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If you run a small business—whether it’s an accounting practice, a salon, a dental clinic, a gym, a photography studio, a restaurant, a plumbing service, a real estate agency, a law practice, or any other operation—then optimizing your website is absolutely essential. You need search engine optimization or SEO because:

  • A majority of consumers now use Google and other online search engines to look for local services. They don’t use offline directories or the classifieds, and they no longer rely on friends for recommendations.
  • Most consumers don’t travel past the first page of Google’s search results—which means that if you’re not on top, you won’t be found.
  • SEO is the most targeted form of marketing because it targets people who are specifically interested in what you are offering. In fact, SEO is the only way to directly reach someone at the exact moment they search for a product or service like yours.
  • Location-based searches have reached hundreds of millions and are expected to increase every year.
  • SEO allows you to put your brand in front of potential customers in your locality, whether they’re out and about with their smartphone or at home on their computers.
  • The conversion rate for leads generated via local searches is very high.

There are many benefits to SEO. If correctly designed and implemented, an SEO strategy can:

  • Put you on the first page of Google
  • Bring more visitors to your website
  • Prompt more people to call to your store or office
  • Turn more visitors into sales

SEO Resellers Canada has helped many small businesses and individual business owners achieve all these. You can rely on our knowledge, experience,and skills to push your website to the top of the ranks so you can enjoy these benefits, too.

Make your website user-friendly

SEO will clean up your website to make it faster and easier for users to navigate, creating short-term and long-term advantages. User friendliness prompts more sales while encouraging customers to return.

New customers

Did you know that businesses with websites grow 2X faster than those without websites? SEO will help you grow even more by ensuring that your target market actually sees your sites. It also allows you to explore new markets by taking your brand to a whole new stage.

Sell to mobile users

Because an SEO optimized website is compatible with tablet and mobile devices, it allows you to serve people who shop on their smartphones.

Build brand awareness

Ranking at the top of Google does more than just increase your sales—it also makes your brand more credible in the eyes of your target market. Studies show that internet users tend to trust businesses that rank well on search engines.

Take advantage of the latest developments

Search is now one of the most dynamic industries in the world, where rules and best practices change very quickly. With SEO, you can stay in-synch with the developments and get the intelligence you need to take advantage of opportunities.

Beat your competition

So many other businesses are selling products or services that are similar to yours, at similar prices. How do you stand out? With search engine optimization, of course. An optimized site will allow you to gain more customers, differentiate your brand, and take a bigger slice of the pie.

Sell 24×7

When your business gets a lot of organic traffic because of SEO, it can sell all day, every day. That’s the magic of SEO—it gives you new customers even while you are asleep!


The Numbers Don’t Lie

Did you know that leads generated via search engines are more targeted and likelier to turn into customers? Studies show that the conversion rates for SEO leads is an impressive 14.6%, whereas outbound marketing conversion is only 1.7%. Research also indicates that SEO is by far the best traffic driver for content websites, outstripping the performance of social media by over 300%.

What’s more, organic results are 8.5 times likelier to be clicked on than sponsored search results. Experts attribute this disparity to the fact the internet savvy users are gradually seeing the differences between paid and organic results—and they now recognize that organic links are usually more respected resources. Heat maps also show that the human eyes tend to focus on the top results, barely moving to the sponsored links to the right.

If you’re not on the first page then you might as well not exist. Based on studies, the #1 position on Google gets 18% of clicks, and the #2 position gets 10%. The #3 position gets 5%. This trend is also evident in Bing, where 9.7% of clicks go to the #1 listing, 5.5% to #2, and only 2.7% to #3.

Did you know that SEO is also shown to be cheaper than outbound marketing over the long run? The cost of inbound leads generated by SEO are 61% cheaper on average than leads generated by outbound leads.

Working with the Right SEO Company

A lot of business owners have misconceptions about website optimization, thinking that SEO is all about building links, using keywords, or purchasing rank spots on the first page. But this is not what SEO is today. Optimization has completely evolved to go beyond these strategies. What you need is innovative SEO—optimization that evolves with the trends.

Innovative SEO provides insight into your customers, brings more relevant traffic to your site, and maximizes your ROI. It offers measurable and significant results. A good SEO company can help you identify lucrative search opportunities and even limit your risks as you enter into new segments.

Don’t let your business fall to the wayside or disappear because the so-called big sharks are outranking you. SEO Resellers Canada can plan and implement a well-developed SEO campaign that puts your business at the top of search engines—and lets it stay there.

World-Class SEO for Your Small Business

Although we work with large companies and national franchises, our SEO services are also available to smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs who don’t have their own online marketing staff. Our goal is to make search engine optimization affordable and easily accessible.

Our 97% retention rate demonstrates our effectiveness. Once clients see the results, they never want to leave! Talk to our search engine optimization experts today for a FREE 45-minute SEO consultation to explore your website’s potentials.

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