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If you’re in the minority of small business owners who have yet to plug into social media, you might be wondering what all the marketing fuss is about. Is social media really necessary for your small business, or can you get by with a nice website and an e-mail list? The short answer is this: You NEED social media if you are serious about staying competitive and reaching new customers. Below are just some of the many reasons why:

1. Your customers are all using social media—and they need to see you there.

Did you know that people in North America, on average, spend a quarter of their time online on social networks? And if you want to reach prospects, you have to put your brand where they are.

There are now over 1.59 billion active users on Facebook monthly—which means one in 5 people use this social media platform. LinkedIn has reached over 400 million users from more than 200 countries. Meanwhile, Twitter registers 320 million active users monthly. The numbers show just how crucial it is for your business to chime into relevant social media conversations.

2. Your competitors are already on it.

Social media is a huge part of most online marketing strategies and chances are, your competitors are already making good use of it. Social media is now used by over a million small and medium businesses in North America alone, and 8 out of 10 of them utilise it to grow their customer bases. Impressively, three out of five SMBs gain new customers via social media networking. A quick search on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn will readily reveal which of your competitors have ventured into this marketing channel. But don’t worry—it is never too late for you to join. Hire a good social media marketer today and get started right away.

3. It’s one of the best communication platforms there is.

The best thing about social media is that it gives your brand a human voice, letting you connect with your prospects and customers on a more personal level. Other marketing channels tend to be inherently one-way—you send out your marketing message, and your audience receives it but has no way to instantly react. With social media, a conversation can ensue. Consumers can quickly ask you about your more recent posts, and you can reply right away for everyone else to see. You can also use social media to create communities of followers and fans who trust you and share things about your company with their personal social networks.




Social media is no longer just for the big players—it is now a valuable marketing tool for smaller businesses, and it’s here to stay. The numbers below will convince you to take the leap and start reaping the many rewards social media offers.

  • According to Social Media Examiner, a whopping 96% of small business owners now use social media marketing. More importantly, 92% of them agree that this type of marketing is ‘very important’ for their business.
  • Social media is key to building trust and increasing sales. A majority of consumers—almost 60%–claim that the think more highly of businesses that receive positive feedback and comments on social media. In addition, 50% of shoppers claim to have bought a product or service based on recommendations they receive via their social media networks.
  • Think your clients aren’t using social media? Think again. When it comes to demographic reach, the power of social media cannot be denied. All age groups now demonstrate a strong presence across social networks. In fact, users aged 65 and up made up the fastest-growing social media group in 2015, followed closely by the 18-to-29 age group.
  • Facebook is easily the most important platform for small business marketers. The average person spends 40 minutes per day on this social network—which is 15% longer than the time spent on others. Impressively, those Facebook users share over 1.3 million units of content EVERY MINUTE. Take advantage of this by putting together a well-curated Facebook content marketing plan!
  • Don’t ignore Twitter. Surveys show that sharing interesting links and quick quips can pack a punch for smaller businesses, as 47% of customers who follow brands are more likely to visit the company website as well, and over 70% of your followers are likely to buy something.
  • Pinterest is another super powerful marketing platform especially if you want to cater to women, as 83%of its users are female. The top categories include fashion, arts and crafts, and food. Pinterest is also a major traffic driver for hobby-specific communities such as photography and design.
  • On average, LinkedIn users spend 21 minutes per week on the network. Be sure to have LinkedIn presence if your goal is to bring more leads and talent to your business. Optimize your profile and participate in relevant groups.


If you are a small business interested in using social media to drum up sales and you’re your company, it’s time to hire a social media expert. We can help.

Our goal is to use social media to intercept new leads and potential customers for you—and turn them into loyal clients. Though we work with national franchises and global corporations, we also help small businesses and marketing agencies establish social media campaigns that truly deliver. Talk to our social media marketing team of experts for a FREE 45 minute consultation today!


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