Month: February 2020

  • How to Write SEO friendly Blog Posts That Rank!

    Regularly posting blogs on your website can be a highly impactful way to generate loads of traffic. This is particularly true for the B2B industry, where marketers who blog actively are able to generate 66% more leads than those who do not. Ho [...]

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  • What Is a Canonical URL? SEO for rel=canonical

    As websites start expanding, most businesses tend to struggle to prevent pages from turning into duplicates or near-duplicates of each other. Keep in mind that Google penalizes duplicate content on websites. If you’ve got two pages that have similar content and both are eligible to rank for Read More [+]

  • What is SEO Internal Linking and How to Do it for SEO?

    So, you want to learn more about internal linking and how it ties up together with SEO? You’re not alone in regards to that question because a lot of question are stumped when asked about the importance of internal linking. To put it plainly, internal links are crucial to SEO success even though they don’t get [...]

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  • Sitemaps 101: Create and Optimize Sitemaps to Boost your SEO

    This is a basic rule in digital and online marketing, one that you may have heard it or a version of it many times. While everyone agrees that SEO is the backbone for every business/company/individual’s online existence, they don’t often agree on the methods to implement better SEO strategies. Sitemapping is [...]

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  • What is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?

    In the digital marketing world, leverage is of paramount importance and that is only possible if you maximize search engine optimization for your business. To be successful you’re going to need an expert with you and that’s exactly what white label SEO services offer you. It allows you to outsource SEO services [...]

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