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[Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Case Study]


"Can my brand get first page Google search ranking with these keywords?"

This is a common inquiry we come across for SEO campaigns. However, it is crucial to understand that the more competitive the industry in which the website operates, the more challenging it becomes to achieve this objective.

This SEO case study explores how we were able to achieve top 10 rankings for almost 20 key terms relevant to the client line of business. We employed white-label SEO solutions in order to accomplish this goal and saw a marked increase in website traffic that aided in a higher volume of conversions.

Client Business Snapshot

  • The Client Is A Well-Known Personal Injury Lawyer.
  • Before Engaging With Us, Their Website Traffic Was Not Performing As Expected. The Key Terms Were Not Ranking On The First Page Of Google SERP.
  • The Client’s Mandate Was Clear. They Needed To Be Seen Above The Fold In Organic SERPs And Dominate The First 3 Positions In Google SERPs.

Client Business Overview

The client is Alberta’s largest regional law firm. Ever since its inception in 1913, the firm has been at the forefront of providing astute legal solutions through innovative and ‘out of the box’ approaches.

They have excelled at delivering professional and customised legal services to thousands of clients. They offer premium legal expertise to clients throughout Western Canada. They serve a range of areas like personal injury, criminal law, bankruptcy and insolvency, and immigration.

They are also sought for cases in family law, employment, and mediation and arbitration. Clients looking for proper legal representation in cases of civil litigation, will and estate, and business law, often turn to this law firm for its formidable reputation and proven track record in legal circles.

The firm strongly believes in providing compassionate yet assertive representation, treating each of its clients like family. It has proud roots in its rich heritage. At the same time, it is known to adapt to the evolving times to demonstrate its forward-looking approach in all matters of law here in Western Canada.

Their offices in Beaverlodge, Brooks, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Raymond, and Taber help their team to take up cases of varying degrees of complexity. Their unflinching attitude to winning cases makes them the go-to firm for different areas of law like family law and criminal and civil litigation.

Table Of Contents

The Diagnosis

A thorough study of the keywords used in the client site revealed these interesting insights:

1 – Low SERP ranking for keywords; they were not in the top 10 positions for the key terms relevant to client business

2 – They had duplicate content issues, which was affecting their ranking negatively.

The Solution

Once we had narrowed down the issue affecting Google rankings, we developed a solution to counter these problems specifically.

1 – Keyword research

We did keyword research for relevant terms applicable to the client’s business. This was geared to bring more qualified site traffic and higher keyword rankings on SERPs.

2 – Blog posts to add value to the readership audience

We focused on improving Google rankings by providing informative blog posts that added tremendous value to the target audience. The keyword-rich content focused on readability as well as organic rankings boost.

3 – Website content optimization

The home page had quite a lot of content already existing on the site. However, these weren’t generating enough SEO juice as they didn’t have relevant content. We took some content related to a specific service and created a new page for that service, and elaborated on the same in the new service page.

Additionally, we identified the problem of keyword stuffing on some of the pages. Since this issue can negatively impact Google rankings, we concentrated on generating fresh content with a higher emphasis on readability and lesser occurrences of the keyword.

The Benefits

The extensive SEO optimization strategies we rolled out for the client saw results that matched client expectations. We were able to boost the website traffic by almost 200%, from 4,186 monthly visitors to almost 9,021 monthly visitors.

We now see 16 key terms appearing in the top 10 rankings of Google SERPs, a jump from the existing 20 key terms.

Along with this, we managed to rank 16 keywords in the top 10 rankings. This included the main keyword the client was targeting.

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