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Are you thinking about working with a search engine optimization company? There are certainly many benefits to hiring the right SEO consultant and experts—benefits that you won’t enjoy if you handled your optimization in-house. These advantages outweigh the cost savings of DIY SEO in the long run, especially if you’re inexperienced or pressed for time. Outsourcing your SEO to reliable consultants like SEO Resellers Canada can improve your rankings, drive more leads and customers to your business, and dramatically lower your marketing costs.

SEO Consultants Get Better Results

You never want to leave the success of your website up to chance. Even if you do plenty of research and work endlessly on your site, you might be unable to achieve the same success that an SEO professional can deliver. SEO experts with years of experience can more effectively evaluate your website, goals, and your competitors in order to design a comprehensive strategy and increase your search visibility. They are also more scientific in tracking your progress and adjusting the strategy to ensure the best results.

SEO Consultants Can Lower Your Costs

Your business may never gain the online exposure it needs to rake in more customers without SEO. Unless you have a website that it is properly optimized to target the best keywords, load quickly, and compete in your niche, you will find that it is impossibleto increase online sales without spending a fortune on paid ads and other marketing tactics.A good SEO company will reduce your marketing expenses by improving your organic search visibility. When you rank well in Google and other major search engines, you don’t need to spend as much on ads.

SEO Consultants Know What They Are Doing

Understanding the basics of SEO is simply not enough to enable you to create a truly competitive website. If you are not sure what you’re doing, you might damage your site’s ranking rather than improve it. For instance, while link building can give your site authority, the wrong links can result in penalties—and even removal from index. SEO Consultants are always updated on the latest best practices, so you can be sure that your SEO campaign is executed efficiently and correctly.

Choosing an SEO Consultant

Are you ready to hire an SEO consultant or firm? Your next step is to look for a legitimate and credible company, exercising due diligence every step of the way. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting an SEO company:

1. Longevity and experience is a good indicator of quality.

Be cautious of SEO firms that just recently entered the SEO business, with a staff run by amateurs. You will end up wasting your money on time being their guinea pig.

Instead, choose an SEO consulting company with many years of experience, like SEO Resellers Canada. We have been in the SEO business for over 15 years—and we’ve seen it all. We have successfully protected our clients’ websites from numerous algorithm changes and helped countless websites recover from penalties.

An experienced SEO consultant can steer your campaign to survive unexpected changes. You can keep calm and be confident in their ability to guide your website through potential issues quickly and smoothly. These seasoned SEO specialists have worked on hundreds of websites; they can anticipate and resolve problems before they get bigger.

Before you hire an SEO firm, find out how many clients they are currently doing work for. You should also look at their portfolio and check if those websites rank well for their target keywords. This will show you the quality of their work and give you an idea of what results you can expect for your website.

Don’t be shy to ask the SEO firm for references from their previous clients. The best consultants are proud of their work and will be happy to give you the contact details of past clients who can vouch for them.

Here’s a fact: The SEO business is crowded with novices who call themselves experts, as well as fly-by-night companies that don’t even last two months. Choose an established firm if you want the best results. If the company has been in business for more than a decade and has a long list of satisfied long term clients, itmust be doing something right.

2. A true SEO consulting firm always takes a holistic approach to SEO and provides sustainable results.

As online marketing evolves into an increasingly customer-centric and buyer-oriented discipline, strategies have to be adjusted. Search engines (most especially Google) are fine tuning their algorithm to cater to quality content and to focus on social signals.

In order to rank well in Google for the long haul, your website needs to be optimized holistically. Everything has to be in order—from the technical coding aspects to the user experience, the quality of content, and even security. Choose an SEO consultant that can design and deliver a holistic SEO approach.In SEO Resellers Canada,our experts see your campaign as a complete system rather than separate parts.

You want a consultant that will steer your campaign to focus on search users. Traditional SEO, which is focused on building pages around targeted keywords, is no longer enough. The design, usability, and content strategy of your website have to cater to consumer engagement and semantic searches. Holistic SEO also involves discovering opportunities. The best SEO companies like SEO Resellers Canada continue to research your niche and adjust your campaign to take advantage of trends and developments that may help your ranking performance.

3. A good SEO consultant uses the most up-to-date and ethical white-hat ethical techniques with scalable room to grow for your digital marketing future.

SEO Strategy and Planning

Choose an SEO company that conducts regular analysis. After all, the world is forever changing, and these changes impact online behavior. Continuous strategy and planning should be at the heart of your SEO campaign if you truly want to thrive in your niche. A good SEO consultant like SEO Resellers Canada will want to know what’s working and what isn’t so that adjustments can be made whenever necessary..

Online search patterns continue to evolve because of factors such as social fads. Though they tend to wilt fast,trends can drivesurges in certain search activities. Proper SEO positioning can enable you to take advantage of those bursts while you can.

Search engines also regularly update their algorithms, so the best SEO practices today might not be recommendable a few months from now. A good SEO firm can protect you from being hit hard by the Google updates and ensure that your rankings won’t take a nosedive. They are always one step ahead of other SEO firms when it comes to knowing Google’s latest standards in page quality and relevance. This way, they can make your website ready for any rocky roads ahead.

Keyword Research and Analysis

The best SEO consultants don’t just deliver traffic—they deliver high conversion search terms that lead to new clients. They are experts at identifying the best keywords to optimize in order to draw qualified leads and traffic to your site.


Competitor Research

If you’re unaware of how well (or how badly) you are performing relative to your competitors, then you can’t adjust your SEO strategy or improve your methods. This is why it’s important to work with an SEO consultant that can keep track of the overall performance and keyword position of your competition.By identifying your campaign’s weaknesses relative to your rivals, SEO Resellers Canada can immediately take the necessary steps to improve your rankings.

Link building, Audit, and Analysis

The best SEO consultants offer link removal auditsthat include the following services, in one form or another:

  • Profile analysis for potentially harmful links
  • Inventory of current backlinks
  • Manual link removal
  • Identification of new linking opportunities
  • Link disavow
  • ‘Rinse and repeat’

Google Penalty Assessments and Recovery

Did your organic traffic plunge? Did your website dramatically lose rankings for your most important keyphrases? Perhaps Google has given your website a manual or algorithmic penalty. We can help. SEO Resellers Canada offers SEO penalty removal services backed by detailed analysis combined with systematic procedures including:

  • Link analysis and unnatural link analysis
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Content quality analysis and comprehensive plagiarism check
  • Anchor text evaluation
  • Penguin and Panda penalty check

Local and National Strategies Targeted for Niche Conversion Demographics

There are different optimization strategies to use depending on what demographic you want to reach. The key is to work with an SEO consultant that can promote your business locally as well as design and execute a national SEO strategy.

Exclusive Metric Sharing

The best SEO consultants don’t stop at traffic growth and conversions. They can also provide analytics on user behavior and other such metrics that enable you to understand the people who come to your site from search engines. These consultants track important actions, including: click-through rates, bounce rates, average time spent by users on your page, loading speed, number of returning visitors, etc.Knowing how your audience uses your website can improve your optimization strategy and ultimately grow your business.

SEO Consulting for Marketing and Web Design Companies

If you own an online marketing or web design firm and want to start offering optimization services to your clients, be sure to partner with a reliable SEO company that supports knowledge transfer. Our SEO experts at SEO Resellers Canada can integrate into your team and share the latest optimization strategies, techniques, and knowledge. We can work together to put your clients at the top of the search game.


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