What Is Social Media Marketing And Why It’s Necessary

Social media marketing is the process by which you can drive traffic to your site through social media sites. Social media sites are forever gaining popularity, and more and more are popping up. The different social media sites nowadays have differing social actions, Twitter for instance being designed for people who want to tweet or update a status and allow people to follow them; Facebook on the other hand is a much more complex site that allows members to share, follow, join events, and other activities.

So the question arises as to why a search marketer would actually be interested in this type of site, or indeed be interested in social media at all? The two are actually more closely related than you might first assume, when someone follows someone on social media they are indeed mimicking the search activities of a search marketer. Social marketing is immensely popular, and with clever use of the tools it has you can build a strong and solid SEO campaign.

Social media is an excellent way to interact and find people that would be interested in you and your product or service; and unlike other activities such as PPC, the activity can be entirely free of charge. Social media is huge, almost everyone of adult age interacts on a daily basis with their friends and colleagues on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and this interaction can help you turn these people into potential clients.

There are many social media sites that you should be interested in, and although Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly the two most popular, you should also include YouTube, Google Plus, Delicious, Instagram, and Foursquare as well as buzz search engines. Your internet marketing campaign needn’t include all of the above; but the reality is that the more you tap into the social networking sites available, the more chance you have of launching a successful SEO campaign. Once your SEO campaign is successful and traffic is being directed to your site, you can watch as the traffic converts to sales, bringing you in a profit and new clients without you having to spend money on this aspect of your campaign.

Social media marketing is possibly the easiest as well as the quickest way to convey a message to a niche of possible buyers for your product. With social media marketing you can make a group, organize events, and more, but what is most important is that you will be able to aim your campaign at those who will be interested in your product. By inviting people to join your group, like your page, or follow your tweets your potential customer base can grow amazingly fast. Social media is global; it is constantly growing, and will continue to do so until everybody is using it every day.

The power of social media marketing for your online campaign is enormous, and with just a simple page, group, or event you can quickly multiply your followers and increase your sales. Social media marketing is the future, and with just a little time dedicated to updating your status or tweeting a news feed, you can have your customers literally clinging on for your next installment.

Six Benefits of Social Media Marketing You Are Probably Missing Out On

About 15 years ago, the only viable form of marketing is through print and television. That’s because 15 years ago, we weren’t all glued to the internet. We were watching television all day, everyday or reading newspapers and periodicals. And for advertisers, they go where their target market go.

But in this day and age, the internet is already such a ripe place for marketing. People spend literally every minute of their lives plugged in and connected to the internet.

That said, internet marketing has moved to the top spot when it comes to effective business marketing strategy. And with the boost of social media platforms, it is now easier and far more effective to reach your desired clientele.So whether you are running an online or a brick and mortar business, you can actually benefit from Social Media Marketing. Allow me to introduce you to the vast benefits of this innovative step:

  1. It is cheap and cost-effective.

Okay, not all businesses are big and thriving. If you are one of those relatively fledgling companies still testing the waters, social media marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy. How so? Opening up a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account is free and organic.

Use hash tags to promote brand awareness. Invite friends to your page and encourage them to share and promote your page – all without spending a dime. You just need to be online, promoting your page, interacting with potential clients and be very visible to boost awareness.If you have some money to spare, these social media platforms also offer advertising deals to business owners. You can rent an advertising space or branch out using traffic boosting plug-ins. They are comparatively cheaper than other forms of marketing.

  1. You are closer to your target market.

If your biggest target market is between ages 15 to 35, you’ll definitely find SMM a boon to your existence. Chances are, these people are online all day. That means higher chances of being seen on the internet.Your target market is corralled to a social media network and all you have to do is be as active as them in using your social media accounts.

  1. Social media is great for local businesses.

Do you have a restaurant you want to promote to locals and tourists? Make sure they are aware of your place. Put yourself on the “map”. Both tourists and locals turn to Google and other search engines when looking for a specific place to dine in or shop in. With social media pages as your link, you can easily be seen and spotted.

  1. It’s easier to gain more loyalty and trust from clients.

Having a website alone for your business is usually not enough. The environment feels and looks more rigid. But if you have a social media account where you interact with potential clients on a daily basis, you build a better relationship with them.

It also gives them room to leave feedbacks and comments so not only will this allow other clients to see how good your services are, it also allows you to see how else you can improve.

  1. Social media is a good source of backlinkss.

Got a new page to promote in your website? Use social media for backlinkss. It’s very search engine-friendly. While website pages can take time to appear on search engine top listings, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks offer better search engine visibility.
Distribute your website’s content using links. It also helps boost your site’s ranking and SEO credibility.

  1. Higher profit

Let’s  not forget the real reason why you are promoting your brand: to increase sales. And when it comes to this, you can bet that there’s going to be a significant increase in your sales with thorough social media marketing.

SMM increases brand awareness and promotes customer loyalty which will, in turn, increase revenues. I know a lot of brands that started out as an online shopping site and turned into a full-fledged high street brand in just a few years, thanks to social media.
Social media is indeed a powerful tool. Some say it’s a fad that will likely fade in a few years. But until then, it’s an effective marketing strategy you shouldn’t miss out on. So take advantage of it while it’s still here. Hire a social media expert or make sure you allot a time to update your social media accounts. It’s really not rocket science. Schedule posts so even though you are away, you can still reach your potential market.

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