Laguna Beach Website Maintenance

Many business owners in Laguna Beach make the mistake of launching a website and then leaving it untouched for months and even years. Are you one of them? Then it’s time for regular website maintenance. This task is a crucial part of any successful web strategy. Keeping your website up-to-date will allow you to get more customers, ensure security, boost your SEO rankings, and build a brand.

Attract More Customers—and Keep Them Interested

When you keep your website fresh, current, and relevant, you do three things: you attract new customers, retain old ones, and give all of them a reason to come back regularly. A professionally-maintained website has the power to increase sales and loyalty—and this ultimately lets you build a larger audience base.Releasing a weekly newsletter, writing a blog, or posting special offers on a regular basis can help you reap these benefits.By letting your audience know that you are actively managing your website, you win their trust in the long run.

Better Security

Having the latest technologies on the backend can help protect your website from security issues and address any security threat. Keeping your content management system updated with the most recent bug fixes and security patches is part of responsible website ownership. Remember that hackers can use outdated software to break into your site and upload malware (even non-ecommerce websites fall prey to this). When this happens, your visitors’ computers can get infected—and Google will delist your website until you fix the problem. Regular website maintenance can close security holes and address issues before they cause bigger problems.

Improved Google Rankings

Did you know that regularly updated websites rank better on search engines? Google in particular prefers fresh content and will send more traffic your way if you keep your site current. If it has been years since your last update, Google will likely stop crawling your website and cause your rankings to drop. Search engine spiders habitually go to the if-modified – since HTTP header to verify whether your pages are worth crawling.Without regular updates, your site might be outranked by competitors with regular maintenance programs—and this means lost business.

Superb Brand Image

As your representative, your website needs to be a good reflection of your brand. Is it poorly maintained? Are there plenty of broken links, dead pages, errors, and outdated information? Then you are making your brand look sloppy and might even lose credibility. Potential customers won’t be impressed—and they probably won’t convert into paying clients. Who would trust a website that hasn’t been updated in months (even years)?

If you want to close more sales, then it’s time to invest in website maintenance services to ensure that your website is an effective representation of your brand. You need website maintenance services regardless of the type and size of your company. After all, your website makes a huge impact on how the public perceives your product or service. You can hire professionals to regularly review your website to correct any errors as fast possible (ideally before you’re your visitors notice them). With a well maintained website, you can show your target audience that you take their business seriously.

Finding the Right Website Maintenance Service

Like most business owners in Laguna Beach, you probably don’t have time to take care of your own website maintenance, but can’t afford to hire a full time web manager. Don’t worry—you can always outsource these functions. Leave your website in the hands of SEO Resellers Canada . You can trust us to take care of all maintenance aspects for your website, from frontend to backend. Our web developers are experts in multiple databases and languages. Call us today at 1 877 6447467 .We’ve got you covered!

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