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Most people don’t know that YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world—and if your clients are not on it, then millions of potential customers are not seeing their brand. Why not resell our video production services as a part of your comprehensive online marketing packages? If you can partner up with a reliable online video production company such as SEOResellers Canada, you can offer your clients video marketing services that will bring them new customers—without doing any of the hard work yourself.

Just how powerful is video marketing?

There is no question that videos have become some of the most powerful digital marketing tools today not only because they are memorable and persuasive, but also because search engines love them. Online videos have gone beyond YouTube and now pervades social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The accessibility of high quality video on most mobile devices has spurred this growth as consumers watch clips wherever they might be. In fact, 50% of video traffic now routes to tablets or mobile phones.

Videos are also found to increase open and click-through rates, as well as reduceemail marketing unsubscribe rates. Expert marketers use them for brand awareness, online engagement, and lead generation. Still need convincing? Here are some stats that prove why video is the future of marketing—and why you should offer video production and optimization services to your clients:

  • 46% of consumers claim that they are more likely to pursue a product or service after watching an online video about it (Eloqua)
  • YouTube gets more than 1 billion unique visitors monthly
  • Average users spend 88% more time on websites with videos (Mist Media)
  • 70% of B2B marketers integrate online videos into their overall strategies (Eloqua)
  • 46% of consumers who watch video ads take some sort of action after watching the ad (Video Brewery)
  • Blog posts with videos attract more inbound links than blog posts without videos (MOZ)
  • Videos tend to help viewers retain information. Studies show that the information an average person retains when watching a one-minute online video is equivalent to 1.8 million written words (Brainshark)
  • Video marketing can boost click-through rates by over 90% (Mist Media)
  • Videos can cause a 157% increase in organic traffic (MarketingSherpa)
  • Landing pages with videos are 53% more likely to rank higher on Google (Mist Media)
  • Video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017 (Cisco)

Video is not the future of content marketing—it’s the here and now. This is why more than half of the most successful companies around that world already use this medium, and this figure is predicted to increase as more businesses realize the possibilities. According to Nielsen,64% of marketers are expecting video to dominate their online promotional strategies on the coming years. It’s about time you offered video marketing services to your clients, don’t you think?

What are the advantages to outsourcing your video production and SEO services?

If you don’t have the resources and the skills to offer video production and optimization to your clients, don’t worry—you can always outsource the project to our company and simply resell our services as your own. A good video production company will not only produce the video content but also ensure that it is properly optimized for search engines. We can take care of details such as:


  • Choosing the right keywords – From the actual filename of the video to the title, a good video production and SEO company can take care of keyword optimization. We use our expertise to determine what titles should be used in the XML Sitemap, as well as what heading should be used on the website directly before the embedded video code.
  • Facilitating comments and social sharing – Video optimizers know that organic comments and sharing are important. We can devise ways to encourage visitors to leave a comment and make it easier to for them to share the video with their social networks. Such features may need to be manually programmed.
  • Transcripts – A transcript may also be supplied along with the video to help search engines understand the content. Transcripts can help your client’s videos rank for other terms that the title or filename do not target.
  • Video XML Sitemaps – These are very important in giving search engines like Google a definitive list of the videos on your client’s website site, in a friendly format that is easy to index.
  • Schema markup and rich snippets – A good video production and SEO company such as ours, can tag and marking up the code with snippets to provide additional context and information about the video to crawlers and search spiders.
  • Link building–Buildingnatural backlinks to your client’s videos is an essential part of a video SEO service. This is done by sharing the video on social media channels, integrating it into articles or blog posts, and promoting it through other online marketing channels.

Why do consumers trust videos?

Study after study suggests that videos built credibility and trust more effectively than written text. The Global Trust in Advertising study surveyed over 28,000 online respondents in 56 countries and found that 36% trust video advertisements they see on the internet. Display videos on mobile devices are also trusted by a third of these global respondents—slightly higher than the 29% that trust text ads they see on their mobile phones.

There’s something about actually seeing a person that seems to connect to consumers on a more human level—and this human connection is the basis on which most people build trust. Videos allow the reinforcement of messages with eye contact, intonation, and body language. By producing a video for your clients, you enable them to become more in sync with their potential customers.

Aside from eliciting trust, videos also tend to be more persuasive than other content formats. Why? Because the human brain looks for emotional input when making decisions, and videos are superior at conveying emotion. These moving images cater to the brain’s visual as well as auditory systems, so that viewers pick up facial expressions, movement, imagery, music, and other such cues. This establishes an emotional bond that ultimately influences a consumer’s choices and actions.

What is video SEO and why is it extremely important?

Even the best videos won’t be seen by its intended audience if it is not properly optimized. The proper titles, tags, and descriptions are absolutely critical in ensuring that a video ranks well for related keywords. After all, Google and other major search engines have no way of finding out what a video is about unless you tell them. Optimized videos also have the power to knock off competitors for high-traffic search terms. Videos are considered to by Google to be excellent ranking signals and may help push a website up in the search results. This is why video SEO is a crucial part of achieving maximum results for any video marketing campaign.

Resell Video Production Services Immediately

When it comes to persuasiveness and potential reach, video marketing is peerless. Video is also quickly becoming the format of choice for satisfyingthe need for information and entertainment. If your clients fail to include video marketing in their online marketing mix, they will lose a lot of potential customers to their competitors. Don’t let this happen—offer them our full service video production and optimization packages right away. Reselling the services of SEOResellersCanada is the quickest and most efficient way to do this.


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