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Does your website look amateurish? Is it still using a free WordPress theme? Does it take forever to load? Then you need web design services immediately, or you risk losing 94% of your potential online customers. Studies show that this overwhelming percentage of online shoppers immediately exit a website that is slow, cluttered, and unprofessional. Within seconds, they click out without buying anything and go to a competing website.

Get the customers you deserve by investing in professional web design services. If you run a small business in Laguna Beach and are looking to boost lead generation and online sales, it’s time for a design revamp. SEO Resellers Canadacan redesign your website for better user experience, improved aesthetics, higher search rankings, and increased conversion. As one of the leading professional web design companies in California, and we can design you a website that looks good, inspires trust, and boosts sales.

Do You Really Need a Web Designer?

Here’s a fact: Your sloppy website is costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. For example, if your website does not load properly on smartphones and other smaller screens, you are losing 40% of mobile customers. And with 4 out of 5 people now shopping on their smartphones, that’s a LOT of missed sales.

Does your website take forever to load? Then you are losing even more money. Customers these days have very short attention spans; they demand information and will leave instantly if they don’t get what they want. One out of two online shoppers expect your page to finish loading within 2 seconds—and almost half of them will exit within 3 seconds. But even if your website does load quickly, you still have the problem of holding on to these visitors. Studies show that a typical user spends only10 seconds browsing a site, and they leave if they don’t see what they are looking for within this time frame.


Surveys also show that online shoppers need only .05 seconds to judge your business based on your website—which means that first impressions are absolutely critical. Certain elements—including pop ups and intrusive adds—can immediately drive your potential customers away. Busy layouts and hard-to-read fonts can cause otherwise attentive visitors to lose interest and move on to another website.

Can you imagine the volume of sales you are losing because of bad web design? Don’t let this go on. Good web design is not an expense—it’s an investment. It is extremely powerful in making your business look credible and in converting visitors into actual paying customers. If your goal is to boost your sales while building a solid reputation online, then contact SEO Resellers Canada for professional web design in Laguna Beach.


Benefits of Expert Web Design for Your Small Business

Contrary to what you might think, web design isn’t simply about aesthetics. Truly effective design ultimately improves your website’s usability, search engine rankings, and conversion rates. Design affects the entire buying cycle; it attracts and retains visitors to your website and then urges them to click that BUY button, call your shop, or visit your office.

1. Good web design turns leads into customers.

‘Conversion’ refers to the rate at which visitors to your websites turn into real customersby buying your products or signing up for your service, by calling or emailing your office, or by showing up at your place of business. Conversion rates go up when users perceive your website to be trustworthy and find it easy to use. SEO Resellers Canada can boost your conversion rates by introducing a proper layout, intuitive navigation, and suitable color scheme to your website.

Navigation is extremely important in leading users to the informationthey seek fast and efficiently. We are aware of how short the average online attention span is these days, so our designs are built around reducing the number of clicks it takes to complete an action. We also use the most appropriate layout and colors to cater to your market and serve your goals. Our web design experts here at SEO Resellers can build you an intuitive, easy to use website that urges visitors to convert. Do you want them to buy something, visit your physical location, or call you? Our design will encourage them to do exactly that.

2. Good web design boosts your Google rankings.

BecauseSEO Resellers Canada is also a leadingSEO company, you can count on us to deliver optimized design codes that facilitates effective web crawling. This boosts your search ranking and maximises your visibility on Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

3. Good web design lets you to tap the mobile market.

Did you know that over two billion users from around the globe will start using their mobile phones to shop and search by the end of 2016? Your customers in Laguna Beach are no longer behind their desktops—they are out and about, looking for your products and services on their smartphones. And if your website doesn’t load properly on their small mobile phone screens, they will get frustrated and leave.

If you want to sell to the emerging smartphone demographic, then you need responsive website design. Our experts here at SEO Resellerscan revamp your website so that it works properly on any browser and any screen size. Our responsive web design ultimately makes themobile surfing experience 100x better for your visitors, reducing bounce rates and facilitating sales.

4. Good web design helps you build your brand.

Web design is an excellent brand building tool that you can use to differentiate your business from your competition. Powerful and effective design also builds trust, which is absolutely critical in online transactions. SEO Resellers Canada can design your website so that it reinforces your brand image, increases recall, and increases your credibility.

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The Best Web Design Companies Are Online Marketing Experts

A good looking website alone is not enough to increase sales. If you want a high-performing website that provides superior browsing experience and boosts conversions, you can count on our company.We’re not just web designers—we are online marketers. Our design philosophy revolves on using elements that make the purchase process seamless. We can turn your website into a good-looking sales machine. Whether you run a full ecommerce website or simply want to encourage your visitors to call your office ordrop by your store, our design will deliver.

As professional SEO marketers, we also have a deep understanding of how to optimize design codes to improve search rankings. Your website won’t only look great—it will also be optimized for Google spiders.

And if you want to sell to the growing number of mobile shoppers, we can make your design responsive. Contact us today about how we can make your website work perfectly onall screen sizes and browsers. Mobile is the future—and we can take you there!

SEO Resellers Canadais one of the leading web design companies in Laguna Beach, California. Our long list of clients includes national franchises and large firms, but we also work with small individual businesses. Get access to our world-class web design solutionsat affordable prices!


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