Month: June 2020

  • What is Digital Advertising? Definition, Types and Strategies

    Digital advertising is the present and the future. As the total number of internet users’ increases, more marketers are turning to this digital space for advertising their businesses. What makes this form of advertising so effective is the plethora of affordable options you have at your disposal. This allows [...]

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  • A smartphone user explores social media platforms

    Understanding Social Media SEO and How it Works

    Search engines used to be the major source of web traffic until only a few years back. With the explosion of social media, however, marketing on social media networks became rewarding, driving enormous amounts of online traffic to websites. This opened up a whole new mechanism for SEO. According to experts, even [...]

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  • What Is Link Building

    What Is Link Building and How Do I Get Started?

    Google has long been refining its search algorithms to favor results that are authentic, verified, and accurate. One of its most recent significant updates related to that is Google EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness). Through a series of changes, Google EAT seeks to verify the authenticity, authority, s [...]

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  • Social Media Marketing Strategy: How to Beat the Competition

    Almost every other business has some degree of presence on social media. Companies spend considerable time and resources posting branded content on social media, randomly filling up their feeds with images, videos, GIFs, and memes. But since they don’t formulate a robust Read More [+]

  • White Label Digital Marketing – You Sell It, We Do All the Work!

    Some business owners tend to handle all business functions themselves because they don’t trust external entities, have a fear of getting things wrong, have an insufficient budget and underestimate the value of outsourcing certain aspects of the business to a white label agency. But did you kn [...]

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