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[Dental Care Industry SEO Case Study]


"I want to rank on Google’s first page with these keywords"

That is a fair question. However, do note that the degree of difficulty in achieving online search objectives will depend on the amount of competition in the website’s industry.

This SEO case study explores how we were able to achieve top 10 rankings for almost 10 key terms relevant to the client line of business. We employed white-label SEO solutions in order to accomplish this goal and saw a marked increase in website traffic that aided in higher volume of conversions.

Client Business Snapshot

  • The Client Is In The Dental Care Industry.
  • Before Engaging With Us, Their Website Traffic Was Not Performing As Expected. All Key Terms Were Not Ranking On The First Page Of Google SERP.
  • The Client’s Mandate Was Clear. They Needed To Be Seen Above The Fold In Organic SERPs And Dominate In The Top 10 Positions In Google SERPs.

Overview Of The Client’s Business

The Dental Clinic has garnered a reputation for its empathic services and cutting-edge services in Saskatoon. The clinic specializes in using innovative technology like 3D X-rays and Laser treatment. It offers a wide range of restorative services like filing, crowns, and bridges.

The team comprises dentists, hygienists and dental assistants. Together, they have a strong focus on comprehensive patient care and make patients comfortable and relaxed for any type of dental treatment.

The chief dentist has strong community ties as he was born and raised in Saskatoon. He has been practising dentistry for over two decades now.

Table Of Contents

The Diagnosis

A detailed examination of the keywords utilized on the client’s website provided these intriguing results.

1 – Most of the keywords were not in the top ten for any search terms that were pertinent to the client’s business and had low SERP rankings.

2 – They had a problem with Google’s page speed, which was hurting their rating. According to Google, one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages is the uploading speed. Slow uploads limit the number of pages that search engines can crawl, which could have an adverse effect on your indexation. The user experience is also impacted by page speed. Long loading times are associated with greater bounce rates and shorter average time on page. Conversions have been shown to suffer from longer load times.

The Solution

We created a solution to particularly address these issues after identifying the problem affecting Google results.

1 – Keyword research

We performed keyword research to find pertinent terms related to the client’s industry. This was done to increase quality site visitors and keyword rankings on search engine results pages.

2 – Website content optimization

The website’s homepage contained a significant amount of content, but it was not effective in generating search engine optimization (SEO) benefits due to its lack of relevance. To address this issue, we extracted content related to a particular service and used it to create a new page dedicated to that service, providing in-depth information.

Moreover, we identified the presence of keyword stuffing in some of the existing pages. As this practice can adversely impact the website’s Google rankings, we prioritized producing fresh content that prioritized readability and reduced the frequency of keyword usage.

The Benefits

The comprehensive SEO optimization strategies we implemented for the client delivered the desired outcomes. Our efforts led to a remarkable surge in website traffic, increasing from 345 monthly visitors to nearly 1,108 monthly visitors, representing an impressive boost of almost 321%.

We now see all ten key terms appearing in the top 10 rankings of Google SERP.

Moreover, we succeeded in securing top 10 rankings for five keywords, which included the primary keywords that the client aimed to target.

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