Targets Offline Clients

You think only online businesses can benefit from SEO? You are sorely mistaken! Studies state that people who are looking for places to buy goods and services in their local areas do their research online first. Before they actually enter a restaurant, they look at search engines first for reviews or menus to find out if the place is worth their time and money.

This is why local businesses should also start considering incorporating SEO strategies. Setting up a website for information purposes and to reach customers with potential queries about your site has now become imperative. So even if your store is closed, you have a virtual employee (your website!) that greets your potential customers for you.

  • SEO Drives Only Serious Customers To Your Business

What makes SEO such an effective tool for conversion is that it really delivers the most relevant traffic to your business. This is traffic that has already been sifted out so only the serious ones, the ones that have shown interest in the niche your business is in, will go to your site. This means that by the time they reach your site, they are already interested in buying. It’s easier now to convert that traffic into sales. ShopInCanada utilises this SEO strategy to bring value to your Directory listings.

This is why it is important to have an effective SEO expert at your side. You don’t want to waste that potential for conversion. Additionally, you don’t want to waste the traffic going to you site by delivering them poor web results and poor content.

You have already gotten their interest, you need an SEO-driven site to back that up and hold their attention enough for you to sell whatever you are selling. Without this effective tool, you could be losing your clients to other businesses employing this strategy.

  • SEO Offers Transparency In All Aspects

All the information you need to measure how much money you have spent, how much traffic is coming in and how well or how bad your SEO strategies are working are all accessible. There are tools at your disposal to check on your stats. This way, you know if a different approach is needed or if you need to stick to your current marketing plans.

  • An SEO Consultant Is A Rock Star

Why do I need to hire a professional SEO Consultant when I can learn the trade by myself or hire a friend to do it? For starters, the skills of an SEO Consultant are nowhere near someone who is new to the business. Learning SEO and its complexities require expertise. Who has the time to learn every detail in SEO? Not you, for sure, if you are running a demanding business.

Your SEO consultant will do most of the dirty work for you. The expert will do a comprehensive search on the most relevant and the most profitable keywords for you to use on your business. They will analyze the return of investment rate by using these keywords and will, in turn, help build steady traffic.

The duties and responsibilities of an SEO consultant go beyond giving you traffic and fixing your site to make it more SEO-friendly. They genuinely care about your business’ health and will go out of their way to monitor your progress and make sure you are leading the race. Marketing is tough work and you need people who know what they are doing so you won’t end up wasting time and money.

  • SEO Is Worth Every Penny You Spent

Ask a marketing expert like Trevor Guillemin and they will tell you one thing: SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies of modern times. You invest some money on it but you win big time by doubling or tripling your investment in a short period of time.

Unlike other methods of advertising, you do not pay per transaction. You do not pay per click or per person entering your site. You pay for the services and when the services are done, you can reap the reward in bulk. So whether you have a small, thriving business, or a big, competitive one, the cost is the same if you are getting the same SEO services.

What really makes SEO so cost-effective is its reach. Unlike other methods of marketing that can only reach a handful of people at a time, SEO can target millions of potential customers in a day’s work. By increasing your reach, obviously online, you are also increasing your chances of converting traffic into sales.

  • You Can Outsource SEO Services

Here’s another appealing thing about SEO: you can outsource experts like SEOResellersCanada. If an expert is not available in your country, outsource! SEO experts are there, honing their skills, checking out the changes in algorithm and learning more about the niche to give them an edge when it comes to SEO services.

If you outsource SEO services to SEO Resellers Canada, you have a whole team ready to work on your site pronto. You don’t need to present lots of paper work to employ them, no need to set up an office for them.

Hire a competent, top-notch SEO company and you can significantly lessen your business loads. It will give you endless peace of mind as opposed to hiring cheap SEO marketing services.

  • SEO Can Be Tailor-Fitted To Suit Your Needs

Not all businesses have one standard marketing strategy. Of course it is going to differ from one business to another. That’s the beauty of SEO marketing. It can be tailor-fitted to suit a particular business’ needs.

If you are skeptical about this approach because you tried it before and it really didn’t do much for you, it could be because the SEO expert you hired isn’t an expert at all. Many web developing services put this in their package and have their clients think their websites are already SEO-driven. But that is far from the case.

SEO is not just a plug-in you can use when you need a boost in traffic. It is a carefully laid-out plan by a team of experts. This is a plan extracted from the analysis of your business. A good SEO strategy is one created from scratch, after thorough investigations of the loopholes of your marketing plan.

If a team of SEO experts assess your business marketing needs, you’ll be able to find the right solutions that will eventually improve your ROI.

  • SEO Stumps The Doubting Thomases

It’s not easy to take the plunge even if it’s being raved about. Your business is on the line here so a little skepticism wouldn’t hurt. Because SEO is transparent about everything, you’ll be able to see every little data.

SEO experts can also come up with a plan for you, complete with how much budget you’ll need so you can decide if this is for you before you actually wade in the waters. The team of experts will hand out a simulation report with a budget you can stick to. The report also shows accurate predictions on the potential growth of your business after the SEO strategies have been fully implemented.

With such details and clear-cut plans, you can easily decide on whether or not you will make the investment.

  • SEO Is A Tireless Worker That Opens Opportunities Ceaselessly

SEO is a hard-worker. It works all the time, without a leave of absence. It might occasionally require recalibrating or tweaking to make sure everything is up-to-scratch and updated but all-in-all, it is a process that does its work with very easy supervision.

When your SEO has already been set up, it opens up a multitude of opportunities. You can earn more loyal customers, collaborate with other businesses and even tap into new marketing platforms all without a moment to waste.

Do not scrimp on SEO services if you want to bask in all these benefits. Before your SEO strategies will pay off, it has to be effective and relevant to begin with. You can’t expect to watch HD on CRT TVs. That’s the same way for SEO. You can’t expect to earn more form SEO if you only have cheap optimization services at your beck and call.

  • SEO Trumps The Benefits of Paid Advertising By A Mile

Paid advertising such as Adwords and PPC have been around for a long time and used by businesses for additional online exposure. But did you know that SEO actually yields better results than paid traffic? According to studies, about 75% of traffic that goes into a website comes from organic sources. That is all thanks to search engine optimization. It beats the small percentage that only comes from paid traffic.

What’s even more surprising is that paid traffic takes significantly more chunk out of your advertising budget than SEO. Just let your brain work here. Learning about these stats, which method of advertising would you rather employ? I know, right?

  • SEO Answers The Interest Of The User

Put yourself in the shoes of your user, if an advertisement pops when you are just browsing and mindlessly checking out your dashboards and feeds, wouldn’t you feel annoyed? That’s how paid advertising is for users – usually an inconvenient screen they want to close immediately.

SEO, on the other hand, taps into their interest. They are the ones doing the searching so all you need to do is hand out the information to them. They’re already interested so why not take advantage of that interest and feed them with what they want to see?

Because the power of information is in your hands, it is up to you to deliver factual and relevant information that will answer the commercial or navigational needs of the users. Once you drive that traffic to your site, the rest of the money-making benefits follow. Organic SEO is more cost-effective but the results are genuinely impressive.

  • SEO Gives You Leverage Over Weak Competitors

Take, for example, TV commercial ads. Their products or services are being shown on TV all the time, giving the product, if not the brand, more awareness in the minds of consumers. But usually, these brands have yet to tap into the world of SEO. If you are in the same product or service niche, this is the best time for you to set yourself up as a tight competitor.

In the case of small business, it’s already hard to compete with bigger, more TV-popular brands. SEO allows you to take over the search engines and give you more exposure and brand awareness, something you can’t compete outside SEO.

According to studies, about 70% of people use advertisements they see on TV as a keyword when searching for similar products online. This is true especially when the said products on TV are not available locally.

You are taking advantage of the product awareness these bigger brands have opened up in the minds of consumers, thereby giving yourself a chance to build a name of your own.

  • SEO Is Great For Business

You want a shot at competing well in your industry and driving more success to your business? Use SEO strategies.

Search engine algorithms might come and go but the mechanics of the game remain the same: SEO is still at the heart of the operation. You can either learn it or have an expert employ it in your business.

Focus your attention on the good side of marketing: how to boost your credibility and improve your sales. It doesn’t matter if one business has had success with one marketing method. As long as you have an SEO strategy tailor-fitted for your business’ needs, you’re bound to see a marked improvement on how your business is faring.

Find a good SEO team and invest. Don’t scrimp or you’ll end up disappointed with the process.

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