National SEO- Taking SEO to the Next Level

In the world of company website communication today, rarely a popular website emerges that has not implemented a substantial campaign in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Any website owner knows that SEO is the driving force for increased traffic generation, customer awareness and overall company promotion. Creating good solid SEO takes time, knowledge and a high level of experience in the industry but the results and investment often speaks highly for itself. While a product, service or informative advice offered by a website may be unique, excellent and highly valuable; without the aid of exceptional SEO there is little chance that a potential customer will be able to see or benefit from it.
There are two variants of SEO known as Local SEO and National SEO, with the latter proving to be the method used to take a company from relative market success to nationwide success. If the product being offered is of good quality then the use of National SEO will, in the majority of cases, take a company to the next level and provide the market coverage it needs to generate a substantial income and awareness. National SEO is normally considered to be a step up from Local SEO which is the smaller and more area specific counterpart; the use National SEO works in a different way.

Transition from Local SEO

When a company has achieved success with the use of Local SEO and have a good customer basis and revenue then many decide that it is time to move up to National SEO. However the use of National SEO is not always relevant or applicable to certain companies. If the services on offer are not expandable to a nationwide audience, such as an individually run local delivery service, then it would be unwise to target potential customers nationwide and instead remain with a working Local SEO campaign.
The transition from Local SEO to National is often quite a long process and can involve at lot of changes. Targeting a bigger audience can result in the creation of a new website or having to extend a current one to take in extra SEO content specifically aimed at the national audience. While National SEO is a natural step up from Local SEO, dueto the long time span it takes to create a good National SEO website many smaller companies choose just to remain using a website that has been proven to work for their current customer basis.

Extending Your SEO Campaign

There are two main ways to extend your SEO Campaign by using National SEO; building on a current website and creating a new one to either work alongside your existing site or to replace it. National SEO differs from Local SEO primarily because of the keywords that are selected have a wider audience appeal. While Local SEO is generally area specific, National SEO takes keywords that are of a broader basis and are likely to appeal to more people. Common keywords that are void of local place names but instead focus on larger counties are often used instead.

Expanding your SEO campaign also includes the research and use of broad searched terms that cover a wider variety of topics. A commonly used tool ‘Google Trends’ can pinpoint the most searched terms and be used to approach a nationwide audience. Implementing these new keywords are most popularly done by adding to a current website, normally with the creation of a blog. This enables a company to appeal to its local customers and slowly expand nationally. The implementation of nationwide specific terms solely into a blog keeps this separate but encourages a higher traffic flow. Alternatively creating a second website, solely for the promotion of National SEO is also a popular method.

Benefits of National SEO

There are many benefits to the use of National SEO in a websites content that are not just limited to the expected increase in traffic flow. Appealing to this wider audience is substantially beneficial to a company’sappearance in the market place and it’s standing among other companies of a similar nature. Promoting a business to a national audience in itself shows a higher level of competency, understanding of the market and an indication of a popular and high quality product.
While it is known to take a considerable amount of time to truly reach a national audience, with specific and in depth content needed before the introduction of backlinks, the time taken is of little concern for companies who know it will benefit the future expansion of their business well. For considerable growth of a company’s customer basis it is, in almost all cases, considered necessary to use National SEO.

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