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Does your website take more than 3 seconds to load? Is it still using a free template? Does it look like it was clumsily done by a high school student for $10? Then you could be losing customers. Studies show that 94% of online shoppers immediately click away from websites that are slow and shoddily designed. Within just a few seconds, your potential customers will exit your site without buying your products—and guess what? They end up buying from your competition.

It’s time to invest in professional web design services if you want to boost your online sales and lead generation rates. Do you ow a small business in Kelowna and want to sell more online, or get people to call or drop by your store the moment they see your website? Then you need a design revamp from SEO Resellers Canada.We can redesign your website to improve not only its aesthetics, but also its flow, user experience, conversion, and search rankings. We are a leading professional web design company in British Columbia and our goal is to design websites that look great, encourages sales, and build credibility.

Yes—You Really DO Need a Web Designer

Here’s the reality: Your slapdash DIY website is causing you to losea serious amount of revenue. In fact, you are probably losing over 40% of potential mobile customers if your site doesn’t work properly on smartphone browsers and smaller screens. That’s a lot of missed opportunities especially now that 4 out of 5consumers shop or look or business establishments on their smartphones!

And if your website is slow, you are losing even more sales. Fifty percent (one in two) online shoppers expect a website to load within a short 2 seconds—and they will only wait until 3 seconds before they lose their patience and click out. You need your website to load very fast if you want to cater to the average consumer’s short attention span. Your potential customers will only spend 10 seconds navigating your site to find the information they came to get. Give them what they want instantly, or you risk losing them to the competition.

What’s more, surveys show that web users judge the trustworthiness of your website within.05 seconds. First impressions are very important, so you better look credible. Elements such asintrusive adds, pop ups, hard to read text, and cluttered layouts will immediately drive people away.

Here’s the short version: Your ugly website is causing you to lose leads. Put an end to this! It’s time in invest in good web design. When your website looks professional and works extremely well on any browser and screen size, it becomes a very powerful sales tool that works 24/7.Good web design can make your business more credible and convert more of your visitors into paying customers. Are you ready to boost sales and builda solid online brand? Then talk to our Kelowna web design experts atSEO Resellers Canada.


Benefits of Web Design for Small Businesses

Did you know that web design isn’t just about aesthetics?The ultimate goal of effective design is to improve your website’s flow and usability as well as your Google rankings and your conversion rates. Design permeates the whole buying cycle. It plays a huge role in attracting and retaining your visitors down to making them do what you want them to do—click that ‘buy’ button, call your office, or drop by your shop, for example.

  1. Turn visitors into (loyal) customersConversion rates—which refer to the frequency at which users become customers by purchasing your products or service, emailing or calling your store, or visiting your place of business—tend to go up when your website is easy to use and looks trustworthy. SEO Resellers Canadahas helped hundreds of businesses in Kelowna boost their conversion rates by using good design. We cangive your website a proper layout, make its navigation more intuitive, and use other design elements to improve the experience of customers who visit it.
    Your site’s navigation or flow can directly impact conversion rates. By making it more logical and instinctual, we can help your visitors see the information they want quickly so that they don’t lose interest. Our navigational structure also reduces the number of clicks needed to complete your desired action. And by using the most suitable colors and layout, we ensure that your website truly appeals to your market and serves your objectives. All these together ultimately increases conversion and boosts sales.
  2. Rank better on Google and other search engines
    SEO Resellers Canadais more than just a web design company. We are primarily a leading search engine optimization or SEO firm serving British Columbia. Our design codes are expertly optimized to facilitates successful web crawling. They will never get in the way of boosting your search rankings; in fact, they will complement your SEO campaign andmaximise your visibility major search engines.
  3. Cater to the growing mobile market
    By the fourth quarter of 2016, over 2 billion users worldwide will already be using their smartphones and tablets to find products, shops, and services online. Your target customers will no longer be shopping on their desktops—they will be on their beloved smartphones.Does your website work properly on these small screens? If not, then your customers will get frustrated and instantly go to your competitor’s mobile-friendly website.Invest in responsive web design if you want to cater to therising smartphone demographic. Our webdesign experts here at SEO Resellers Canadacan overhaul your website so that is it responsive to all types of browsers and screen sizes. By improving the mobile surfing experience for your visitors, we can dramatically reduce bounce rates and encourage more sales.
  4. Establish your brand
    Web design can be a powerful brand building tool for differentiating your brand and making it more memorable.Effective design can build your credibility and make people more confident to transact with you. SEO Resellers Canadacan redesign your website tobuild or bolster your brand image, increase your trustworthiness, and improve recall.

Hire a Design Companywith a Strong Online Marketing Background

If you want your website to be a high-performance sales machine, then you need more than just a web designer. You need a full-service web development and online marketing firm.SEO Resellers Canadais the perfect match! We’re more than web designers—we are also masters at boosting conversions. We approach design from a marketing standpoint. By using elements to make the user experience pleasant and the buying process seamless, we can boost your saleswile making your website look good. Our professionalSEO background also allows us to create design codes aimed at improving your search rankings. And if your goal is to carer to the emerging mobile shopper demographic, you can count on us to make yourweb design responsive so that it works perfectly on all browsers and screen sizes. Let us help you take your website to themobile future!

SEO Resellers Canadais a leading web design and online marketing company in Kelowna, British Columbia. Though we are known to serve large firms and national franchises, our heart is in serving small local businesses. Call us for a 45-minute consultation (ABSOLUTELY FREE) so you can benefit from our world-class web design services at affordable prices.

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