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Here’s a fact: A growing number of small businesses are making a renewed commitment to developing optimized websites because they are realizing the many benefits of SEO.In fact, a majority of small companies—roughly 66%—are increasing their spending on Google optimization and digital marketing according to the latest AT&T Small Business Technology Poll.

If you are a small business owner,a quick look at the numbers will compel you to do the same. After all, between 80% to 90% of customers now say that they check online reviews before deciding to make a purchase. Upwards of 70% of households in the US also rely on search engines when comparison shopping. These figuresareonly expected to increase. In a few more years, virtually everyone will be searching for products as well as services on the web—and if you want them to see your business, then you need a solid search engine optimization campaign. Without SEO, people won’t be able to find you on the internet and will instead go to your competitors.

The Power of Organic Google Positioning

There are a number of search engines today, but none of them are quite as powerful as Google. Eighty-three percent of search users say that they use Google most often, according to Pew Research Center. There is no doubt that being listed in Google is the foundation of solid web presence. But it’s not enough to just rank—you have to rank high. A good SEO company can help you do exactly that.

According to a recent Chitika study, the topmost website appearing in Google’s search results receives a whopping 33% of the traffic—a huge lead from the 18% that is received by thewebsite in second position. So if your website is not on the first page of thesearch results, then you might as well not exist because your target customers will never find you.

Organic Google positioning continues to be the best source of potential customers who are more likely to buy. When it comes to attracting paying customers, nothing beats organic ranking. Studies show that leads derived from organic SEO have a 15% conversion rate, ahead of paid search which has a conversion rate of only 7%, and social media’s paltry 4%. That’s because people who find you through search engines usually have a buying intent. They are already looking for your products and services, so it is easier to nudge them into becoming paying customers.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

  • Recent consumer trends are also proving that SEO is more important than ever, especially for small businesses.
  • Did you know that 61% of internet users from around the world research products online.
  • The number of “near me” searches have increased 34x, according to Google.
  • A whopping 94% of smartphone users seek location information.
  • According to The Google Mobile Playbook, 51% of local search results done on mobile phones lead to a store visit and 48% lead to a phone call.
  • More impressively, 29% of local mobile searches made an in-store purchase—and did so rather quickly.

1. Optimum conversion potential

Organic SEO tends to attract people who are already actively looking for your products or services. You no longer have to shout or dance to gain their attention. They have already convinced themselves of their need—which is why they went to Google to search for it in the first place. To make sure that they see you, your website has to rank within the top 5 results. Once they click on the link to your website, you have won half the battle. You have used SEO to lead potential customers into your website.

Optimization goes far beyond just reeling people in, though. Average users tend to have very short attention spans. You only have their eyes for about 30 seconds once they reach your landing page—and this is your chance to convince them that yours is the better business to purchase from. If your site is well optimized and they see right away the content they seek, then you are on your way to turning them into paying customers. The key is to improve your website’s user experience by following SEO best practices.

The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

Without an SEO campaign, your website won’t make it to the first page of search results—which means that your competitors are outranking you and getting all your customers. Investing in SEO will allow you to stay competitive. A comprehensive range of SEO solutions can give your brand exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, effectively letting you gain customers even while you sleep. Here are just some of the many things a good SEO firm can do for your small business website:

2. Maximum reach

Studies show that people trust search engine results more than they do paid ads. If Google puts your restaurant in the top spots, people assume that it you must be good because you earned that spot. And because internet users tend to recommend places they trust to their friends, you reach even more potential customers. The laws of multiplication work quickly, and before you know it, SEO has give you more traffic than you can ever get with paid ads.

3. Market insight

The right SEO solutions will increase the search engine visibility, credibility, and usability of your website—all of which lead to increased traffic and sales. The right SEO tools can ensure that your site stays on top of its game. Technologies such as Google Analytics track valuable information that will give you a deeper insight about people who visit your website. You will see what browsers they use, what keywords lead them to your site, what gadgets they are surfing on, their geographical location, when they are most active during the day, how long they stay on your page, and so on. This data will allow you to discover and understand your target market so that you can sharpen your advertising campaigns and strategize based on real information rather than just guesses. Good customer insight—thanks to SEO—lets you improve your products and services so you can ultimately increase your ROI.


4. Great user experience

The ultimate goal of SEO is to ensure that your website provides users with the fastest, friendliest, and best experience possible. When your website does this, search engines naturally want to rank it highly for relevant keywords, and visitors become paying customers. They are also likely to return because they like their experience. This is why SEO is a great way to win loyal customers.

Search engine optimization is absolutely necessary for any business that wants to grow, become competitive, and see good returns on its digital marketing investments. But SEO is just one piece of the puzzle. Combined with other marketing solutions, SEO can provide the visibility, credibility, traffic, branding, and insight that a small business needs to survive and thrive in a competitive market.

Choosing an SEO Company for Your Business

Choose a company that deals with individual small businesses as well as national franchises all the way up to marketing agencies. You want an SEO firm that offers a full suite of SEO solutions so that you never have to go elsewhere.

Not all SEO companies are created equally, so you have to be careful when selecting a firm to work with. Choose one that with a high client retention rate. If their clients stay with an SEO company for many years, then they must be doing a good job. Here at SEO Resellers Canada, weare very proud of our 97% retention rate because our clients see clear and measurable results.

Be sure that the company can offer individualized solutions for your specific requirements. Here at SEO Resellers Canada, we offer individual SEO campaigns based on your goals and needs. Our team will take time to study your existing website and metrics before recommending the most efficient solution. We recognize that your business is unique from others so we will never use a cookie-cutter approach. By individualizing our SEO solutions, we are able to maximize results.

Is it truly possible to put your website on the top spots of Google? Yes—and SEO Resellers Canada can help.We remove the roadblocksthat are preventing yoursite from reaching those cherished top spots. Our SEO experts will analyze your current website and give you a full report detailing where you stand, and then make recommendations and implement them.

Ready to start an SEO campaign? Talk to our search engine optimization experts today for a 45-minute FREE consultation so we can show you what you’ve been missing out on.This no-obligation consultation will allow you to see your website’s potential and open your eyes to the importance of SEO in winning your target demographics.


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