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  • The Significance and Importance of Off-Page SEO
  • The Advantages of Off-Page SEO for Website Owners
  • Why You Should Acquire Off-Page SEO for Your Website?
  • When it comes to building backlinks, what is more important—quality or quantity?
  • How does Google evaluate the quality of link?

The Significance and Importance of Off-Page SEO

Search engines are continuously coming out with new algorithms that are changing the dynamics of search results to provide better results to users. To rank anything on search engines, the algorithms consider both on-page and off-page SEO. Both are crucial in helping rank a website, but off-page SEO offers them a clear indication on the best way to rank a website.

Any website that has acquired top-notch off-page SEO services is going to have references (links) from other websites, and will also have mentions (likes, tweets, shares, pins) on social media. It will also be bookmarked often, and will also have plenty of shares in its community. This is what helps a website rank higher than its competitors, and it is through off-page SEO techniques.

Here at SEO Resellers Canada we only work with the latest white label off-page SEO services, which are guaranteed to provide our clients with outstanding results.

The Advantages of Off-Page SEO for Website Owners

There are lots of reasons why business owners should consider off-page SEO services for their websites, because such services will only help improve their website ranking and standing. Here are a couple of advantages that off-site SEO offers to website owners:

– More exposure
The higher the ranking of the website, the greater the exposure it will receive. This is because people will generally visit a website that is ranked at the top of the first page on search engines. These websites will also get more mentions on social media, more visits from users, and have more links.

-Strong Domain Authority
The domain authority of a website is the number given to it by Moz, in terms of its importance. The number ranges from 1to 100, and this system was developed by the founders of Mozto determine, which website should rank when users enter queries. It helps show relevant searches to users, and is one of the most important defining factors that Google uses to rank websites.

Enhanced rankings
Off-page SEO will obviously help increase the rankings of the website on all SERPs, and this will translate into more traffic for the website.

Why You Should Acquire Off-Page SEO for Your Website?

The current search engine algorithms promoted by Google, give greater significance to off-page SEO, and something that is important for Google to rank websites, is something you should give priority to as well to ensure great rankings. This means that by acquiring off-page SEO services for your website, you are helping it not only rank on Google, but on all major SERPs.

Businesses are already giving greater significance to off-page SEO services, because they know that if they want their website to rank ahead of their competitor they need to acquire quality off-page SEO. This is because this service helps determine their position on SERPs, and ensures that your SEO strategy is a success overall.

However, you should also ensure that you consider all other SEO services, because simply increasing your website rankings isn’t going to help guarantee that your website will receive the most visitors. You also need to post and share quality content, and provide customers with a quality user-experience, so that they keep coming back. If you only focus on off-page SEO and disregard other SEO techniques, you will soon find your website sliding down the rankings.

To understand more about off-page SEO services, let’s check out the top 4 statistics regarding off-page SEO services for businesses.

When it comes to building backlinks, what is more important—quality or quantity?

Not long ago, the only goal of online marketers was t create as many inbound links as possible, without concern for quality or for adding value. This worked fine until Google released Penguin. Now, link building is all about quality, NOT quantity.

Here’s the deal: One top-quality inbound link from a respected and established website is probably worth 1,000 links obtained using low-quality bulk linking methods such as comment spamming and the like. If you analyze the top five rankings for popular keywords on Google, you will likely see websites with 10,000 backlinks falling below those with just 500. This is because Google’s Penguin update now looks at the quality of backlinks to determine the authority of a website.

Penguin also attaches negative values to spammy links, so no amount of spam links could match the value of a great link from an authoritative and credible website. Don’t ever fall for those advertisements offering thousands of backlinks supposedly delivered in just several days. Buying those links could damage your rankings instead of improving them. Google might actually penalize your site if it sees that it’s getting backlinks too fast and in an unnatural way. Such penalties can result in a drastic drop in rankings and traffic—which can be catastrophic if you rely on your website for sales.

That said, quantity can still be a deciding factor. It’s still impossible to rank for a high-competition term with just one or two backlinks. But Google has gotten smarter, and its algorithms now tend to put more weight on ‘where’ those links come from rather than their sheer number. Obviously, factors such as the age of the website and other parameters affect SEO, but great backlinks can deliver rankings like no other. This is why the best off-page optimization campaigns always integrate a natural and organic backlinking strategy.

How does Google evaluate the quality of link?

The biggest thing Google looks at when assessing the quality of a backlink is the Page Rank or PR of the website where it is coming from.Sites with a higher ranking closer to 10, such as which has a PR9, are considered highly authoritative. Getting a backlink from such as high-PR website is like winning the lottery—it is almost impossible.

A more realistic target would be to aim for links from PR4 and PR5 sources, but even that can be hard to do right away. For a completely new website, it makes sense to aim lower—anything from PR2 to PR3. Wondering how to determine a website’s PR? There are plenty of free tools available online.

For over 18 years we have been the solution to fit any size agency or business. Our team of creative SEO experts and marketers develop some of the best results driven campaigns in the industry.
The Top 4 Statistics for Off Page SEO

There are lots of statistics about backlinking, but to save time and get the message across, we have chosen to
highlight the top 4 backlinking statistics that will change the game for your business. These are:

Best Off Page Seo Services Canada

Get authority backlinks

There is no way you will be able to rank your website without backlinks with off-page SEO. They are the backbone for your search engine results, because

99% of the sites that rank on top Google search results has at least 1 external link pointing to the site

Off Page Seo Services Company Canada

Improve social media signals

Social media has become integral to SEO, and if you want to improve your website ranking, then you need to improve your website’s off-page SEO, and social shares.

Off Page Seo Services In Canada

Make YouTube videos

YouTube has become the second biggest search engine after Google, and links that you add to YouTube videos, like meta description have become invaluable. This is where off-page SEO has become a necessity to businesses.

Off Page Seo Services

Focus on keywords

The keywords you choose hold the greatest meaning in off-page SEO. It helps you create great content campaigns, because these keywords are building blocks for your page rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs for Off Page SEO


Can you guarantee that your services will help my website rank?

We have tried and tested techniques, which have helped numerous clients in achieving greater rankings for their websites with our dependable off-page SEO services. There are lots of different factors that must be accounted when it comes to page rankings, which include homepage content, number of citations detected, age of site, along with on-page SEO. All these factors determine the ranking of your website, and it is important to note that we don’t control these, and hence can’t guarantee ranking results based from that.
However, we can confidently say that with our expertise in on-page and off-page SEO, we can greatly influence the rankings of your website. We employ cutting-edge techniques to ensure that our clients can get great results from our off-page SEO.

What is the next stage once I complete the order?

Once you have signed up with us for our white label off-page SEO services, you will be taken to our company page, where you will be asked to submit information about your company. Make sure that you complete the form and add all the necessary details, since we will not be able to help rank your website, until we have the necessary details. We will also provide a monthly report, if you enroll in our rankings package for off-page SEO services.

What if the results don’t meet my expectations?

You should be patient because ranking a website takes time, and we guarantee that we can provide great results for our clients in terms of rankings. We recommend that you be patient, while we employ our off-page and on-page SEO tactics, because there are lots of factors that can influence page ranks. The best technique is to improve and optimize the on-page for the website, so that it helps boost the rankings when we employ our off-page SEO strategies.

What happens when the links start going down?

The links that we create will be done through domains that have strong backlinks, and that will ensure that your links don’t lose power. We will constantly monitor the domains to ensure that they don’t drop in power, while we will also be posting fresh links regularly. This will ensure that even if your links do lose power it doesn’t affect your website rankings.

Do the links stay permanently?

We want to ensure that you get the best possible off-page SEO services, and therefore guarantee that all links will remain in place on the homepage of their websites, for years. We don’t take the links down, even if you discontinue our service, but nothing is permanent so we can’t make that claim.

How long can I commit to your service?

Here at SEO Resellers Canada, we don’t try to lock down our clients to long-term contracts. Our amazing services generally result in outstanding performance metrics for our clients, and you are at liberty to discontinue our services whenever you want.

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