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Do you own a small business in Victoria, British Columbia? Then you cannot afford NOT to invest in search engine optimization. Whether you’re running a café, a spa, a clinic, a construction company, a car wash, or a law practice, SEO is absolutely essential if you want your target customers in Victoria BC to find you online. Below are just some of the many reasons why:

  • Gone are the days of the yellow pages and classifieds. Consumers now rely on search engines like Google to look for local businesses that offer what they need.
  • Most people don’t scroll past the first page of the search results, so they won’t see you if your website isn’t there.
  • Hundreds of millions of Google searches are now location-based, and the figures can only grow higher.
  • SEO leads have excellent conversion rates–much higher than traditional marketing.

Website optimization is one of the most targeted types of online marketing because it let you directly reach people who are likely to convert—people who are already interested in what you offer because they were searching for it in the first place. SEO lets you put your brand in front of a consumer at that exact moment he or she searches for products or services like yours. No other marketing strategy can do that. By working with a great SEO company like SEO Resellers Canada,you can push your business to potential customers in Victoria and the whole of British Columbia, whether they’re using their smartphones or their laptops.

Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

A properlyplanned and implemented SEO strategy can won’t just put your website on the top ranks of Google’s search results. More importantly, it can reel in relevantvisitors to your website and then prompt them to buy your products online / call your office / visit your store. Real SEO closes sales and positively impacts your bottom line.

SEO Resellers Canadaspecializes in high-conversion “Search Engine Optimization”. Though we work with big brands, we have also helped countless small businesses expand their online reach by using our experience, skills, and knowledge in innovative optimization. Hire us and let us help you do the following:

Outdo your competition

Are you concerned that hundreds of other businesses in Victoria BCsell the same products or provide the same services that you do? Don’t worry—SEO can make you stand out. With proper search engine optimization, you can get more customers than your competitors and give your brand the distinction it deserves.

Sell and promote 24×7

Google doesn’t sleep! It can send you tons of organic traffic all day and every day, which means you can get new customers and leads 24/7.

Win more customers

Here’s a fact: Businesses with optimized websites grow 2 times faster than businesses without online presence. With SEO, your target customer can actually see your site. Website optimization also allows you to go beyond Victoria and enter new markets!

Please your customers

SEO involves cleaning up your website and making it load faster and run smoother. This improves user experience and encourages more sales while establishing customer loyalty.

Sell on mobile

SEO optimized websitesload properly on smaller screens like tablets and mobile devices. Want to sell to consumers who shop and do product research on their smartphones.? Then you need SEO.

Build your brand

Dominating your niche in Google won’t only increase your sales. It can also help you build a more credible brand. Research reveals that internet users trust businesses with good search engine rankings.

Stay up to sped with the latest developments

The search landscape is ever changing. With SEO, your business can keep up with the latest trends and best practices in the ecommerce world. SEO also gives you the information you need to seize new opportunities.


SEO: It’s an Investment, NOT a Cost

Leads generated via Google and other search engines are more likely to buy than leads generated via other online marketing methods. A whopping 14.6% of SEO leads become paying customers, whereas only 1.7% of outbound marketing leads convert. Not only that—organic search results are also 8.5x more clickable than sponsored links. Experts ascribe this trend to the rise of internet savvy users who can tell the difference between organic and paid links, and who tend to perceive organic links as more trustworthy and respected. Average human eye movement also favors organic results. Most people focus only on the top websites, barely moving their eyes to sponsored links located on the right.

Here’s more: Did you know that search engine optimization is cheaper than outbound online marketing over the long term? SEO leads cost over 60% cheaper than outbound leads.

And if your competitors are outranking you on Google and Bing, then they are stealing your customers. Research shows that 18% of clinks immediately go to the #1 Google result. The #2 link gets 10% of the traffic, and the #3 link gets only 5%. The same is true for Bing, where the #1 link gets 9.7%, #2 gets 5.5%, and #3 only gets 2.7%. Invest in SEO today and get a bigger slice of the pie!

Finding the Right SEO Partner

If you still think that SEO simply means buying links, stuffing your pages with keywords, or paying for sponsored ads, then you are setting your business up to be left in the dust. SEO has evolved beyond these outdated strategies. To survive and thrive online, you need innovative SEO.

SEO Resellers Canadaspecializes in dynamic and comprehensive optimization. We go beyond just putting your website on top. We also provide search intelligence to allow you to make better decisions and boost your ROI. We help you spot opportunities so you can expand to new online market segments.

Is your business falling to the wayside or disappearing because your competitors are outranking you? CallSEO Resellers Canadatoday. We can design, implement, and manage an SEO campaign that pushes yourwebsite to the top and helps it stay there.

World-Class SEO You Can Afford

We don’t just work with large companies and national franchises. SEO Resellers Canadaalso helps individual entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners explode their online marketing campaigns. Our optimization services are affordable, accessible, and customizable. Try us today and see why we have a 97% retention rate! Talk to our SEO experts for a FREE 45-minute SEO consultation.

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