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Did you know that 94% of people online will never trust—much less buy—from a website that looks bad? Without professional web design, you may be losing thousands of customers. Studies show that online shoppers immediately click away from websites that are cluttered and difficult to use. They exit immediately without buying anythingand hop on to the competitor’s website.

Don’t let this happen. If you own a small business in Victoria and want to boost your online revenue, it may be time to give your website a facelift. SEO Resellers Canadais one of the leading web design companies in Victoria and in British Columbia, and you can count on us to transform your site into a high-conversion sales machine that potential customers can trust. Let us help your small business reap the many advantages of having a website that transforms visitors into buying customers.

How to Know If You Have a Badly-Designed Website

One of the first things you can do to assess the quality of your current web design is to try to load your homepage on a smartphone. Does it render correctly? If you have to zoom, pinch, and scroll left and right to find what you need, then it may be time for a design revamp. Mobile readiness is crucial now more than ever because the number of people who shop on their smartphones is quickly outstripping desktop users—and a whopping 40% of this smartphone market will exit your site immediately if it is not mobile friendly. If you want to keep them and eventually convert them into paying customers, you need responsive design to ensure that your website works on any screen size.

You should also measure how quickly (or slowly) your websites loads.A fast loading time is absolutely essential because people these days have very short attention spans. They want to see what they are looking for—and they want to see it now. In fact, one out of two internet users expect your website to finish loading in 2 seconds, and will immediately exit if nothing happens within 3 seconds. Are you losing customers because your site moves at a snail’s pace? The culprit might be bad web design codes, which can cause your website to load slowly and drive customers away.

Bad web design is also associated withpop-up advertisements and other such distractions—including a busy layout and hard-to-read fonts. Do a quick scan of your website. Does it have these elements? Then it needs to be redesigned.

Yes—You Need Professional Web Design

It takes your potential customers only.05 seconds to form opinions about your business when they see your website, so you need to make sure that it looks credible. Design has been shown to be more powerful than content in establishing trust and ultimately, inconverting visitors into actual customers. Investing in professional web design is absolutely critical if your goal is to boost online sales and build a good reputation on the internet.

Small Businesses Can Benefit from Good Web Design

Did you know that web design isn’t just about visuals? Aside from aesthetics, it also involvesconversion, usability, and search engine optimization. Web design affects the entire sales process—it helps bring visitors into your website, keeps them engaged, and facilitatesthe actual buying transaction. If you own a small business in Victoria and are thinking about investing in web design, you will be happy to know that it provides a lot of advantages:

1. Increased Sales

Good web design can drastically improve conversion rates, whether your goal is to sell something online, get people to call your office for more information, or encourage them to visit your shop or place of business. A website that is easy to use and looks trustworthy inspires passive visitors into becoming active and engagedbuyers.SEO Resellers Canadauses key design elements to positively impact your conversion rates.


For instance, we can improve your website’s flow and make important information more accessible. We create efficient and intuitive navigation to cater to userswith short attention spans. Our designs show your customers exactly what they want andencourage them to ultimately perform your desired action. With effective colors and layouts, we also increase your website’s credibility and make your customers’ browsing experience more pleasant.

2. Better search visibility

SEO Resellers Canadais not just a design company. We are also search engine optimization (SEO) experts, and we know how tobuild your design code to boost your Google ranking potential.Some design elements can get in the way of efficient web crawling—so we never use them. Our web design codes facilitate efficient crawling to increase your search visibility.

3. Mobile readiness

Mobile shopping is the future—and your website needs to be ready for it. People now use their smartphones to find businesses andpurchase products online. Experts estimate that by the end of 2016, more than two billion peopleworldwide will already be using their mobile phones to get information, stay connected, and buy things.

SEO Resellers Canadacan help you cater to this new smartphone generation. We can design a responsive website that works perfectly on all screen sizes, from desktop to mobile phones. By creating a seamless and pleasantmobile surfing experience, we can help drive down exit/bounce rates so you can keep your customers engaged and turn them into loyal clients.

4. Brand building

Do you want to take your brand online? Then your web design should be consistent with your offline marketing materials.SEO Resellers Canadamakes it super easy for your market toidentify your brand online. We can carry over your logo, color scheme, and other existing design elements to your website for brand consistency. Are you starting from scratch? You can count on our design services, too.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Company in Victoria

To reap the rewards of good web design, it’s not enough that you choose a graphic artist—what you really need is a web design firm with a strong marketing background. Work with SEO Resellers Canada.Our full service web development agency goes beyond design. We offer holistic solutions that transform your website into an effective and good looking sales tool.

What makes us different? Well, we create high-performance websites that bring in the money. We concentrate on giving your customers a superior browsing experience and taking them seamlessly through the entire purchase process. Whether you want to prompt them to call your number, go by your store, or immediately buy your products online, our web design can help you do that.

Even better, our web designers have solid backgrounds in SEO.We have decades of years of experience in building design codes that are optimized for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

And did we mention that we are mobile design pros, too? Our responsive design service can render your website flawlessly on tablets, smartphones, desktops, and any browser. Our goal is to give you a future-proof design that doesn’t need to be revamped for many years.

We have helped hundreds of companies in Victoria and other parts ofBritish Columbia boost their online presence using great design. SEO Resellers Canadaworks with companies of all sizes, from huge national franchises to mom-and-pop operations. Our top-notch web design solutions are available to you at accessible prices.

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