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Google Places is an extremely useful service that helps business owners offer information about their locations to interested shoppers who are searching for certain types of products and services on various Google platforms. This service was designed for brick-and-mortar stores and businesses as well as multi-channel retailers. Do you own an SEO, web design, or online marketing agency that caters to such clients? Then you should offer Google Places optimization as a service to drive more traffic and sales to your client.

Google Places optimization requires cutting-edge and dynamic local internet marketing strategies. If you don’t have the resources,the skills, or the knowledge it takes to complete the time-consuming process of launching an effective local maps optimization campaign, don’t worry—you can always resell Google Places optimization services.

SEO Resellers Canada specializes in pin positioning and Snack Pack optimization. You can resell our services,whichtakes care of allthe details,thus providing your client theexperience and expertise needed to ensure that their local maps optimization campaign becomes a smashing success.

Why is Google Places important?

Map search (also known as local search)is an ever expanding movement led by Google, followed by Bing Maps and Yahoo! Local. Now that‘map results’ show up alongside regular local search results, having optimum exposure on Google Maps is more important than ever. Any good SEO strategy must now incorporate local maps optimization.

Achieving high rankings in both organic results and Google Maps on the same search results page can boost your client’s credibility and brand power in the eyes of potential local clients. This ultimately translates into increased sales and profits. But how exactly do you help them achieve this? The answer is simple: Resell to them the Google Places optimizations services of SEO Resellers Canada. You don’t have to do any of the work yourself—we take care of everything.

Why should I resell the services of a Google Places expert?

A Google Places optimization expert at seoresellerscanada.ca understands the algorithms used by Google in Maps. We know what it takes for a listing to get noticed and can help your clients get more traffic from major map and local search engines. They can ensure that:

  • Your client’s business appears in local maps results as well as organic listings
  • Your client appears in the right categories
  • The listing is fully complete and follows the latest Google Places Quality Guidelines
  • Descriptions are meaningful and optimised
  • Positive customer reviews and feedback are encouraged
  • Listings are integrate with Google+
  • Relevant photos, videos, and other rich contentare added to the listing
  • Your client’s location is accurately pinned on the map

Of all these services, one of the trickiest to master is accurate pin positioning. Our team specialises in supplying Google with what it needs to make your client’s pin placement relevant and precise.

Why is pin positioning important?

Google Search Pin is extremely important for brick-and-mortar businesses. It allows customers to get exactly the information they need whenever they need it— whether that be driving directions to your client’s location, information on hours of operations,or a contact number they can click to get in touch directly thoughtheir mobile phones.

If you are interested in reselling Google Places optimization services,you should partner up with our company. Not only do we know how to securea pin placement for your clients on Google Maps, but we can also employ strategies to get those listings on top of the rankings. As one of the best Google Places optimization companies out there, we also know how to use the free Google My Business apps to their fullest.


Start Reselling Our Google Places Optimization Services Today

A top position in local searches and maps will bring customers to your client’s doorstep, literally. Optimizing for Google Places is truly one of the most effective and affordable ways to advertise a business. By reselling our specialized Google Maps optimization services, you can help your clients attract customers in an efficient and organic manner.

Feel confident in knowing that you are reselling the Google Places optimization services of a company with extensive knowledge of essential factors that determine local business rankings, and how Google Maps algorithms work. You want a partner that can assist your clients in taking control of their local map listings and using them to drive sales and profits.


What is the effect of reviews on pin placement?

Whether good or bad, reviews can be powerful tools in solidifying a pin placement. The following factors can help your clients rank better:

  • Number of reviews (The higher the better, good or bad)
  • Number of Google +1’s
  • Google+ ratings (Zagat)

Google reviews—which are created by customers who have Google+ accounts—have much more weight in search rankings than reviews on Yelp or other local sites. Both the quantity and quality of reviews are important when it comes to Google ranking; the more high quality reviews you can generate for your client, the better their chances of attaining better rankings. Reviews are particularly significant because consumers use them for research and serve as a basis for purchase decisions. Overall, lengthy reviews tend to have greater impact on rankings than short reviews. Distance and travel time also seem to be important ranking variables.

Having an optimized Google+ page likewise makes a significant impact in the visibility of your client on Google Maps. Optimized map markers may even help websites with an otherwise lower SEO rank. Doing the following can improve pin placement:

  • Putting product- and location-optimized keywords in the Google+ description and title
  • Making sure that the page is owner-verified
  • Using broader category keywords in Google+ Local’s category section
  • Ensuring that the profile is complete
  • Using a local area code
  • Uploading high quality videos and associating them with the Google+ Local page
  • Improving the rate at which your client’s circles increases
  • Getting reviews from top reviewers in the appropriate niche
  • Increasing the number of shared Google+ posts (the more the better)

One of our Google Places optimization experts can help do all this for your clients. You don’t have to lift a finger—simply resell our Google Places optimization services and watch us work our magic.

Google recently introduced ‘Snack Pack’ in Google Places. What does this mean for resellers of Google Places optimization services?

Google recently rolled out the mobile-friendly Snack Pack layout that gives preference to only three top local results in Google Places (instead of the usual seven). This has caused many businesses to drop out of the search results and therefore lose traffic. If your clients have been knocked over by Snack Pack, then you need to offer sound optimization strategies to help them reclaim their exposure. Reselling our white label professional Google Places optimization services is a good way to start.

It’s not enough to make it to the top three, though. The listing also has to be fully optimized. Each bite-sized Snack Pack listing only includes (1) the business name, (2) street, (3) Google star rating, and(4) a short description of what the business does or offers. Potential customers who want more details—such as the complete store address—will need to click through to see the information they need. This interface is designed to be a closed-loop system that leads potential customers to your client’s Google pages instead of their website. So iftheir Google pages are not up to date, then their customers would not be able to get the information they need. But if your client’s Google pages are current and contain positive Google reviews, they will have a great chance of standing out in this new platform.

ResellingourGoogle Places optimization services is proactive in ensuring that your clients have a positive image on Google as well as Google’s partner pages. By working with us, your clients are always well-poised to take full advantage of Snack Pack updates as they become more widespread.


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