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Now that smartphones, tablets, and other such mobile devices are becoming the favored method of Internet access, having a mobile website is even more crucial than ever you’re your current business website designed to respond to mobile screen sizes? If not, then you need to talk to Portland web design agency—and fast.

The Big Shift

Here’s a fact: Mobile has started to overtake PC and laptop usage when it comes to online shopping. In 2013, smartphones officially outstripped traditional computers in the ecommerce game, garnering 55% of total online shopping time (compared to 45% for desktops and laptops combined). This number is continuing to climb. Data shows that by the end of 2014, tablets and smart phones nabbed 60% of all time spend on digital media.

The trend is likely to continue. Almost two-thirds of the Northern American population now have mobile phones with Internet access—and these consumers use these devices for a majority of their online activities. In fact, Google has announced that mobile searches have surpassed the number of desktop searches in the US.

What Do All These Numbers Mean for Your Business in Portland?

Simply put, a majority of your customers are no longer sitting front of a computer with a large screen. Instead, they’re out and about and are accessing your site from their smartphones. And if you don’t give them easy navigation and visibility so they can browse your site while mobile, they will go elsewhere—probably to your competitor’s mobile-friendly website.

Now more than ever, a business needs to use mobile friendly website design using HTML5 in order to keep up with the most important changes in the digital marketing landscape. Experts predict that HTML5 engagement rates will continue to increase as rigorous publishing and creative standards are adopted to ensure seamless and responsive multiscreen delivery.

Contrary to what you might think, mobile website design is not only important for eCommerce websites. Every kind of business—even those that don’t sell online—can benefit from responsive design. This is because consumers now perform all kinds of online research (not just shopping) using their mobile devices.In fact, Google found that:

  • 61% of users are likelier to leave a website that is not mobile friendly
  • 74% of users tend to return to mobile-ready websites
  • 67% of users are likelier to convert into actual customers when presented with a mobile friendly website

In short, if your web design is not mobile-friendly, then you’re losing business. But the consequences don’t end there. Without mobile web design, you could also lose your Google rankings.

If you continue to use content, navigation structures, and images that don’t work well on smaller mobile screens, then mobile users end up frustrated—and Google doesn’t want that. The search engine therefore removes your website from mobile search results. This causes you to lose hundreds (if not thousands) of high-conversion leads and potential sales. Ouch!

Switching to Responsive Web Design

To survive and thrive the new mobile reality, you need to give your customers what they expect: easy navigation, fast loading pages, and a streamlined mobile site that shows them exactly what they came for. Mobile web design lets you grab hold of the emerging demographic of customers who use their smartphones to go online.It also makes you look great in the eyes of Google, so you don’t risk disappearing from mobile search results.

However, this doesn’t mean you should completely ignore customers who still use their laptops and desktops. Desktop consumers make up a significant share of your customer base, after all.

So, how do you cater to both groups? The answer is Responsive Website Design.

A responsive website is intelligent enough to recognize what device the customer is using to browse your website — whether it’s a laptop, a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. It then automatically resizes itself for optimal viewing. Responsive design lets you accommodate both PC and mobile users so you never lose a sale!

Are you ready to switch? Let the web design experts of SEO Resellers Canada build an up-to-date responsive website for your business.

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