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  • .CA vs .COM What’s Best For SEO

    One of the prerequisites of setting up a website is to create your own unique domain name. You will be required to choose an appropriate domain extension such as .com, .ca, or .uk, known as top-level domains (TLDs). Even if you don’t give much thought to the matter, your domain name will eventually end up w [...]

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  • The A-to-Z of Backlinks for SEO in 2020

    Backlinks are among the most important tools you’ll ever use to optimize your web presence. Scratch that. Backlinks are the most important tool you’ll ever use to optimize your web presence. On the other hand, backlinks and backlinking are words that Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize yet. When you ty [...]

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  • SEO Industry’s Insane Growth and Why It’s Only the Beginning

    SEO has come a long way. It’s not too far in the past when everybody thought it was just a fancy trend that would fade away in a few years. It didn’t. With time, as SEO started to show its potential and earn respect, the number of its critics started t [...]

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  • Finding a Trustworthy SEO Company

    The cutthroat nature and breakneck pace of evolution in the business world make it crucial that you get specialists for your small business or startup company. You need to make your mark in your industry within the first year, and that means acquiring the help of a reliable and trustworthy Read More [+]

  • Why SEO Backlink Building is More Important Than Ever in 2020

    SEO backlink building has always been the most powerful method for ranking websites quickly and attracting targeted traffic from Google. That is truer today in 2020 than it has ever been before. But what is a high-quality backlink? What do search [...]

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