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Is your website stating to look tired and outdated? Do you lose mobile customers because your site doesn’t work properly on smartphone screens? Then it may be time to invest in website redesign services in Laguna Beach. Giving your website a fresher look and up-to-date functionality can drive your sales up and enhance your web presence. If you are serious about getting more customers online, then you can’t afford NOT to revamp your site.

Keep Up with Changing Online Consumer Behaviors

Users interact differently with the web today than they did three years ago. Almost 80% of consumers perform online product research before buying anything—which means that you need to have a strong online presence in order to maximize sales. Internet users—especially in the 25 to 3 age group—are also less responsive to advertisements, with 85% of them immediately leaving websites with irrelevant ads. And then there’s the issue of trust. Did you know that over90% of users will NOT transact with cheap-looking and cluttered websites that are hard to navigate and load slowly? If this describes your current website, then you are losing 9 out of 10 customers.

Trends also show that 1 in 4 visitors to your website is using a smartphone to browse it—and that ratio is quickly reaching 1 out of 2.Some 34% of total internet users in the world now use mobile devices to research on any product or service they are thinking about buying. In fact, 44% of search engine visits in the US now originate from mobile phones, and five billion consumers are expected to own smartphones by year end. Is your website ready to serve this market? If not, then it’s time for a design update!

Website Redesign: Its Many Advantages

Improving the look and functionality of your website to keep up with the latest best practices in web design makes your brand seem fresher and more progressive. A web redesign service lets you enjoy the advantages including:

Higher conversions: A successful redesign ultimately increases the confidence of users to transact with you. When visitors feel safe and enjoy a smooth interaction with your site, they become more engaged and more likely to turn into actual customers. With a redesign service, your website can be purged of visual clutter that may be distracting visitors from converting. Good design improves the flow of your side, showing visitors what to click, how to buy or order, or how to get in touch with you. It gets rid of obstacles that might prompt your visitors to leave and look elsewhere.

Better rankings: Search engine optimization (SEO) rules change all the time, and a redesign can ensure that you are following the latest best practices. Choose a developer that will do an audit of your website to ensure that your new design complements your SEO strategy.

Mobile readiness: With mobile shoppers quickly outnumbering desktop shoppers, having a responsive website should be on top of your priority list. Your site needs to be redesigned to automatically adjust to fit all kinds of screen sizes and devices—from laptop to desktop monitors to smartphones. When users can browse your website on any platform, they don’t click away—and they are more likely to become customers.
Faster load times and increased visitor capacity: As you redesign your website, you can likewise opt to upgrade your server so that you are ready for growth. What if your online marketing campaign goes viral and you suddenly receive an influx of new customers? With a better server, you can be sure that your site won’t crash.A server upgrade also makes your website load faster so that customers never leave out of frustration. This faster speed hits two birds with one stone: it makes your customers happy while improving your Google credibility.

Choose the Right Website Redesign Service Provider

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