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Ask yourself: When did you last give your website a facelift? Has it been over three years? Then it is due for a redesign. An overhaul of your site’s looks and functionality may improve the connection between your users and your brand. Web redesign improves your overall web presence and is a crucial step for any Portland business that is serious about growing its online sales.

Consumer Website Behaviors Have Changed—Are You Keeping Up?

The last three years have shown noticeable changes in the manner in which users interact with the web. Over 78% of consumers now do online product research—which means it’s more important than ever to have strong online presence. Interestingly, users are also becoming advertising-averse. A whopping 85% of those between 25 to 34 years of age leave websites that post irrelevant ads. Design also affects web user behavior. A whopping 94% of users lose trust in websites that are not professionally designed—particularly websites that look cluttered, load slowly, and are difficult to navigate.

Out of the total visitors to your website, you can expect roughly 25% to be using mobile devices—and this figure is only expected to increase. About 34% of internet users now rely on their smartphones to do some research on the services or products they intended to purchase. Industry analysts have already pegged the mobile share of US search engine visits at 44%, and five billion people will own smartphones by the end of the year. Are you ready for this mobile renaissance?

Advantages of A Website Redesign

A facelift for your website can put your brand up to speed with the emerging web design trends and therefore make it look more progressive and fresher. More specifically, it lets you enjoy the following benefits:

Better experience and higher conversions:The goal of a redesign process should be to increase user confidence in transacting with your company. If your visitors enjoy their seamless interaction with your website, they are more likely to convert into paying customers. Good design ultimately removes all confusing (and annoying) visual clutter. It shows your visitors exactly what to click, how to contact you, or how to order. With a redesign, you can effectively remove obstacles that drive potential customers out of our website and into your competitor’s.

Better Google rankings: A redesign process can ensure that your website is up to date with the latest best practices in search engine optimization. This means you get maximum visibility on Google, Bing, and Yahoo—which translates to more leads.

Mobile optimization: With mobile web usagequickly outstripping PC usage, it’s crucial for any business to have a responsive website that automatically resizes to fit any screen size of any device-whether a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop monitor. Design updates can make your site work well on touch devices and smaller screens. By making your website easy to browse on any platform, you can hook customers and ensure that they don’t click away. User-centric smartphone optimization promises speedier connectivity, faster download speed, and enhanced mobile browsing. A web redesign lets you cater to the growing number of people who shop on their mobile devices.

Increased visitor capacity and faster load times: When you redesign your website, you can choose to update your server to handle a growing workload. This prepares you for growth because it enables your website to handle a new influx of customers without crashing. An updated server also gives you more bandwidth so that your customers never have to wait too long for your website to load. This won’t only keep them happy—it also increases your credibility in the eyes of Google.

Choosing a Website Redesign Company

SEO Resellers Canada can redesign your website that does more than just get traffic—it produces leads! By integrating the latest technologies and up-to-date processes and procedures, we deliver unmatched results. Call us at 1 877 644 7467 today to find out how we can redesign your site’s look and feel for maximum sales.

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