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Has your website remained stagnant for years? Is it stating to look stale and outdated? Then make some room in your online marketing budget for a complete overhaul. Put your money on website redesign if you want to improve its looks and functionality and boost your brand’s overall web presence. Any business in Victoria and in British Columbia—no matter what size—needs an up-to-date website to establish online credibility, earn trust, and ultimately sell more.

Online Consumer Behaviors Have Changed—And You Can’t Fall Behind!

People interact with the web differently today than they did just a few years ago. A majority of consumers—around 80%—now claim to do some research online before they buy a product or service.Interestingly, around 90% of them refuse to transact with websites that do not look credible. All this means only one thing: It’s more important than ever to have a great website in order to influence the buying process. You need a that website loads fast, looks great, protects user data, and is professionally designed.

Browsing platforms are changing, too. Some 25% of your visitors are now looking at your website using their mobile phone, not a computer. Google estimates that 30% of its users are using mobile devices to search for products or services, and industry analysts expect5 billion people to own smartphones by the end of the year. Is your website working properly on small screens? If the answer is no, then you badly need redesign services!

Website Redesign Advantages

Aside from making your brand fresher,a website a face lift can improve the way your target customers connect with your business. You can expect to enjoy benefits such as the following when you invest in website redesign:

Increased sales: A professionally-built and credible website increases trust and makes your potential customers feel more confident to click ‘BUY’ and transact with you. It can represent your brand in a more positive light and prompt more people to visit your store or call your office, too. Be removing the blockades and distractions that impede smoother navigation, a well-designed website can increase online sales and lead generation. A more logical and intuitive flow can show your visitors exactly what to do—where to click, how to order, or how to contact your business.

Better SEO : If your website hasn’t been redesigned in years, then it may no longer be compatible with the latest SEO practices. Worse, it could already be violating new rules—which can cause it to be banned by Google and other search engines. A web redesign specialist can thoroughly review your website and implement the necessary changes to maximize its SEO potential.

Mobile friendliness: Do you want to capture the emerging segment of consumers who shop on their smartphones (instead of their desktops)? Then you need responsive design that adapts to any screen size. A redesign service can give your website the ability to cater to all kinds of visitors, whatever device they are using. And when you make it convenient for your target customers to use your site on multiple platforms, you can keep turn them into loyal clients.

Ready for the future: A comprehensive website redesign encourages a server upgrade, which is essential for any growing business. Updating your server gives your site the ability to serve more and more visitors without it malfunctioning or crashing. It can also shorten the loading time so your customers don’t have to wait.This increased capacity and quicker speed boosts sales and makes your site look good in Google’s eyes.

Finding the Right Website Redesign Provider

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